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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Me: hello

Ed: Hey

Me:I hope every one is haveing a better day then me

Ed: Why do you say that yuli

Me: because this week has been hell

Ed: why has it been hell

Me: cause i may not get to see my bro

Ed: Awww man thats a bummer

Me: but on the brighter side my dad has a new job in a couple of weeks

Ed: that is wounderfull news

Me: also i got a new game today and i do not like it.

Ed:how come you hate it

Me: its a raceing game

Ed: But you like raceing games

Me: I do but this has a werid way to acclerrate the car

Ed: how is that

Me:you have to use the z button

Ed: yea what is wrong with that

me: im use to useing the A button

ED:oh i get it your use to useing the A button not the Z one

Me: Yea

Ed: well at least you can trade it in for a differnt one

Me: yea that true

Ed; so what yea complaning about

Me: I duno

Ed: guys she has and N64

Me: yea that i do

Ed: you are shuch a game frake

Me: yea when i want to be

Ed; lol

ME: and that is only on the weekends

Ed: so true

Me: bye guys

Ed: see yea till next time
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This is Shinya the drummer of Dir EN Grey

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Friday, September 9, 2005

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Thursday, September 8, 2005

   Fucked up day yesterday
Me: what a fucked up day

Ed: what happen

me: Well my dad was fired from his job yeasterday

Ed: yea and

Me: then i come to find out that my older bro goes back to iraq next friday

Ed: Dange that sucks

Me: yea so know if my dad does not get a job soon

Ed: you may not see your older bro before he leves

Me; yea thats right ed and i want to see him

Ed: yea cause it may be 6 mounths or longer before you see him again

Me: Yea so when that happens i may never know when i will get to see him

Ed; Aww man that is bad

Me: yea i know and i hate it

Ed; I see cause it has been hell over there

Me; yea and i may never know what know what may happen to him

Ed: yea that is true

Me: and i love my older bro so much

Ed: yea i know when he was here for the weekend you hung with him

Me: yea i sure did

Ed: well lest just hope he will be safe

Me; yea i do not want to lose him i love my older bro to much

Ed: Oh yea rember you got some cds today from a friend

Me; Oh yea i sure did i got t few burt cds today from a friend

Ed: and do not forget about tommorw

Me; Oh yea after school tommorw my friend is giveing me here old cd play she has

Ed: why did she not give it to you today

Me: cause she wanted to listen to her cd with another friends of mine head set he had before she gave it to me

Ed: oh that is a good reason

me: yea

Ed: Well we better be off

Me: Yea

Ed have a nice day all

Me: Bye guys see yea later and have a great day

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

   Me:i am becomeing a game freak

Ed: Yea i know you playing that N64

Me: at least im not like my bro

Ed: yea he playes 24/7

me: yea and i play every so offten

Ed: yea that good

Me; I also got my dir en grey t-shirt yeasterday

Ed: yea

Me: I even got a burt copy of CKY from a friend

Ed: yea and MCR

Me : yea that right ed

Ed: right again

Me: Yea you sure are ed

Ed: :)

Me: well my lil sis and bro started a fight with me about the t-shirt i got

Ed: why they do that

Me: becasue my mom got me it for helping her cut the yard

Ed: that not bad at least you earn you stuff

Me: yea and i do that like all the time

Ed: thats good

Me: even when i do what my parents ask my lil sis calls me a suck up

Ed: you are not a suck up. you just do what your parents tell you

Me: yea i do cause i do not want to get in trouble

Ed: yea that is a smart idel

me: yea i know cause i mean i am 17 almost 18 soon to be on my own

Ed: yea so you got to learn alot of responsabiltyes

Me: true ed so true

Ed: :) :)

Me: I hate when thoes to fight with me

Ed; yea i know

Me: I sucks so much

Ed: well you only got one more year to go threw it and then you met the drummer od the band get every on else and being pratcieing alot

Me: yea thanks for reminding me ed i totalye forgot about that i guess the band i going to my was to escape the meaninsh of my bro and sis and father

Ed: yea

Me: Each day is another day closer to meting

Ed: Very true

Me: have anice day all

Ed: Have a good day

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Me: I was up till 2:00am this morning

