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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

   Yeasterday was werid for me. Me and my dad acctuley got along last night cause me and him were cooking dinner togather and that is not normle at all since we get into fights alot so that was kinda cool that we got along and did not fight for once i hope it continues down the path like this for awhile and we do not fight cause it is good that me and him got along that night it was cool.

well i will go back to the rp posting tommorw see yea later

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Me: hey all

Ed: Hey every one

Me: I had a good time

Ed:You seem happy

ME: cause i hav e a crush on someone on myO

Ed: Oh is that so

Me: Yea its so

Ed: Who is it

Me: i'm not telling

Ed: Come on tell

Me: NO!

Ed: Okay i get it, It is a secert


Me: I resuced a baby kitten

Ed: AWW thats cool

Me: Yea, its name is little mikey

Ed: Cute name

Me: My friend angeles shinoda came up with the name

Ed; Thats awsome

Me: I let her

Ed: that was nice of you

Me: Yea it was

Ed: Well you are such a good fiend

Me: i sure am

Ed: that all you want to say

Me: yea

Ed: Bye

Me: bye

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Me: Hey

Ed: hello

Me: how is every one

Ed: Hope every one is good

Me: yesterday was pretty good for me

Ed:yea, but not what happen to your hand

Me: Oh yea, My tupid cat

Ed: That cat is mean

Me: I know and to think i rased that cat

Ed: I forgoet about that

Me: then i had to put up with yelling

Ed: From Who

Me: siblings and Father

Ed: you never get a break from that

Me: No i do not


Me: right now i fear for the worse

Ed: What do you mean

Me: If my dad can not find a job soon

Ed:what would happen

Me: we will have to move


Me: Im afried not

Ed: Aww that sucks

Me: Yea, i do not want to leve my friends behind again

Ed: Can not blame you

Me; Ill tell more about this tommorow

Ed: Good idle

Me: Bye all]

Ed: bye
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Saturday, September 24, 2005

OUCH i feel sorry for the blond hair one
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   mad it is not even funny
i am so tired of my family. Its like every time i turn around i am get yelled at and i did not do eney thing i mean come on my dad is always takeing my bro and lil sisters side and i am so tired of it. now i got to fix my cd play so i have some music to listen to so i do not have to listen to hit mouth or my sibleings. Then when i am mad i say stuff i do not mean and people gets mad at me for saying something and it all came out wrong adn i make people mad and hurt them when i do not mean to do it. Half the stuff i say is out of my anger.

Firemistress im sorry if what i have said on aim has hurt you but i am haveing a realy roten day and feell realy bad that i have hurt you in eney way of what i have said to you so i guess i need to just leve for awhile and not come back on myOtaku for a good while.

Why must people get so mad when you say something that is just out of anger

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Me: hello

Shippo: hey and yes i am back

Me: my little sister is a brat

Shippo: why do you say that

Me: Cause she is always playing her music so loud

Shippo: Dange that would annoye eney body

Me: i mean she does it every day

Shippo: Have you told her to stop

Me: yes, severl times as a matter of fact

Shippo: But she still keeps doing it

Me: yea, she will not stop no matter what

Shippo: That is mean of her to do that

Me: She is a mean little bi***

Shippo: your little sister is always that

Me: I know

Shippo: Why, does she keep it going

Me: Yes she keeps it going

Shippo: okay

Me: at least i got to play zelda

Shippo: yea so true

Me: Just got to beat that gauired i hate so bad

Shippo: you mean that Gareido one

Me: yes that one

Shippo: she must be hard

Me: Yes she is

Shippo: dange how mean times did she beat you

Me: i think 5 so far

Shippo: wow

Me: well thats all for now , Bye

Shippo: Bye

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Well it has finley stoped me and the one that were arguing there for awhile are talking on vnl-online .com and i am kinda glade thow casue now i am getting a chance to say what i wanted to say when we first met and beofore i lost her trust and friendship
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   made new friend
Me: Wuz Up

Ed: Hi everyone

Jin:Good day every one

Me:yesterday was better

Ed; thats good

Jin: Glade to see you had a better day

Me; well i made a new friend

Ed: on what

Jin: on here or another site

Me: I made a friend on vnl-online

Ed: Awsome

Jin: Thats cool

Me: She is realy nice

Ed: How is that

Jin: did she help you

Me: yes, she did

Ed: how?

Jin: and with what

Me: Get a new pic on my profile

Ed: on that site vnl-online

Jin: what else she help you with

Me: Juts with the pic thing

Ed: neat

Jin: thats nice

Me: Also did some drawings

Ed: of what

Jin: what yea do

Me: Names

Ed: neat

Jin: way awsome

Me: Bye

Ed: See yea

Jin: Good Bye
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Me: Hello

Jin: hey

Ed: Hi

Me: well my brother is off

Jin: back to Iraq

Ed: for 5 mounths


Jin: dange

Ed: you just got to pray for his saftey

Me: yea i know

Jin: eney thing fun happen

Ed: yea eney thing fun

Me: got to go out to lunch

Jin: with who

Ed: yea with who

Me: my mom and her friend

Jin: awsonme

Ed: cool

Me: yea it was fun

Jin: what else yea do

Ed: yep what else

Me: i played the N64

Jin: okay

Ed: nice

Me: plus photobook accout got hacked

Jin: No WAY


Me: yea

Jin: that was mean

Ed: that was wrong

Me: I lost pics i had

Jin: can you find them

Ed: woll you be able to

Me: I hope i can

Jin: me to

Ed: me three

Me: Bye

Jin: See yea

Ed: Bye bye

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

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Jin: hi

Me: well i am not realy happy

Ed: Why you sad

Jin: your never this sad

Me: my older bro shpis back out

Ed: you mean back to iraq

Jin: for 5 mounths or longer

Me: yep

Ed: that is not good

Jin: that would make any one sad

Me: I'm going to be so worried

Ed: that is understandable

Jin: Big Time

Me: thanks guys for being here

Ed: No problem

Jin: Im happy to be here

Me: on the other hand

Ed: you got you mom's portable cd player

Jin: yea, after you broke yours

Me: Now i got to try and not brake it

Ed: True

Jin: very true

me: plus my moms back accout

Ed: let me guess got froze

Jin: thats not good

Me: thats all for now . Bye

Ed: Later

Jin: see yea

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