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Sunday, April 3, 2005

   Ummm...What the heck??? That is NOT the kind of teenager I am....

"What type of teenager are you?" - Results:

You are the 'regular' teen. Don't worry, alot of people will get this result. However, you set pretty high/low goals for yourself...and you believe you are the only one in the world. But, there are alot of people with your attitude. You tend to wear regular clothing, or you are forced to wear colors you don't want to. (such as your mother always buying you pink / blue clothing) Sometimes you feel horribly lonely and want to hide, but as always, you find something to give you reason to continue. You can either hate or love school, one opinion please. Never fear, you are not one of a kind...and that is kinda nice to hear, since there are other teenagers out there with your exact view on life.
You could get a job as an author, Teacher, editor, architect, buisness owner, or administrator. Good luck in life, and don't forget that no one is ever alone.

Well*Smiles* I wrote another poem:

Today I will fly with the eagle
the eagle who protects and shields me from rain and snow
and the twisters in life

The eagle is wise-
I am just a young bear
who knows so little
The eagle helps me
through my life

Whenever I need him
I just go to the tree
where everyone gathers to gossip
and talk
and surfs the spiders web

He will always be there for me
if I wait patientally
he will come...
he will come

And then he picks me up with his talons
And I tell him everything

He is a really good listener
like a worried parrent
when I am done he says something that is very encouraging

Today I will fly with this eagle...
And maybe tomorrow too.





*hops up and down*

I like it!


I wish u all the best of luck in everything,

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

   Long Time No See Sorry About That....

Hey u guys...*upset*
Well I have been busy and all so yeah....PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS POST!!

Well last Friday I wrote my first poem EVER:
Oh brother what do I do?
Should I rescue my friend
or should I act as a scared child
He's holding on tight to me
letting out a sea of weeps
Yet I stand a few feet away
like I'm betraying him
Anger just pours out of him in his dark life
Should I set fire to this darkness
or should I go to sleep and live my life
Time just drips away
Oh brother what do I do?

Ok that was a kinda fun poem cause I made it up...
here are acrosstics:

1)Sorry for the other person
Yearns to help them
Makes sure to stay with theperson
Presents pleasant things
Approaches the person nicely
Tries to say encouraging things
Helps the other person out
You help them until they get over it

That was Sympathy and yeah I dont really like that one...

2)Summer playfully pokes annoyingly with waves of heat
Picnics are found everywhere
Rows and rows of flowers sprout
Ice melts and evaporates into the air
Nests are built in the trees by birds
Grass starts to grow green again

Yeah I like that one:DThat was Spring.
Heres the third one I wrote....

3)Anything but mean
Loves a lot of people as siblings
Entertains me with RPs
eXtra caring towards all

That was Alex. I like that one too.
I will make new ones for my other friends.

2 list poems I wrote:

1)What to do if The Sky is Falling
You could stomp and shriek "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

You could grab glue and a stand on a stool to glue the pieces back on as they fall off.

You could climb to the top of the hill to get a great view.

You could try to tell everyone before it falls on all.

You could pinch yourself hoping that that will wake you up.

You could sit on the ground and cry like a baby.

You could dodge the pieces of sky falling for the rest of your life and keep moving to new areas to look up at space.

I like that one A LOT!!!!!!!
I cant believe I wrote these....

2)Annoying things
Flies buzzing in front of your face when you're trying to eat food is annoying.

Your neighbor blasting music early in the morning is annoying.

Long lines at a restaraunt or a store just because the workers are slow.

Pointless, stupid commercials are annoying.

Your sibling getting away with something even though you try to tell what really happened is annoying.

Ants at a picnic is annoying.

Little kids that come over and break something in a flash is annoying.

:D That was an ok poem I wrote.

And the last poem which is a poem that explains how I am feeling right now.that is why I put the"*upset*" at the top.

The Feeling
After a while
I got this feeling
like it was unfair
how my friend
goes through his life
A life full of obstacles
twists and turns.

What did he do
For he is so kind and caring
And he still goes through this daily.
this darkness

I am not kind
nor caring
Not nearly like he is
I feel so guilty
It is not right for his life to go like that
Not right at all.

