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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Dange this is fun. My moms back accout just got unfroze yeasterday and my dad is starting his new job next monday oh yea we are finely getting every thing back togather around this house witch is good cause then i can get my new cd player and a cd i have been waiteing on for awhile. Also i hope that the sertified mail that my mom has to pick up tommorw is my dir en grey cd i have been waiteing on for quite soem time to get here it finely here. Guess i will have to see tommorw if it is it and and do hope that it is. I am just glade that things are finely getting back to normel around my house but then there is what i dreed about nextr monday my friend jennifer98 on here has to go to sugery and that will worry me a lot cause she is one of my most closes friends and if you all could pleases pray for her next monday when she goes into sugery. well that is about it for now off to work on my costume not realy just had to say soemthing random at the end of this.

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Friday, October 7, 2005

thought i would open the post up with a clip from my fav band dir en grey

So far so goog my dad stsrts his new job next monday and i have finley decied on a costume i am doing for my friends halloween party i will post it at the end when i am done. ALso i have hope you guys like the dir en grey vidoe cage and pleases if it is to groes or scares you pleases let me know and i will change it asap when i get the chance that is lol
Next thurday my sibleings have a half day then they have a two day falls break ( school versoin lol) and when they are out thatis going to be hell on me cause the we will have to do that hour rotation thing and that suck alot cause then that will mess up my post while they are out but who nows maybe i willstill be able to do it and the only reason i am going to my friends halloween party is becaiuse my X best friend melinda is going to be there and i want to get are friendship back togather and stay friends for more then 1 year. I have been doing nothing much on this computer but watching dir en grey video's all the time well thats what i get for the help of my friend giveing me a site to watch them were i do not have to download eney kinda of softe ware to watch them lol sorry had to say that so i hope every one has a great day and i will see you later

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this is the costume i am going to try and pull of for my friend halloween party

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

   I realy have nothing to say tosay so i guess i will show you a few pics that i have collected for awhile of Dir en Grey

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I can say this i am going to a friends halloween party the 29th of this mounth witch is going to be fun

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Yes it is all good now next monday my dad starts his new job. So we are deferntly going to be gewttg every thing back up to speed onece again after all this that has been going on will soon end once my dad starts his new job. Plus it would help for the stupid back to un frezze my moms bank accout that would help a hole lot to. I once again helped my parents clean the yeard and we do not have much left to finsh and i will deferntly be sore after all this is done cause i have yet to get a break from all this yard cleaning so right now my right leg and back are hurtting so i will be so glade when all this is done then i can finley rest and get my right leg and back to stop hurting. Plus the four firneds i lost have forgave me for what i did to them and now we talk on aim once again when we all have time so that is good for me plus i would like to thank one of my friends for giveing me a realy cool web site to were i can watch videos by my three fav jrock bands with out the cost of downloading nad messing the computer witch is greta for me. My dad ened well yeasterday aas you can tell and it just keeps getting better each day.

Well thats it for now see yea all later

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Rest in peace Hide

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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Evry thing is defently going great my dad has to go into his orintely today so he can get his new job and that i great cause we will soon be able to catch up on the bills and all that. We are all most done with cleaning the yard up and clearing away all the old roofing materle that my uncle ronnie left laying around the house here is almost gone finely.
I hope every thing goes good for my dad today in the oreantel and i hope he does get his new job. This si great every thing is starting to get back to normely oh yea yeasterday my mom's friend wa doing some kind of speel (do not ask me what she is talking about) and she Blew up her micowave in the process of doing it lol

Well see yea later

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Monday, October 3, 2005

Well today we are gong to finsh cleaning the yeard and by we i mean me my mom amd my dad cause we realy have no choice in it kinda good thow cause all the help i give i get something in return for helping lol. I stayed up late last night and watch my fav show hard rock live and the band that was on there was Simple Plan and that was cool cause simple is and awsome band to me but now were as awsome as Dir En Grey heheh. I guess i am off to help my parents clean yeard i will see you all later

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Sunday, October 2, 2005

Quick post so not rp post today
Things are finley stareting to look good once again. My dad is soon to be starting his new job and then we can catch up on all the billys get what we need to get to clean yard up. Then i can waite to get me my new cd player i have been pateice for now and hopefully every thing will pick up well once again
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Saturday, October 1, 2005

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Me: hey

Ed: hello

Me: Finely

Ed: what

Me: My dad is close to getting a new job

Ed: thats good

Me: I also may have me a job to

Ed: cool were at

Me: At the public librey in Tiftion

Ed: Cool

Me: Yea. Ill have my own money

Ed: Wicked

Me: Plus then i can start saveing money

Ed: Foe what

Me: the badn me and a few friends on here are doing

Ed: Way cool

Me: yea i can not waite

Ed: yes it will be cool

Me: I can not waite to met them

Ed: To me you are going to

Me: I want opinons on this

Ed: what for the band

Me: Yea

Ed: okay

Me: doyou guys think we can do it?

Ed: I do

MeL It will be fun

Ed: yea

Me: Yep


Me; Bye

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Friday, September 30, 2005

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Me: Hello all my friends

Ed; Hello

Me: So far my days have gotten better

Ed: Thats good

Me: But my dad us what suprises me

Ed: Why is that

me; his bein NICE and that is unusle


Me: yes way ed

Ed: so eneny thing else good

Me: my dad cleaned mine and my lil sisters room

Ed; that was nice of him

Me: But i now hate my aunt and uncle

Ed: For what reason

Me: They called the dog pound out

Ed; what they do

me: they got a complant about growly barkeing at night

Ed: Thats mean

Me: Actuly its okay

Ed: how can you say that

Me: they saved my parents a trip

Ed: ><

Me: She was to go to the pund soon eney way

Ed: okay

Me: so they just saved my parents and trip and gas

Ed: Oh okay i get it

Me: Good ed

Ed: okay so it that it

Me: guess so

Ed: okay

me: Bye

Ed: Bye
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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Me: Hello every one

Ed: Wuz Up

Me: Well yeasterday was good

Ed: Thats great

Me: Me and my Crush love each other as friends

Ed: okay that is awsome

Me: Then i am worried about two friends

Ed: what wrong

Me: Katie adn Kellie are sick and im a little worried

Ed: Aww that sucks

Me: yea, it sucks bad

Ed: So what els happened

me: Talked to my friend on the phone

Ed: Thats awsome

Me: yea

Ed: Ed hyoer today

Me: I see that Ed


Me: Your to hyper ed

Ed: *smiles*

Me: you are so crazey

Ed: I sure am

Me: My younger bro is sick

Ed: So your stuck home with him

Me: yea i sure am

Ed: But you do not have to worrie about fighting

Me: Nope. I sure don't

Ed: that is good

Me: yea it is

Ed: Well guess that is it

Me: Yep

Ed: Bye

Me: Bye
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