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Sunday, June 5, 2005

   I got to make this fast.....

hey I have been on for a while and it is one in the morning so i got to get to bed!
well i wanted to put this up:

Gage |pledge
Chad |warrior
Alis |truthful
Paul |small
Marc |warlike
Ryan |little king
Megan |pearl
Tyler |tile maker
Brook |stream
Alex |defender of mankind (that fits u destinyssweetman:D:D)
Molly |bitter
Brenton|steep hill
Derek |ruler of people
Jennifer|white wave

*~*~*~* and me........:
Kimberly|Cheif or ruler

lol yeah rite

hehe some of the names were kind of obvious about what htey meant like Brook...Kristen...ect.



Well those names were names of people in my language class in 7th grade aka the year I just came out of:)

I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Thursday, June 2, 2005


Well I have been cleaning out my room hehe....Spring Cleaning came LATE 4 me!! Lol. Well woke up at 1 pm today -____-....I think it is because I kept staying up late at Nikki's for like 5 nights in a row! Wow I almost spent a week with her:)
BTW visit her site : AnimeCutie453.
Here is a role play between me and ALex(Destinyssweetman)....Wait. When is it ever NOT me and him? lol.
well...here it is:)

lyYQQQ [5:03 PM]: Jen- HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimrocket3000 [5:04 PM]: Jen-*eating candy*

Kimrocket3000 [5:04 PM]: Kimberly-hey I just talked to u a few mins ago:D

Kimrocket3000 [5:04 PM]: Jen-yep and u gave me this candy too!

Kimrocket3000 [5:04 PM]: Kimberly-:D

Kimrocket3000 [5:05 PM]: Alex-ok heres a question u guys....

Kimrocket3000 [5:05 PM]: Carmen-Im listening

Kimrocket3000 [5:05 PM]: Alex-*stops eating to look at him*

Kimrocket3000 [5:05 PM]: Kimberly-*turns to listen to Alex*

Kimrocket3000 [5:05 PM]: Alex-ahem!

Kimrocket3000 [5:05 PM]: Kimberly- _-_ zzz anytime now Alex!

Kimrocket3000 [5:06 PM]: Alex- >.< Give me a minute

Kimrocket3000 [5:07 PM]: Jen- 60...59...58...57..56...55...54..53...52..51....50..49...48..47...46..45..44...43..42...41..40..39..38...
Kimrocket3000 [5:07 PM]: Carmen-O_O

Kimrocket3000 [5:07 PM]: Jen-what?

Kimrocket3000 [5:07 PM]: Jen-he said "Give me a minute" so, I am^^

Kimrocket3000 [5:07 PM]: Kimberly- -__________________________- *sigh*

Kimrocket3000 [5:08 PM]: Jessica-maybe if we are lucky we will hear the joke by next year!!!!!!!

Kimrocket3000 [5:08 PM]: Alex- ok ok

Kimrocket3000 [5:08 PM]: Alex-U know how Donald Duck never wears pants rite?

Kimrocket3000 [5:08 PM]: Jen-yeah

Kimrocket3000 [5:09 PM]: Akex-well, then how come he puts a towel around his waist when he is done taking a shower?

Kimrocket3000 [5:09 PM]: Kimberly-O_O OH MY GOSH ! Thats weird...O_O

Kimrocket3000 [5:09 PM]: Alex-I know

lyYQQQ [5:09 PM]: Jen- That is...

lyYQQQ [5:09 PM]: Alex- I dunno why...........

lyYQQQ [5:09 PM]: Jessica- Not sure

lyYQQQ [5:09 PM]: Carmen- It's b/c-

lyYQQQ [5:09 PM]: Jessica- la la la

lyYQQQ [5:10 PM]: Carmen- Not that..it's b/c....he does that to stay dry :-P

Kimrocket3000 [5:11 PM]: Alex-*thinks* I guess

lyYQQQ [5:12 PM]: Carmen- Yep :) And I'm the smart gal :)

lyYQQQ [5:13 PM]: Jen- I'm the all-American girl :-P

Kimrocket3000 [5:14 PM]: Kimberly-I am the girl-no title!