That was a poem I wrote about a half hour ago.
I am kinda upset about it...
but yeah all of these were written by me.

*Puppy Eyes*
I wish you all the best of luck in everything and I hope u have great lives,

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Monday, March 21, 2005

My Birthday is in 2 days:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DD:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

:D Yeah! My Birthday is in 2 days!!!!

Well I was able to comment:)
I am so happy cause when i got home from school about an hour ago, I found out that my bunny had, well u know, 'went' in the litter box:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:

Ok Well my advice for today is to go to Alex's site and go to todays post(21st) cause it is really funny:D Just scroll down to where the Yu-gi-o characters are talking to Alex:)

So since my birthday is in 2 days I have already told my mom what I want and it is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban...........................(the videogame for Gamecube-not the book or movie).
Please tell me if u guys have ever played that game-I rented it already and it is FUN!!

So yeah just basically tell me if u have played the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban videogame for Gamecube:0)AND also tell me if u think that it's weird to play Harry Potter(!!*IMPORTANT*!!>>> I WILL NOT BE OFFENDED IF U SAY THAT I AM WEIRD FOR PLAYING THAT GAME OR IF U SAY THAT THAT GAME IS WEIRD!!!!!!)

I was able to go to ur sites and post today!!!
I am proud of myself 3>

Not anything else to say really so...
I wish all of u all the best of luck in everything,

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Sunday, March 20, 2005


I forgot hehe.
The reason I have to concentrate on my bunny is because I have to litter box train her:D:D:D There I think I cleared up the confusion:)
I wish you all the best of luck in everything,

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Hi :D

Hi everyone-this is a late post but yeah.
Well I dont think I will be able to go to all of ur sites and update much for a little bit because I have to concentrate on my bunny:)
Nikki(yote1234) gave me her old bunny's,(Shelby) cage. The cage is really nice and big:D The cage that my bunny has been in for 7 years is really bad and small so this is really nice of Nikki:D:D:D
Thanks Nikki!!!!!:D:D:D:):):)^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
So not much to say besides that-so yeah I might be a little busy so it will be hard to keep up here for about a week at the most:D

I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Saturday, March 19, 2005


Well today was pretty good:D
*Gives an evil look*
I kinda pulled a harmless prank on my brother LOL
My mom and I were in tears when they found out but let me tell u what happened first:D

So my mom bought these ladybugs to put in her garden and I was like"can i put a few inside for fun?"
And she said yeah...so I went inside with the bag.I went upstairs:D my brother had some friends over but they left for a bit and so i went up to the room that they were in except that they werent there:)
So i layed the open bag down for a few mins in 4 different areas around the room....:D Well now the room was occupied by like a hundred ladybugs and they were scattering:)
And I closed the door and shut off the light.

Then about a hour later my brother and his friends arrived.
One of his friends went upstairs and said"Wheres Mark(my brother)?"
And so when Mark came in his friend called from upstairs that there is a ladybug infestment in the playroom.
My mom and I listened from the kitchen and were laughing really hard:D
So Mark called down stairs and called for my mom to come up and look.
He thought that she did it and while I was picking up the ladybugs(along with one of his friends that was a girl but not his gf), my brother was interrigating my mom and I saw this shadow on my carpet where there was something going up and down and I knew that my mom was pointing to me when I wasnt looking to indicate that I had done this:D

And so yeah that was hilarious!

But a half hour later my brother ran in my room with a cup of the ladybugs he had been cleaning up with his friends and threw it at me>.< But ya it was ok.
My mom helped me clean them up(there werent many) and then we took them outside^_______^

So yeah that was sooo funny!!!!!!!

And as to the Question of the Day from yesterday-Alex(Destinyssweetman) got it correct:D
I could have talked for longer except that my bro wanted on the Internet.
Then he fell asleep.
So he didnt even go on but yeah:D
*Gives a pat on Alex's back like I said I would for anyone who got it right*
I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Friday, March 18, 2005

   Forgot something....

