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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Well I REALLY have to make this one fast cause I have to get off in two minutes!
1st of all I want to tell u guys that I made a mistake on the previous post. I dont know what I was thinking but it dawned on me earlier that a plant or animal species doesnt die out every 5 secs. (hehe it was so long ago I read this so thats why i made the mistake)Anyway, its really every 5 MINUTES a plant or animal species dies out.
Sorry about that!
Well I am so happy now!
I got my cell phone today!!XDXDXD
I took so many pictures^^0
Also, I got a plate on it that is dark shiny metallic blueXD
I love it!
Wanna know something that has been freaking me out tho?!?!?!
A couple nights ago I had a dream that I was gonna get a cell phone(I had this dream BEFORE I knew i was getting the cell phone btw), and I was showing my friend Nikki it. Anyway, in my dream when I was showing it to her, for some unknown reason I remember a close up of the phone. and the phone had a dark shiny metallic blue plate on it!
I SWEAR it was the same one I have now!
It scares meO_O
I really really think Im psychic now....
Dreams just fascinate me for reasons like that!

Also when I turn on my phone it says "verizon wireless" and then it shows like htis blue cave. then I made it so it would show a picture from my gallery. I chose a picture that I took by taking a picture of a picture. See it was a picture of a goldendoodle puppy(the dog I have been dying to have for almost a year).So i took a picture of that picture.then, when its done powering up it goes onto standby mode where it just shows something when u r about to dial a number.I chose a different picture from my picture gallery for this.I chose a picture of my favorite/oldest hamster MapleXD I talked about him in earlier posts.
Anyway it is a picture of him on my blue blanket with two kitties in hte backround that I just got for my 13th bday party from the same friend Nikki:) and at the bottom it says "IluvuMaple!"
and finally when I power it down it shows a video that I took. the video is my dog resting and it shows his face for 12 secs and all he is doing is opening and closing his eyes tiredly.

well sorry if i really bored u with all of that^^000

wow I went over 10 mins just from writing this post! ^^0 I really have to go now and I will get to ur sites later hopefully!
Sorry if I dotn get to^^

That dream is still FREAKING ME OUT....................!

I wish all of u the best luck in everything,

PS:Dream = O_O & O_o

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.

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umm...actually I think i would rather talk on AIM then to go "out" with some friends-wait maybe I dunno....


Its my 1st oneXD
Its my bday present (really late lol) from my parentsXD
Im so happy!
Its gonna be a camera phone! Yippee! Im gonna take pictures of all my animals heheh that could take a while ^^0.....

^^000 Guess what? I was at a site and there was this add right? and it said "Fry the ants" so I moved the mouse over hte add box and the cursor became the bright light. So I shined hte light(basically moved the cursor)over the ants and they fried into nothing! It was kinda fun^^0000 Until they were all gone lol.

Also, I cant believe that they said that Michael Jackson was NOT GUILTY!
Well thats pretty much all I have to say except that I added blinkies, good quotes, and the other day I added a new bg!

Random fact: A plant or animal species goes extinct every 5 seconds.
O_O WOW....It scares me!

I will catch u all again later!

I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

PS:sorry if I dont get to all ur sites today....^^0

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Monday, June 13, 2005

   *counts my hair on my head*

Hey Im bored!

Well I dunno what to say other than I just got playing Halo 2 -_- BUT I DONT HAVE LIVE!>. *sigh*
And I also have another Pokemon RP that leaves off right when we left the POkemon Center!(I had this RP with the same person as the 1st one^^)
*We leave the Pokemon Center and get to the Weather Tower-we just arrive (after both of us slips on the wet floor^^0)Team Aqua has just entered the Weather Tower*

Kimrocket3000 [4:02 PM]: *gasps* Who are they?

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:03 PM]: Hm.. by the look of there clothing... they're Team Aqua!

Kimrocket3000 [4:03 PM]: O_O what do we do?