Kimrocket3000 [5:14 PM]: Alex-O_o whatever u guys say

lyYQQQ [5:14 PM]: Jen- You know I'm the all-American girl
Me- ur the great cutie too! *gets slapped*

Kimrocket3000 [5:15 PM]: Alex-OWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Kimrocket3000 [5:15 PM]: Jen-O_O sorry

Kimrocket3000 [5:15 PM]: Alex-Das oky!

lyYQQQ [5:16 PM]: Jen- Just don't be flirting okay?
Me- Umm okay sorry ^^;;;;; me like crazy lol :-P

Kimrocket3000 [5:16 PM]: Jen- -_______________-

Kimrocket3000 [5:16 PM]: Kimberly-*bored*

Kimrocket3000 [5:16 PM]: Carmen-*cooking*

Kimrocket3000 [5:17 PM]: Sakura-whats ya cooking?

Kimrocket3000 [5:17 PM]: Carmen-*evil grin* muhahaha ... its a secret!

Kimrocket3000 [5:17 PM]: Jessica-ooh i hope its good! Im starving!

Kimrocket3000 [5:18 PM]: Sakura->.<0 No ure not!

Kimrocket3000 [5:18 PM]: Jessica-O_O HOW WOULD U KNOW?

Kimrocket3000 [5:18 PM]: Sakura-because we JUST ate!

Kimrocket3000 [5:18 PM]: Jessica-so....?

Kimrocket3000 [5:19 PM]: Sakura-we just ate so u cant still be hungry!

Kimrocket3000 [5:19 PM]: Jessica-yes i can

Kimrocket3000 [5:19 PM]: Sakura-no u cant

Kimrocket3000 [5:19 PM]: Jessica- yes i can!!

Kimrocket3000 [5:19 PM]: Sakura-nope

Kimrocket3000 [5:19 PM]: Jessica->.<0

Kimrocket3000 [5:19 PM]: Sakura->.<

Kimrocket3000 [5:20 PM]: Jessica-well let me tell u that u can go-

Kimrocket3000 [5:20 PM]: Kimberly-WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS STOP RITE THERE!!!!

Kimrocket3000 [5:20 PM]: Maria-O_O

Kimrocket3000 [5:20 PM]: Alex-O_o

Kimrocket3000 [5:21 PM]: Carmen-*doesnt realize that the oven is on fire because she has been staring Jessica and Sakura* O_O
lyYQQQ [5:21 PM]: Carmen- I smell something

lyYQQQ [5:21 PM]: Maria- O_O

Kimrocket3000 [5:22 PM]: Alex- YA THINK??

lyYQQQ [5:22 PM]: Alex- ur a fightbraker

Kimrocket3000 [5:22 PM]: KImberly-oh my gosh its on fire!

Kimrocket3000 [5:22 PM]: Carmen-O_O

Kimrocket3000 [5:22 PM]: Carmen-*runs over and turns it off and tries to put the fire out*

Kimrocket3000 [5:23 PM]: Carmen-Can u help u guys?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Kimrocket3000 [5:23 PM]: Alex-sure I'll be a man and take care of this!

Kimrocket3000 [5:23 PM]: Alex-*sticks out chest*

lyYQQQ [5:25 PM]: Carmen- Please do..
Alex- *gets burned*
Jen- *puts it out*
Sakura- Alex...

Kimrocket3000 [5:25 PM]: Alex-heheh so maybe i couldnt....

Kimrocket3000 [5:25 PM]: Maria-boy, crazy stuff happens here!

lyYQQQ [5:26 PM]: Marique- It does.
Carmen- *whsipers to Kimberly* I knwo something you don't LOL

Kimrocket3000 [5:26 PM]: kimberly-what?!? ....what?!?!?!?! tell me!

lyYQQQ [5:28 PM]: Carmen- I'm pregnant

Kimrocket3000 [5:29 PM]: Kimberly-What have u been doing?!?!?!?! O_O who is the dad??????

Kimrocket3000 [5:29 PM]: kimberly-are u pulling my leg?

lyYQQQ [5:29 PM]: Carmen- I'm married ya know?!
Toku- Hi :) (her husband)

Kimrocket3000 [5:30 PM]: Kimberly-I didnt know that! u never told me u were married!!!