Ed: why you do that

Me: i was up watch hard rock l ive

Ed: Oh who was on it

Me: Hard Rock Live was MY CHIMCEL ROMANCE

Ed: Ed like thoes guys

ME: I do to ed

Ed: ED did not watch ed went to bed

Me: Yea i know ed but if you stayed up you could of seen it

Ed: I know

Me: Okay

Ed: YOU get dir en grey t-shirt

Me: Oh yea i finly get the Dir En Grey t-shirt

Ed: Yea you have been waiteing almost two weeks i think for it

Me: Yea i think you right on that one ed

Ed: ED think so to

Me: Oh the correct answer to the song quote was Breaking benjamin-
So Cool

Ed: person got it right was CKY 317923

Me: Yea that is correct ed

Ed: ED like being right

Me: Well to day i do not have a song quote

Ed: Aw ed liek the quotes

Me: I know ed but i have none right now

Ed: Ed say its okay

Me: I can not waite to get my dir en grey t-shirt i even get a cd player from a friend

Ed: thats nice of your friend

Me: yea i also get a jesse mccartney poster from her

Ed: that is cool

Me: Yea i know

Ed: DO not for get pic of the day

ME: i will not ed i never do

Ed: Yea i was just reminding you

Me: YEa and thanks

Ed and Me: Have anice day all

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Monday, September 5, 2005

Me: well yeasterday was so fun

Ed: ED had lots of fun

Me: you always do ed

Ed: Ed like fun

Me: Yea that you do ed

Ed: You get you t-shirt tommorw

Me; Thats tight i do ed

ED: *runs and hide* you can not find me

Me: * finds ed*

Ed: Ed not hide good

Me: YEa i did find you

Ed: do not for get to tell the ansewer for the song quote you did

Me: Oh yea the only person that got it right was CKY31793

Ed: Answer was : Good Charlotte- Change

Me: thats right ed

Ed: ED knew that

Me: yea you did ed

Me: well that is realy all there is for now

Ed: see yea later

Quote: "crowed streets are clered away one by one" please name song and artiset please

Pic of the day

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Me: hello

Ed (from cowboy bebop): Hello

Me: Yes ed my fav on from cawboy bebop has come to see me for awhile


Me: Well this is the last wekend i will see my older bro

Ed: That so sad

Me: Yea i know ed it is

Ed: to bad you will not get to see him for awhile

Me: Yea i know but atleast i got to hange with him

Ed: Yea that good for you

Me: He is realy cool

Ed: yea he is

Me: My friend burt me a copy of the cky cd she got

Ed: that nice of her

Me: Yea

Ed: rember what happend tuesday

Me: Oh yea i get my dir en gery t-shirt tuesday

Ed: ED so happy for you

Me: I am so happy to ed

Ed: answer to sone and arist thin for yeasterday

ME: oh yea the answer was, Celine Dion- My heart willl go on

Ed: And will you pleases try and aswer her song and artist quotes she does

Me: Yes pleases answer them pleas give it a try

Ed: Yes so she does not fell so dumb doing this

Me: Thanks ed

Ed: Your wqelcome

Qutefrom song: I'm sitting here
I'm thinking back to a time when I was young
My memory is clear as day
I'm listening to the dishes clink
You were downstairs
you would sing
songs of praise
And all the times we laughed with you
And all the times that you stayed true to us

now pic of the day
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Saturday, September 3, 2005

to make this short since i realy have nothing to say today and shippo is goin. My older bro came in for a suprise vist today and i am so happy that he did

I will leve you with the pic and song and artise thing of the day

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Pic of day

name the song and artsit plaease

"every night in my dreams i see you i feel you, and that is how i know you go on."

Naswer for yeaster day
Dir En Grey- Cage

see you all later

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Friday, September 2, 2005

me: yeasterday was kind of better

Shippo: yea that is true

Me: I let a friend Barroew Jack@## the movie from me

Shippo: yea and she like it to much

Me: so do i

Shippo: Yea i know you watch the show every time it is on

Me: yea so it si funny

Shippo: I know i am up half the night with you

Me: yea and i am glade

shippo: why

Me: casue you are the only one to talk to at night

Shippo: Do not for get to tell thenm

Me: oh yea my mom got aol back up and working today

Shippo: yea and she is hapy about it

Me: i sure am

Shippo: okay

Me: Well i got a feeling that i will hiting the 100 gb mark soon for singatures

Shippo: that is good

Me: Can not waite to get there

Shippo: yea that has been your goal from the start

ME Yea it sure has

Shippo: okay rap it up so you can finsh with chating to your bro on msn

Me: Okay, i will leave you with a some phase and you have to give me the name of the song and artist
Impatient I wait; the masochist's blood runs in my veins
I remain for you, the sadist
if I can do that with a poisonous kiss

because of sadness I cannot see virtue, you are the last mother
the memory is buried so that you won't recognize the first mother
although the clock turns backwards the sin I have committed can't be undone
the first and last person who understood me is burned into my memory

Shippo: and the pic of the day

Me: Yea i know i am geting to it

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Way to go my two good friends

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