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Monday, September 19, 2005

Me: Hey

Ed: Hello

Jin: HI

Me: i did something fun with my hair yeasterday

Ed: oh you mean

Jin: pulling it back in to a pony tail

Me: yep, also adding temp

Ed:purple hair color

Jin: and hair Gell

Me: It was cool thow

Ed: yea. it was

Jin: you looked cool and cute

Me: thanks jin

Ed: you need to do that more often

jin: yea defenitly

Me: okay i will when i get more temp color

Ed: cool

Jin : Awsome

Me: well thats all for now

Ed: bye

Jin: later

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

me: Fuck

Ed: what

Jin: what is going on

Me: i have not cd player and one of my fav bands broke up

Ed: what band

Jin: how did the cd play break

Me: that name of the band that broke up was Blink 182

Ed: dange

Jin: what about the cd player

Me: i got pissed and broke it not thinking about the money probelm

Ed: you must of realy been mad

Jin: damn i have never seen you so mad

Me: Well that is what happens when i got lacke of sleep yeasterday

Ed: you get mad easley

Jin: that you do

Me: Well no S*** i hate not haveing enought sleep

Ed: i see

Jin: thanks all who answered the ? yeasterday

Me; thank you

Ed: *eat candy* NOW I HYPER

Me: oh now here we go again

Jin: please tell me she did not do what i think she did eat candy

Me; jin, she did

Ed: YES I Did

Me: bye guys

Ed: see yea

Jin: bye

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Me: Hello

Ed: Hi

Jin: ello

Me: well yeasterday was a little better

Ed: yea she got to see her friend

Jin: thats cool she got to see her

Me: Yes

Ed: how has every thing been all


Me: Sorry guys ed is a little hype


Me and Jin: YES YOU ARE

Me: dange jin me and you are on the same page

Jin: thats a first

Ed: big time first

Me: eney way you guys are porbley tired of me complneing about how my dad has not foudn a job

Ed: who knows

Jin: may be they are

Me: yea so i am going to do this

Ed: do what

Jin: What are you doing

Me: All three of use as a quistion and then see if we get and answer

Ed: O.o


Me: i will start

Ed: then me

Jin: ill be last

Me: If you lyed and lost 4 friends do you wish you could go back and take back waht all you said??

Ed: What would you do if you could go back in time?

Jin: If you had a wish what would it be?

Me; okay now that was not bad was it guys

ED: nope

Jin: Yea

Me: yeasterday was a good day

Ed: thats good

Jin:.... no comment

Me: well nothing more i can think of to say

Ed: me nither


Me: bye my friends

Ed: Bye

Jin: See yea

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Friday, September 16, 2005

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me: hey

ed: hello

Jin: ello

Me: my dad is still looking for a job

Ed: Dange

Jin: no luck yet

Me: im trying to find a babysitting job

Ed: to help out

Jin: and to bring money in

Me: yes you two are both right

Ed: good luck

Jin: Im with ed on this one good luck

Me: thanks guys

Ed: welcome

Jin: no problem

Me: also had and arugment on the way home

Ed: Between who

Jin: yea who

Me: my mom and bro

Ed: oh that sucks

Jin: Dange

Me: two of my dogs got into a fight today

Ed: wow

Jin: are you dogs okay

Me: one has a hurt leg and the other has a hurt ear

Ed: dange

Jin: pour puppies

Me: bye

Ed:see yea

Jin: Bye bye

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

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Me: Hey guys

Ed: hello

Jin: hey

Me: well things are not looking up yet

Ed: your dad still can not find a job

Jin: that is bad for you and your family

Me: yes it is and i am worried to

Ed: It will be okay

Jin: how can you say that she is sad

ME: Jin its okay

Ed: Hope every thing looks up soon

Jin: yea me to

Me: i srue hope so

Ed: me two

Jin: me three

Me: well on the other hand me and my dad are stating to get along

Ed: that is good

Jin: that is great

Me: if you two say so

Ed: you do not seem happy

Jin: yea what is wrong

ME: Nothing im just not thinkin

Ed: oh okay

Jin: okay did not know

Me: I got a phone in my room

Ed: but does it work

Jin: no her mother has to run a phone line into here room

Me; yep thats right Jin

Ed: ed did not know

Jin: yea i know you were not her when she go tit

Me: yes he is right ed and no worries

Ed: :)