Kimrocket3000 [5:32 PM]: Kimberly-does he know? did it just happen? do u know if its a boy or a girl? OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO EXCITING!

Kimrocket3000 [5:32 PM]: Carmen- O_O

Kimrocket3000 [5:32 PM]: Carmen-so many questions....

Kimrocket3000 [5:32 PM]: Kimberly-heheh sorry answer one at a time:D

lyYQQQ [5:33 PM]: Carmen- Yes he knows, it happened days ago, I have no clue about it's gender..
Alex- I'm suppsoed to help her stay fit.
Marique- *drags Kimberly off* I must drag you to battle

Kimrocket3000 [5:34 PM]: Kimberly-ok

lyYQQQ [5:34 PM]: Marique- *looks* Wait you aren't a fighter are you?

Jessica- *rolls eyes*

Kimrocket3000 [5:36 PM]: kimberly-no.............

Kimrocket3000 [5:36 PM]: Sakura-what do i do?

Kimrocket3000 [5:37 PM]: Carmen-back to my cooking now.....

Kimrocket3000 [5:37 PM]: Toku-hi Jen

Kimrocket3000 [5:37 PM]: Jen-what? oh hi

Kimrocket3000 [5:37 PM]: Toku-what are u doing?

Kimrocket3000 [5:37 PM]: Jen-ummm *blocks Toku's view* nothing.....

lyYQQQ [5:38 PM]: Sarah- What are you doing Jen?!

lyYQQQ [5:38 PM]: Jen- Nothing

lyYQQQ [5:38 PM]: Jen- Nothing at all!!

lyYQQQ [5:38 PM]: Sarah- *picks up Jen over her shoulder* JEN!! You stole my candy!! *holds her over her shoulder easily*

lyYQQQ [5:38 PM]: Jen- O_O (LOL)

Kimrocket3000 [5:40 PM]: Toku-*falls over*^^0

lyYQQQ [5:43 PM]: Sarah- Don't take my candy Jen

lyYQQQ [5:43 PM]: Jen- Or what?

lyYQQQ [5:43 PM]: Sarah- Or this *tosses Jen in air and catches and tackles her* *pins her* HA! :-D I'm a strong half demon see if you can fight back


Hehe once again I had to go when we were in the middle of it lol....

ANYWHO! I have to get back to cleaning my room out! (BTW this might sound weird to u guys but I am doing my room voluntarily-my parents arent making me do this....)
I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Monday, May 30, 2005


Well i am still at Nikki's"D
I am on her new computer:D
She got a laptop for her 13th bday:D
a)New BG!!!:D
c)music (Pokemon orignal theme)
e)words come accross the screen:)
f)took a lot of stuff off the top

Well for all of ur guys' information...THIS IS THE 5TH TIME I TYPED THIS POST-I kept accidently clicking delete...-_-
Im so tired of these letters and changes!(well typing them I love the actual changes on my site:))

I love ya !

*gives u a sisterly kiss:)*

*gives everyone hugs and sisterly kisses*

I love ya'll!
I wish all of u the best of luck in everything:D

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Friday, May 27, 2005


This is my first official day of Summer vacation:D
Im going to sleepover at my friend Nikki's house today and tomorrow-and her bday party is tomorrow and Sunday:D
so many bdays lately:D
Please go to SessLover18 and vote for Destinyssweetman:D
He wants to be the MyO of the month for his bday present:D and since I dont know him in person I cant really hand him a present so I want to give him this:)
Well one of my hamsters died a couple nights ago....:(
She was a good hamster because she gave me 12 beautiful, healthy baby hamsters. The dad is Maple and thank goodness hes still alive:D he is the sweetest hamster ever! heheh thats why he is called Maple!
Maple is sweet:D
Well I dont have anything else to say except congrats to anyone and everyone who graduated JH, MIDDLE SCHOOL, or HS:D:D
I wish all of u the best luck in everything,

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

   I forgot something in the excitement-

TOMORROW (the 26th) is THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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   CARRIE UNDERWOOD WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooo happy that she did!
it was kinda funny cause hse was crying so hard and then she ahd to sing and so her voice kinda cracked one time so she said "thank u all" to cover up the mistake:D:D
I wanted her to win soo soo soo much.
In my opinion she is way better than Bo even though he is a really good singer:D I feel like screaming !!!!!!!!!
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had butterflies in my stomach when they announced who won:D
please tell me in ur comment to me if u watched this seasons American Idol:D:D:D:D:D:D

I feel like running around in circles!!!!!!!!!!
I just did:D:D:D
*deep breath* Im just so so so happy she won!
I think I said that a lot of times already but oh well
I dont know what to say!!
I cant think!
I will wish u all luck another time!!!
IM SO HYPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Friday, May 20, 2005


Ok well i know I havent been on and all so yeah sorry:)
I am so mad though!!!