Kimrocket3000 [4:03 PM]: team aqua grunt-hi we were wondering if we could take a look at the castform

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:04 PM]: Front desk lady- over in the lab... huh? Your team aqua!!!

Kimrocket3000 [4:04 PM]: Different grunt- Poochyena go!

Kimrocket3000 [4:05 PM]: Poochyena!

Kimrocket3000 [4:05 PM]: Same grunt-poocheyena- Go steal a castform from that lab!

Kimrocket3000 [4:05 PM]: Front desk Lady-what NO!

Kimrocket3000 [4:05 PM]: *poochyena crashes thru the doors*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:06 PM]: Pikachu-Pika! *motions to the other side* thu thu da! Team Magma

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:07 PM]: Team Magma- We got here just in time! Go poochyena!

Kimrocket3000 [4:08 PM]: Team Aqua Archie-so so so....look what the cat dragged in!

Kimrocket3000 [4:09 PM]: Team Magma Leader Maxie- Save it! We are here for the castform so get out of our way! Poochyena go attack that other poochyena inside that lab and then steal a castform!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:10 PM]: -_-() Great... *ceiling shaders and here comes Team Rocket*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:10 PM]: *Meowth uses a claw and takes the castform* Jessie-MUHAHAHA!! It's our's now!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:12 PM]: James-Hey look! It's Team Aqua and Magma! Is this pokemon really that special?

Kimrocket3000 [4:12 PM]: Front Desk lady-Oh my...what do I do?

Kimrocket3000 [4:13 PM]: Meowth-*faces us* O_O ahhh its those twirps!

Kimrocket3000 [4:13 PM]: Skitty go!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:13 PM]: Go Pikachu! Pikachu-Pika!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:14 PM]: Team Magma Grunt-Go Poochyena!

Kimrocket3000 [4:14 PM]: Skitty blizzard!

Kimrocket3000 [4:14 PM]: Poochy!! *crashes into wall*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:14 PM]: Pikachu THUNDER!!!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:15 PM]: *zaps team aqua and team rocket*

Kimrocket3000 [4:15 PM]: poochyena-X_X

Kimrocket3000 [4:15 PM]: Team magma grunt-Poochyena! U will pay for that kid!

Kimrocket3000 [4:16 PM]: Team Magma Leader Maxie-come on! We have what we came for lets go!

Kimrocket3000 [4:16 PM]: Jigglypuff go!

Kimrocket3000 [4:16 PM]: Jiggly!

Kimrocket3000 [4:16 PM]: Oh no u dont!

Kimrocket3000 [4:16 PM]: Jigglypuff use sing!!!

Kimrocket3000 [4:17 PM]: Jigglypuff-*sings team Magma to sleep*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:17 PM]: *plugs ears*

Kimrocket3000 [4:17 PM]: Use ur Pikachu to use thunder to blast them away while I get the castform!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:18 PM]: Okay! Go Pikachu! THUNDER!!! Pikachu- PI KA CHU!!!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:18 PM]: *team rocket and team aqua goes flying*

Kimrocket3000 [4:19 PM]: *I catch the castform that fall from the three teams*

Kimrocket3000 [4:19 PM]: *all teams are gone now*

Kimrocket3000 [4:19 PM]: Front Desk Lady-*faints*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:19 PM]: Yes! too bad for the celing...

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:20 PM]: *looks up to see a gigantic hole where the teams came flying out of*

Kimrocket3000 [4:21 PM]: *scientist comes running out of hte lab* *sigh of relief* oh thank goodness! U got the castform the people stole back!

Kimrocket3000 [4:21 PM]: Me-Yep^^ here u go!

Kimrocket3000 [4:21 PM]: *hands the scientist three castform*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:22 PM]: Sorry about the ceiling... I hope it doesn't rain...*starts raining* I spoke to soon... -_-() *gets soaked*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:22 PM]: Scientist- don't worry... Castform, use sunny day!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:23 PM]: *rain stops*

Kimrocket3000 [4:23 PM]: O_O wow thats awesome!

