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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yaaaayy my mother finally bought new clothes for this Raya(Raya is after fasting month)When Raya i will visit people's house and get money.Well i'm not sure Arabic people do this kind of triditon.According to My mother arabic people just celebrate Raya but they don't get money,Malaysia get because we follow the chinese,just to make it more exiting...Well according to my mother though....Anyway do u think time really flies?I mean its almost the end of the year already...and its almost time to take last year examination test...Well i think so...
Well thats all for today and i have a questin for u but if u don't want to answer it thats ok..
1)Do u have family problems?
2)R u like a good guy at school or are u the bad guy at school?
3)Do u love ur friends???

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