This guy, Mason, either likes or quit liking one of my best friends, Nikki. Since he liked her, he asked her on a date with him(I dont know if he still likes her or no btw)
She said no, so now, and I quote "Nikki is a F****** B**** from H***!"
Immature, stupid, ...........I dont think I should go on-the list of bad things I could call Mason would go on 4ever........
Anyway Nikki told me that on his site(Monster7)he said that about Nikki and he also told everyone to start hating her, or so Nikki says. I will go check it out!!!
>. That makes me mad!
Just cause she wont go out with him!

Anyway, I have a little poem that I made up a long time ago-its kind of a joking - around poem:)

I made a single bad mistake
I pushed my brother in the lake
He came out angry and of course was upset
Shivery, slimy, and from head to toe wet
Now would be a great time to run...


Did u like it?
Please tell me


In other news....it was one of my best friend's bday yesterday!

Also I wanted to tell u guys to check out Zenhex.com-the quizzes there are awesome!:)(And some are kinda of
So yeah I think one of the quizes is "What Japenese Anime are you?"
Its not too great but its cool:D

I have other poems that I havent gotten around to show u but I'll get there sometime~_^

*Wipes sweat away*>>> ^_^

Well I think htere was something else I was gonna say but I cant remember.....
oh well -_-0

Adios amigos!
or however its spelled:D
I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Thursday, May 12, 2005


:( Sorry I havent been on lately I have been really busy and all....
Im just soo depressed rite now also....
Umm...yeah REALLY bad day and oh look! only 3 in the afternoon WOW I wonder if my day could get any worse!