Kimrocket3000 [4:23 PM]: that pokemon is powerful!

Kimrocket3000 [4:24 PM]:

Scientist-thanks again so much u two *looks at the front desk lady laying on the floor*^^0 Well I better go try to help her! But I want to give two of these castform to u for helping a disaster - would - be

Kimrocket3000 [4:24 PM]: O_O wow thanks

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:25 PM]: OO! Really!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:26 PM]: Wow! Thanks mister!

Kimrocket3000 [4:26 PM]: Scientist-No problem^^ u can choose which one u want

Kimrocket3000 [4:26 PM]: ok....I want this one *I pick up the one in the middle*

Kimrocket3000 [4:27 PM]: Castform!!! *hugs me*

Kimrocket3000 [4:27 PM]: T_T wahhh thats so cute Im gonna cry!!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:27 PM]: Hmm... which one... huh? *a castform flys into me* UFFF!!! Huh? Castform-Cast Cast Castform!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:28 PM]: I guess I'll pick this one then! Wow! It's strong!

Kimrocket3000 [4:28 PM]: ^^ it looks like it really likes u!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:29 PM]: Does like mean tackling?

Kimrocket3000 [4:29 PM]: *mine keeps hugging me* ^^0 I guess mine is attached to me too! Literally!

Kimrocket3000 [4:29 PM]: Well I guess thats just the way it shows affection

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:30 PM]: -_-() wow! *castform comes in for another tackle* Huh... AH!!! *gets blown off feet again* Uff... Pikachu:pika pika?

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:31 PM]: I guess it much really love me then...

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:32 PM]: Hmm... where's my pokeballs again?

Kimrocket3000 [4:32 PM]: THere they are*points to them*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:32 PM]: okay...

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:33 PM]: *picks them up*

*Narrarator says some stuff*

Sorry it kinda cuts off there^^0 I had to go....

Well that was WAY shorter than the last one!

Talk to everyone later XD

I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Sunday, June 12, 2005


I stayed up all night for my bday party lol..............


*snores really loud*

Well u would not believe how my evening went!!

I babysat for the first time today!!
Im so proud of myself lol.

Ok but heres something sad:
The kid I was babysitting was 5 years old. He is a handicap and he cant use his legs to walk for some reason. Therefore, he cant go to the bathroom so he is still in diapers:( Also, since he is handicapped he is behind mentally.
He cant speak English even though, like I said, he is 5...and he also still sucks on a pacifier:(

I feel sorry for him:(


But that isnt it.

He was the only one I babysat and it was like for 4 hours. And since my mom said that the average rate for babysitting was 2 or 3 dollars an hour per hour per kid. So I had one kid for 4 hours so that makes 8 dollars.Average of course. But the lady(and btw they live like almost directly accross the street from me) handed me TWO TWENTIES!
I am not trying to brag by telling u guys this-Im telling u this cause Im in shock!
40 dollars!
I expected 8 dollars!
But it was kinda funny cause she said, "You are gonna be rich".
*falls asleep again*

Well I only have 22 more minutes until that time limit kicks me off and I cant go on AOL till Sunday.
I know it doesnt sound bad but I always go online at night so yeah its taking away most of my time to go to ur sites and all.