Well I forgot to tell u all that I made a stuffed animal at the zoo:D Its kinda like Build-A-Bear except that u hand stuff ur stuffed animal:D And u get to do it-not some machine:)
Anyways I chose a lion and stuffed him.I got one outfit for him:D:D:D
It is a shirt that says"Surfs Up," and blue shorts with a few other shades of blue going across it diagonaly:D
The outfit came with a little surfboard that u can hook across the animal's arm:D
It is sooo cute:D:D:D
I named him....
Cause he was borned on St Patricks Day which is the Lepra part.I guess cause its like short for Leprachan.And the leo at the end is because I love the name Leo for a lion.
So Lepraleo

He is sooo cute:)
oh yeah and on his shirt it also has a picture of a wave on it:D
and the shirt is white with light blue sleeves:)
Hope u guys can read this cause u already posted on my other post but yeah:)

I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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   I am not feeling normal....

I feel sooo hyper....Hmmm I wonder why I am not usually I think I had too much sugar at the zoo today:D
AND that reminds me....I had a great day at the zoo!!!
:D Yeehaaw!
I spent waaaaay too much tho...
*Backs away slowly with a guilty face*
I hope u guys had a great holiday!!!
Ahhh my stupid bro is wanting to get on even tho hes had it ALL DAY WHEN WE WERE AT THE ZOO!!!AND MY MOM IS LETTING HIM DO THIS!!!
No offense to the people who are the oldest in the family(the oldest sibling I mean)but....
Sometimes the older sibling is soo much luckier-at least in my family.
Please dont be offended by this if u r the oldest sibling....
*Tears hair out*
My mood has changed pretty quickly:


Wait?? Thats the 2nd time i used that word today and I dont ever use it....Yes...yes there is something wromg with me today!!
Well it is only 10 39 pm but im posting for tomorrow(Friday)which is sad....
Spring Break is about over and I have to go to school on Monday!!!
*Pouts and bawls*
I...*Sniffle*...dont want to...*Sniffle*...Go back to school*Sniffle*!!
*Lets the dam open*
*Water flows all over*
Alex mops it up
*I have an evil look in my eye*
Muhahahahahaha I have made Alex my slave!!
HEHEHEHE that was a joke Alex!
*Runs away from Alex cause he looks angry*
QOTD:Do u think I could write more if I had more time???
(If u get the answer correct-I know what the answer is-then I will list ur name tomorrow and give u a pat on the back)
:0) :0) :0)
*Falls asleep then wakes up*
GTG cause my bro is going to rip the hair out of my head...wait I already did that....
I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

   Happy St Patricks Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone I changed it to green!
The words I mean:)
Its for this holiday!
:D *Jumps up and down*
We are still having Easter here!!
AND I am going to the zoo pretty soon!_!
*Looks at watch*
Holy Macoroni!!!
Better get moving!!
Want to see the new white rhinos there!!:)
I am going to be spending money there! Oh yeah thats for sure:D
I am bringing some of my money saved up and buy some souvenirs!
Ok well ntm to say....Oh yeah! I almost forgot to tell you:)
I woke up at 8am!!!
For once this week I woke up at a reasonable time instead of 2 pm!
I am really happy!
QOTD(Thats Question Of The Day):Are you having a good St Patricks Day?Also, think I am too hyper?Hmmm if I am then maybe I should invite Jen cause she would love to be hyper with me!!
(Jen is Alex's RP character)
I wish all of you the best of luck in everything,

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Well I helped my mom most of the day yesterday. :D I helped her go thru all of the VCR Tapes and we decided which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of. And we sorted them into different groups: Live Animals; Cartoon; Disney; Drama; Comedy; and Miscellaneous.
Hehe sorry I dont know if thats how u spell it or not....
So now she is in a much better mood and yeah I think that her and I are going to the zoo tomorrow!!!
Hehe if u dont know already then I should tell u that I am a complete Animal Freak or just an animal lover:)
So thank u Alex

Thank u Alex for the advice!!
I cant wait to go to the zoo!
Hehe I want to see tigers!
(One of my favorite animals LOL the other is Dolphins :D)
Well I dont know what to say really except I hope that I can make my site better soon.
Thanks for the compliments on it:)
I wish u the best of luck in everything,

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