Umm here is a RP that I had with my bro Alex a long time ago...but not too long ago.
lyYQQQ [5:17 PM]: Carmen- Oh Jess
Jess- No one can pick me up and spin me..
Jen- *puts arms around her and starts lifting her
Jess- Not again........
Kimrocket3000 [5:18 PM]: Kimberly-hi y'all
lyYQQQ [5:19 PM]: Jen- Hi!
Jess- Hello *gets dizzy*
Jen- *spins Jess*
Jess- How does she do that o_O *dizzy*
Carmen- Hi Kimberly! *hug*
Kimrocket3000 [5:20 PM]: Kimberly-Um Jen I think Jess doesnt like getting dizzy even tho u mite like it....
Kimrocket3000 [5:20 PM]: Jen-ok
Kimrocket3000 [5:20 PM]: *Puts Jess down*
Kimrocket3000 [5:20 PM]: Jess-Thanks
Kimrocket3000 [5:20 PM]: Sakura-Na ah
Kimrocket3000 [5:20 PM]: Jessica-Yeah huh
Kimrocket3000 [5:21 PM]: Sakura-No
Kimrocket3000 [5:21 PM]: Jessica-Yes!
Kimrocket3000 [5:21 PM]: Kimberly-Er...what is it this time they are fighting about?
Kimrocket3000 [5:21 PM]: Carmen-No idea....
lyYQQQ [5:22 PM]: Jessica- I want that bread!
Sakura- It's not yours'!
Jessica- Yeah hah!
Sakura- Nah ah!
Jess *tackling Jen*
lyYQQQ [5:22 PM]: Carmen- This is bad
Kimrocket3000 [5:22 PM]: Kimberly-O_o
lyYQQQ [5:24 PM]: Jessica- Hey give me it! *takes it*
Jess- *accidently knocks into Jessica*
Kimrocket3000 [5:25 PM]: Jessica-Hey!
Kimrocket3000 [5:25 PM]: Sakura-*Snatches bread*
lyYQQQ [5:26 PM]: Jessica- *gets up and takes it back* mine!!
Carmen- Will they stop fighting? *irriatated
Kimrocket3000 [5:26 PM]: Kimberly-Heres an idea-split the bread
Kimrocket3000 [5:26 PM]: Sakura-um...ok
Kimrocket3000 [5:26 PM]: Jessica-FINE but it is MY bread u know...I think this is unfair!
Kimrocket3000 [5:26 PM]: Jessica-But ok
Kimrocket3000 [5:27 PM]: Kimberly-*Splits the bread in two*
Kimrocket3000 [5:27 PM]: Jess-Sorry Jessica about knocking u over
Kimrocket3000 [5:27 PM]: Jessica-What?....Yes...ok...fine...fine*Is distracted with bread*
lyYQQQ [5:28 PM]: Jess- *rolls eyes* Jen I'm gonna get you!! *grabs her*
Carmen- Oh my gosh....
Alex- Hey Kimberly!! *hugs you from behind*
Carmen- :)
Sakura- *sticks tongue out* I still get some bread :-D
lyYQQQ [5:28 PM]: Jess- Argh Jen you aint' getting away!
Kimrocket3000 [5:30 PM]: Jen-*terrified* *runs away*
Kimrocket3000 [5:31 PM]: Kimberly-*hugs Alex*
Kimrocket3000 [5:31 PM]: Carmen-Now dont start another fight-that means all of u *Smiles while saying it tho*
Kimrocket3000 [5:31 PM]: Carmen-:)
lyYQQQ [5:32 PM]: Jess- *grabs her* You ain't going anywhere *picks her up*
Alex- *spins Kimberly* how are you my friend?
Marique- What's all that noise.
Jessica- Ok...Carmen *wnats to fight, argue*
Sakura- Ok!
Kimrocket3000 [5:33 PM]: Kimberly-Great:D
Kimrocket3000 [5:33 PM]: Carmen-Good...
Kimrocket3000 [5:33 PM]: Jen-*shaking with fear* I said I was sorry!
Kimrocket3000 [5:34 PM]: Jess-*happy seeing Jen scared*
Kimrocket3000 [5:35 PM]: Jessica*
lyYQQQ [5:35 PM]: Jen- Hey I'm sorry..
Jess- haha *throws her and catches her* now you know not to mess around..
Carmen- THat was mean..*steps in*
Alex- Uh oh..
Jess- You want a piece of me Carmen? *grabs her but is about to get a big punisment*
Kimrocket3000 [5:37 PM]: Carmen-U dont scare me
Kimrocket3000 [5:38 PM]: Sakura-*Mouth full of bread* * is trying to say something but all that happens is that bread flys out*
lyYQQQ [5:39 PM]: Jessica- Hey be polite!
Carmen- *grabs Jess' arm* You know I'm tough
Kimrocket3000 [5:39 PM]: Jess-Ok ok I was just kidding Jee wiz!
Kimrocket3000 [5:41 PM]: Kimberly-SO... the weather is nice today huh?
Yep some great weather..boy we can't talk much
marique- What's all this noise?? *is in pajamas* I keep hearing noise
Carmen- I'm just tired of fighting ok?
Jess- ............................
Kimrocket3000 [5:43 PM]: Jessica-*Eating bread giving Sakura dirty looks*
Kimrocket3000 [5:43 PM]: Jess-......
Kimrocket3000 [5:43 PM]: Kimberly-Did u hear about the weather for tomorrow, I heard it was gonna be cloudy....
Kimrocket3000 [5:43 PM]: Carmen-Any chance I could have some of the bre-
Kimrocket3000 [5:44 PM]: Sakura and Jessica-NO!!!!!!!
Kimrocket3000 [5:44 PM]: Carmen-O_O ok ok just asking.....
Kimrocket3000 [5:44 PM]: Jen-*Goes to find Candy*
lyYQQQ [5:45 PM]: Jessica- Hey Sakura your face has too many milk stains!
Sakura- Shut up, I just drink alot of milk!
Carmen- WILL YA'ALL JUST SHUT UP?!!! *takes bread from btoh of them*
Alex- Oh I didn't know..really?
Jen- *takes lots of candy*
lyYQQQ [5:45 PM]: Jess- I guess this is a godo time to not be involved *reads textbook* Kimrocket3000 [5:46 PM]: Jen-*rounds up 2 pounds of candy
Kimrocket3000 [5:46 PM]: **
Kimrocket3000 [5:47 PM]: Jen-Hey Kimberly do u have any candy that i can eat?
Kimrocket3000 [5:47 PM]: Kimberly-*shocked because of two reasons:Jen asked NICELY for CANDY and 2, she already has 2 pounds worth*
Kimrocket3000 [5:48 PM]: Kimberly-er I think u have enough....
Kimrocket3000 [5:48 PM]: Jen-Fine...Ill come to u later for some I guess
Kimrocket3000 [5:48 PM]: *goes off to eat candy*
Kimrocket3000 [5:48 PM]: Jess-Reads
Kimrocket3000 [5:48 PM]: Marique-*Shouts*PLEASE BE QUIET!!
Kimrocket3000 [5:49 PM]: Carmen-*eats bread*
Kimrocket3000 [5:49 PM]: Jessica and Sakura-*REALLY mad*
Kimrocket3000 [5:50 PM]: Kimberly-Yeah cloudy and a 30 % chance of rain....
Kimrocket3000 [5:50 PM]: Alex-Interesting....
lyYQQQ [5:51 PM]: Alex- Better bring my rainjacket
Kimberly- Yeah and I better bring my nice car so I won't get wet
Marique- SHUT UP!!! Everyone!!
Carmen- O_O
Jessica and Sakura- *get up* *tackle Carmen*
Carmen- *knockes them both off and chokes both of them in seperate arms* *jess is asleep from book*
Kimrocket3000 [5:52 PM]: Jess-*Snores loudly*
Kimrocket3000 [5:52 PM]: Kimberly and Alex-O_o
Kimrocket3000 [5:52 PM]: Marique-Shut up all of u!
Kimrocket3000 [5:53 PM]: Jessica-*whispers* U really need to put something on ur face to cover up the milk u know....
Kimrocket3000 [5:53 PM]: Sakura-*Tackles her while she herself is still being attacked by Carmen
Kimrocket3000 [5:54 PM]: Jen-hey u guys I dont feel so good....*Barfs all over Marique*
Kimrocket3000 [5:54 PM]: Everyone(Even Jen)-REALLY SCARED
Kimrocket3000 [5:55 PM]: **
Kimrocket3000 [5:55 PM]: ****
lyYQQQ [5:55 PM]: Marique- *explodes in anger* WHy..you little.............JEN!
Carmen- O_O *seperates the two*Jessica, Sakura* *and holds them*
Alex- o_O
KImberly- o_O
Marique- One more move....Jen I'm gonna...Jen*is falling*
Kimrocket3000 [5:56 PM]: Jen-*Is sick*
Kimrocket3000 [5:56 PM]: Carmen-Um u two dont kill each other yet ok? Can I trust u two?
Kimrocket3000 [5:56 PM]: Sakura and Jessica-Yes ok*Mumbles*
Kimrocket3000 [5:57 PM]: Kimberly-Er what do we do?
Kimrocket3000 [5:57 PM]: Alex-I dunno...I need some toilet water
Kimrocket3000 [5:57 PM]: Kimberly-NO! I dotn have time to deal with u rite now too!
Kimrocket3000 [5:57 PM]: Jess-*Wakes up startled*
Kimrocket3000 [5:58 PM]: Carmen and Kimberly-*Walk up to Jen*
Kimrocket3000 [5:58 PM]: Carmen-*Heals Jen*
Kimrocket3000 [5:58 PM]: Jen-Thanks.....
lyYQQQ [5:59 PM]: Marique- Grr I'll forgive you but I must take a shower. NO coming in! *goes to shower*
Jessica- Sakura I'm going to bash you
Sakura- *poke* hehehehehehe
Alex- You ok Jen?
Kimberly- *puts arm around Jen*
Jen- I'm ok...ate too many other bad things too....
lyYQQQ [5:59 PM]: Carmen- yikes.......she is crazy
Kimrocket3000 [6:00 PM]: Jess-Whats going on?>
Kimrocket3000 [6:00 PM]: Jen-I got sick....
Kimrocket3000 [6:00 PM]: Jess-Stop eating so much candy Jen!
Kimrocket3000 [6:00 PM]: Jen-I cant help myself
Kimrocket3000 [6:00 PM]: Sakura-*Pokes*
Kimrocket3000 [6:01 PM]: Jessica-*Gets really mad*