Catch y'll later cause I have got to go to sleep cause I REALLY NEED to.^^0

I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Saturday, June 11, 2005


*voice cracks cause I cant sing*
HAPPY BDAY TO U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*voice cracks again*
ok well MY bday party is still going on rite now....3 of my friends are sitting rite next to me:
Chelsea & Megan
and then me:)
they are sleeping over:D
I dont want the party to end!!
ALL of u should have seen the cake IT WAS SO PRETTY. My bday party was Hawaiin-themed so the cake was flowers and a totem pole guy thingy:) I dont know what to call him lol.
Talk to u all laters~
Happy Birthday Alex!
If I knew how to make u a card I would!
I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Friday, June 10, 2005


I really really have to make this a quick post^^0
See me 13th bday party is tomorrow even though I turned 13 3/23....^^0 I had to wait for the pool to warm up so we could go swimming!!
SO yeah we are like little mice hurrying along(me and my mom^^ my dad came home tonight for my party-for those of u that dont know he works in California so thats y he "came home" and he is sleeping) trying to get everything done by 4 00 tomorrow!
Well I gotta go start vacuuming almost the whole upstairs even though its after midnight....^^0
I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Thursday, June 9, 2005

   Im just in a pretty normal mood rite now.....

are you a beautiful anime girl (girls only) by ayane isozaki
favorite color
date of birth
are you beautifulyour a boy magnet
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Hey I cant see what picture it shows cause I have aol and/or because I have dial up...-_- T_T
it says Im a boy magnet
No boy has ever liked me in my life.....
I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005


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Total Members 152,984

I have a pokemon RP but surprisingly it is not wiht Alex but with Jen(YamiYugiMutou90)
here it is:

Kimrocket3000 [3:36 PM]: uh oh here comes Jigglypuff now better put on some ear plugs lol

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:37 PM]: *plugs ears and runs* DON't SING!!!

Kimrocket3000 [3:37 PM]: Jigglypuff-*puffs up real big and gets the marker and chases us*

Kimrocket3000 [3:38 PM]: Jiggglypuff-JIGGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:39 PM]: ARG! *tosses Pokeball with a Murkrow* Attack with something! Arg! I forgot the attacks!

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:39 PM]: -_-()

Kimrocket3000 [3:40 PM]: Me-dont worry! Skitty GO!!

Kimrocket3000 [3:40 PM]: Skitty-skitty*turnshead to the side*

Kimrocket3000 [3:40 PM]: Me-AHHH U ARE SO CUTE!!

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:41 PM]: Yay! Skitty! *calls back Murkrow and tosses another pokeball* Go Skitty! *Skitty comes out* Skitty: Nea? *turns head too* AWWW!!!

Kimrocket3000 [3:42 PM]: Us together-Skitty blizzard!!!

Kimrocket3000 [3:42 PM]: Jigglypuff-O_O

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:43 PM]: Skitty: Nea? ... *uses assist and a ice beam comes out* Oh well...-_-() I forgot to teach it blizzard... at least everything works out! ^^

Kimrocket3000 [3:44 PM]: Me-two ice types at least^^

Kimrocket3000 [3:44 PM]: Jigglypuff-X_X

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:45 PM]: Ya! *looks at jigglypuff* Jigglypuff- ** ...

Kimrocket3000 [3:46 PM]: me-do u wanna catch it?

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:46 PM]: I have one already... you could have the honors

Kimrocket3000 [3:47 PM]: me-ok:)

Kimrocket3000 [3:47 PM]: Me-Pokeball go!!!

Kimrocket3000 [3:47 PM]: *throws pokeball*

Kimrocket3000 [3:47 PM]: beep*it shakes*....beep*little red light goes on*

Kimrocket3000 [3:47 PM]: YEAH!!

Kimrocket3000 [3:47 PM]: *i pick it up*

Kimrocket3000 [3:48 PM]: *the skittys are chasing each others tails*

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:48 PM]: Oh no! Oo! Trouble!

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:49 PM]: *points at a meowth shaped hot air balloon over the forest* Lookies! Team Rocket!

Kimrocket3000 [3:53 PM]: Me-Tailow go!

Kimrocket3000 [3:53 PM]: Tailow!

Kimrocket3000 [3:53 PM]: Tailow go see what Team Rocket is up to!

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:53 PM]: Yay! Go Beautifly! Go with Tailow!

Kimrocket3000 [3:53 PM]: Beautifly!