Jin: :)

Me:I also was able to get into vnl-online.com today

Ed: for what

Jin: yea what yea go there for

Me: to look up pictures

Ed: of dir en grey

Jin: and Miyavi

Me: yep you to are both right

Ed :D

Jin: :D

Me: have a nice day all

Ed: bye bye

Jin: See yea

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

   Thanks for the 100 GBG signatures
Me: Yes Im so happy

Ed: why are you so happy

Me: i finely got 100 Gb Sgnatures

Ed: thats so great

Me: I have been paticent

Ed: all that payed off

Me: yes it did

Ed:you are just so happy

me: yes i am

Ed: what happem between you and your dad

Me: we got into and argument

Ed: but you to made up

Me: yes we did

Ed: thats good

Me: i would like to thanks every one of my friends that visted my site every day when they can and for signing my GB

Ed: yes all of you have been wounderful

Me: yes you have been

Ed: you guys made here so happy

Me: thanks once again all my

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Me: yes ed is back with me

Ed: yep i sure and

Jin: what about me

Me: you can both stay with me

Ed: Yea

Jin: cool

Me: bye

Ed: bye

Jin: see yea

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Me: Hey all my friends

Jin: hey

Me: yes ed is back with the bebops

Jin: yea she missed them

Me: yes, Jin from yu yu hakusho is here

Jin: yep i sure am

Me: eney way today was stressful

Jin: how so you have me here

Me: I know Jin, Im talking about before you came

Jin: okay i did not know

Me: that's okay Jin

Jin: Pleases continue

Me: first off my uncle ronnie is fixing the roof

Jin: and he is almost done

Me: that's the good part

Jin: defenitly

Me: second my your bro Robert

Jin: will not quite playing your n64

Me: Right Jin

Jin: you hate him for it

Me: Jin, I have hated him

Jin: okay that was simple

Me: Well bye all

Jin: see yea *flies off into the winds*

Quition: If you lyed to a friend and lost them do you wish you could go back in time and take it back?

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Me: hello all

Ed: hi guys and gales

me: well my dad pissed me off

Ed: Hoe so

Me:he said for me to get the towels

Ed: yea and the

Me; my lil sis got home and she got mad at me

Ed: what else happen

Me: then my dad tryed to change the story

Ed: your dad is and ass hole.

Me:yeah he always is

Ed: you get blammed for to much

Me: that i do

Ed:he puts you down

Me: He fucking hates me

Ed: Aww *hug*

Me: *hugs ed*

Ed: you just need to get out of there

Me: i have done made my plans to do so

Ed: good

Me; yes

Ed: so yea have fun playing the n64 today

Me: yea i sure did

Ed; okay that good

Me: well see you all later

Ed; bye every one

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Me: Hey

Ed: hello

Me: Guess what

Ed: what

Me: i got a new game

Ed: alright that is good

ME:plus i may be able to see my oler bro

Ed: that is very wounderfull

Me: yea that is good

Ed: very good

Me: Plus i got to trade in my old game for a new one

Ed: Cool what is the new one like

Me: Its fun i get to blow up other racers

Ed: Fuck that has to be fun

Me: yea it is fun

Ed: Thats good you like it

Me: ye

ED: so did yea get every thing worked out with you bf

Me: yea i sure did

Ed: thats good

Me: Glade to that is worked out

Ed: me to

me: see you later

Ed: bye all

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

What am i going to do. My bf's friend is trying to talk me out of loveing him and i can not just do that i love him to much to stop loveing him.

I mean he is just the right guy for me and i love him to much to let him go

what should i do

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