Kimrocket3000 [6:01 PM]: Jessica-If u dont stop I will mess up ur entire face and ur milk spots will tear off like ur skin!
lyYQQQ [6:03 PM]: Jess- awww ok well I'll help you quit I won't be mean.
Jen- o_O um...*is scared*
Sakura- *poke*
Jessica- *knocks her down* SAKURA!
Marique- ARGH so much noise!
Kimrocket3000 [6:04 PM]: Kimberly-So seen any good movies lately Alex/
Kimrocket3000 [6:04 PM]: ?*
Kimrocket3000 [6:04 PM]: Jess-Dont be scared-Ill be nice I promise:D
Kimrocket3000 [6:04 PM]: Jen-ok.....
Kimrocket3000 [6:05 PM]: Marique-*Sings in the shower to try to listen to something other than yelling*
Kimrocket3000 [6:05 PM]: Sakura-hehe just a little joke right?
Kimrocket3000 [6:06 PM]: Sakura-Umm please dont hurt me!
Kimrocket3000 [6:06 PM]: *Sobs*
Kimrocket3000 [6:06 PM]: Jessica-No I wont
lyYQQQ [6:07 PM]: Jessica- I'm sorry Sakura...thought that roughhousing wouldn't be bad *hugs her and comforts*
Sakura- Awwww thanks Jessica, ur the best :-D *hugs her*
Alex- They fight so much yet are so good at their friendship...
Jen- Alright but no hitting!!
Marique- *sings*
Jess- I won't hit :)
Kimrocket3000 [6:07 PM]: Alex-Well there was this great movie on Lifetime the other night....
Kimrocket3000 [6:11 PM]: Marique-*Sings louder to drown out the voices*
Kimrocket3000 [6:11 PM]: Alex-huh really?
Kimrocket3000 [6:12 PM]: Kimberly-Yep I love watching them to see who killed whom
Kimrocket3000 [6:12 PM]: Jen and Jess-*Hug*'
Kimrocket3000 [6:18 PM]: Sakura and Jessica-*Start a regular, Non-fighting conversation*

