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Thursday, September 13, 2007

   The day had finally comed!!
Today is the first day of Ramadan Month,and all Muslim has to fast..Incase ur wondering what is fasting,well fasting means we can't it eat or drink and some other things untill its Maghrib.Well i don't need to explain that but u can't belive what happend today!!!
My friend forget to tell her mother that we have to go home at 5.45pm.So we have no other way but to walk home,without drinking or eating...Our house was about 1km.Thats far to walk dosent it?My two friends walk tirelesly but i'm not tired.I don't know why but i was hungry and tursty!But half a kilometer,my friends father came at 6.20.He ask us why we walk home?I told him because we have to go home at 5.45pm.And he was laughing when he here that..Times whan u hungry and tursty just want to make u hurt him dosen't it?Well then my mother was worried sick and dicided to get me,but then i came home.My mother ask why was i late.I told her what happend then.My mother almost got a heart attacked!!Even though i'm hungry and tursty i must be patient.Cause thats how Mooslem goes.We must be patiend other whys....Well i'm not sure what will happend actually..
Now i would like to say(for the Mooslems)
HAPPY FASTING AND HAVE A GREAT RAMADAN MONTH!!!well the none Mooslem can comment to,if u want actually...

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ever since i joined this site i got a lot of chain letters lately...I just got it today but i won't tell who sent it to me because they know them self..I REALLY,REALLY HATE RECEVING,AND SENDING CHAIN LETTERS!!!Not that i blame u guys,but i just don't want to recive any chain letters..If its about my realigon or ur realigon,i don't care...Mooslems,Christians,Buddhist,Hindu,Jewish,Wiccan,Agnostic and others,I wont belive it,i just wont belive it.Because its annoying..I'm not mad at u guys who sent me,i'm just saying that please don't belive such things and don't sent me chain letters ok...Well see u all then..
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Today at school well the same case every day,nothing new happend.Well there is some, the person called hidatul came back. i dont like her much because she's so perky,self centred and fussy... :( Oh well,thats all for today,see u guys then..

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

   At school
Yesterday and today makes me really angry.I'm always quiet in class but if i say somting thay will mock me,i hate it so much.I told everyone to go to the library but instead they mock me because of my small voice.ZThey said that my voice is like a small and little girl.I'm not that little and i'm not that small ether,well ok mybe a little,but that dosent meen that they should mock me!!!And today i let a guy borrow my ruber and then people think were in love or some kind.I'M NEVER BEEN IN LOVE IN THIS SCHOOL NOT UNTILL IT IS THE TIME!!!And i'm not to small and to young for being boyfriend and girlfriend!!!People say i'm to small for this things.Who do they think there are!!!They can do it but why can't i?!!Among all syudent in my clas has a boyfriend or girlfriend already.But i'm way older then them!!I born in January,and they are in other month so that makes me older but they treat me like a little child.I'm older!!I'm not small!!I don't need to be boss around even though ther bigger than me!!One day i'm gonna be taller then all of them!!!I'M NOT SHORT!!I'M NOT SMALL!!!GRRRRRRRRR THIS MAKES ME CRAZY UGH!!!I'M NNNOOOOTTTTT SHORT!!!!!!!THEY CAN'T BOSS ME AROUND!!!!!I'M GONNA NOCK MY HEAD UNTILL I'M GOING TO THE HOSPITAL AGAIN!!!I THOUGHT THEY MISS ME!!BUT THERE STILL THE SAME,I HAVE FEELINGS TO U KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

   The fireworks
The fire works was a blast,all of them are so beautiful,Austrilia is the campion of the fire works contest,Japn got number 2,while if i'm not mistaking italy got number3 and Mlaysia and up last one....Well i can't talk much because i need to go to school now,bye then..
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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Today my father is taking me to see the fireworks again this time is the grand finally,i tink Japan got 2nd place if i'm not mistaking.They could have won first place if it wasen't for the bad weather..But today all the country that take place will do it tonight.The last time i went to see the fireworks its from Italy,im not sure ehat place Italy got but i saw the fire shape like a heart and a star.It was sooo cool!!!But tonight will be more exsiting!!!31 ogos was our National day and Malaysia finally reach 50 years of indipendince.Sorry i'm not sure how spell that right i tink we can put it as freedom.It was so exiting.if it wasent for Tunku Abdul Rahman,British would have concure Malaysia and Malysia never will never be named Malaysia..
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm going nuts again
At school alot of people worry about me...Here is what happend

Syakiratul:Fiqah can u an9 at me at myspace?
Syakiratul:Why not?
Me:Because i don't want to!
Syakiratul:But u'r the only one who has an internet at home..
Syakiratul:So Pleaseee!!
Syakiratul:*sigh* fine!
Aswad:Afiqah can u on line for me at myspace?
Aswad:Why not?
Raja:What got in to u afiqah?
Akmal:ever since she got her surgery she gon really crazy.I tink the surgery was a faliur...
And so on blabering....
Akmal:yup her surgery was a faliur...
Raja:Poor girl,and i thought it was a sucses

Well i really lost it by that time i don't know what was i thinking,the teacher said to take it easy and just come when ever i felt like..
But i want to go to school,its fun seeing them...

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Hei everyone,well i'm not that happy today cause my hole body hurts so much.Well yesterday i went to teakwando practice.I just take a light practice.But instead i got a really nasty injury.My hole body really hurts but i still want to go to school.I arive late at school,the teacher was teachin ang suddenly i came in.Everyone cried out AFIQAH UR BACK!!!I was really suprised that they shout out so loud that it makes my ear rings.
Did u guys remmeber that i told u guys that i will find great pic for u guys?Well i did find it but i can't show it cause evry time i put a picture on my site my post cut in half..So sorry u guys..

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Friday, August 24, 2007

   Hei everyone
Today i'm at the cyber cafe,the internet here is way more faster than my home,man i really miss my mother's home cooking,well because of my condition,i can't eat to much(oh man)my holiday is almost up and i can't wait to go to school again,i miss my class mates so much,i love them because all of them are so supporting and funny.Maly people are like that.I'm so lucky i'm a Malaysian.This 31 of ogos is our national day.My dad say's his gonna take me to see the beautiful fire works,i'm not sure but they say it's a contest againts country's,if i'm not mistaking japan is taking place as well.
Well thats all for today,i hope u guys felling well,un like me.Chat u all later then..

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

   I'm freee (again)
Okay today is finally the day that i get to go home!!!The hospital is beaing a jerk because the boss i isin't around,well that explain it,mybe i shoulden't bite the doctor so hard.Oh well whats done is done right?Anyway i'm still a little bit dizzy so i need somemore rest.Don't be mad if i don't reply ur messeges.U guys are being so nice to me!!I wish i can give u guys something..
Okay then,i will find a really,really, cute pics for u guys,but it will take a while.But i will find it i promise okay!!!

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