Kimrocket3000 [6:18 PM]: Jess-*drifts back to sleep....*
Kimrocket3000 [6:18 PM]: Marique-*Goes to bed again*
lyYQQQ [6:20 PM]: Alex- Now you don't watch any of those late night cartoons do you?
Sakura- So the bread was good.
Jessica- Sure was I loved it!!
Marique- *sleeps* *sleeptalk loud: YEAH THAT WAS AWESOME
Kimrocket3000 [6:20 PM]: Kimberly-not really
Kimrocket3000 [6:20 PM]: Alex-I see....

And yeah it ends there...I had to go then....

Again Im sorry about not being on in like a month and all....
And Im sorry that Im saying that Im depressed and all-its just that I am....


I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Saturday, April 9, 2005


ugh well I have AIMS test this week and after that finals....
but if we have perfect attendance individually next week-we get a 50 MINUTE LUNCH ON THUR OR FRI!
awww the test....

Wish me luck!
hmmm not much else to say-my bunny smells like baby powder because i gave her a bath yesterday:D:D:D

so yeah shes soft now:D

well bad news I had this really great RP with Alex but when I went to copy it,ithad cut off the top part cause it was so long.hehe but yea it was SOOOO funny:D:D:D
Well soon I will put up more poems~
Talk to y'all later!
Random word:Riddlespop

I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Friday, April 8, 2005

   Hello Y'all

Well I am still very busy so thats why I havent been online very much.

Right now my friend, Lisa, is at my house sitting next to me holding my hamster, Maple:)

Since Ive been gone I dont know really whats happening with Alex and his sis Jennifer but it sounds like someone is calling her a liar...that better stop.
Like Alex said I dont want a war but yeah if its bothering Alex then it should be stopped.

Not much else to be said except I have written more poems for school but I dont have them with me so yeah I will post them soon:D

I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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