Kimrocket3000 [3:54 PM]: *they arrive*

Kimrocket3000 [3:54 PM]: meowth-I think we will definately get the twirps' pokemon now!!

Kimrocket3000 [3:54 PM]: Jesse-this was a briliant idea of mine!^^

Kimrocket3000 [3:55 PM]: *they leave*

Kimrocket3000 [3:55 PM]: Tailow what did u find out?

Kimrocket3000 [3:55 PM]: tailow tai!

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:55 PM]: ... should we follow them Beautifly?

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:56 PM]: Beautifly: *nods*

Kimrocket3000 [3:56 PM]: com on!

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:56 PM]: Let's go! *starts running*

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:58 PM]: Arg! Where are they now! I can't see in this forest!

Kimrocket3000 [3:58 PM]: Noctowl go!

Kimrocket3000 [3:58 PM]: Noctowl!

Kimrocket3000 [3:59 PM]: Noctowl use ur eyes to guide us thru the forest-look for team rocket!

Kimrocket3000 [3:59 PM]: noctowl!

YamiYugiMutou90 [3:59 PM]: Cool!

Kimrocket3000 [3:59 PM]: noctowl noct!

Kimrocket3000 [3:59 PM]: I think noctowl sees them!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:00 PM]: Yes! Come on!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:00 PM]: *runs through the forest, following noctowl*

Kimrocket3000 [4:01 PM]: James-ahhh! its the twirps!

Kimrocket3000 [4:01 PM]: Jesse-Seviper go!

Kimrocket3000 [4:01 PM]: James-Cacnea!

Kimrocket3000 [4:01 PM]: Cacnea-*clings to James*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:01 PM]: Oo!

Kimrocket3000 [4:01 PM]: James-I thought we talked about that!!

Kimrocket3000 [4:01 PM]: James-use sandstorm!

Kimrocket3000 [4:02 PM]: *cough cough*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:02 PM]: Beautifly GUST! *blows sandstorm away* Yes! Tackle!

Kimrocket3000 [4:02 PM]: Beautifly!

Kimrocket3000 [4:02 PM]: TeamRockets blasting away again!

Kimrocket3000 [4:03 PM]: *ding little white dot in the sky* lol

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:03 PM]: ! Wow! Do they like saying that or what?

Kimrocket3000 [4:03 PM]: I dunno -_-

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:03 PM]: kinda strange -_-()

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:04 PM]: *pulls out pokenav* where are we going again?

Kimrocket3000 [4:04 PM]: fortree city!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:05 PM]: Okay... hmm.... let's see, I guess we go north!

Kimrocket3000 [4:05 PM]: yep! oh no its starting to rain!

Kimrocket3000 [4:05 PM]: both of us-pokemon return@

Kimrocket3000 [4:05 PM]: !*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:06 PM]: ARG! *Pikachu pops out of bag* Pikachu: Pika!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:08 PM]: What do you have there? *Pikachu holds out an umbrela* Uh, *opens umbrela* Okay....

Kimrocket3000 [4:08 PM]: Pika!^_^

Kimrocket3000 [4:08 PM]: *we go under it*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:08 PM]: Okay, *looks at pokenav* Hmm.... there is a town nearby... Let's go!

Kimrocket3000 [4:09 PM]: *we start running*

Kimrocket3000 [4:09 PM]: *we arrive at the small town*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:10 PM]: That was a short trip!

Kimrocket3000 [4:10 PM]: Hey look theres a pokemon center!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:10 PM]: Yes! let's go!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:10 PM]: *runs into door* Uff

Kimrocket3000 [4:10 PM]: nurse Joy-hi

Kimrocket3000 [4:10 PM]: Nurse joy-^^0

Kimrocket3000 [4:10 PM]: us-*panting*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:11 PM]: *comes into the Pokecenter* Ouch... hehe

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:11 PM]: Pikachu: Pika, pika *shakes head*

Kimrocket3000 [4:11 PM]: u ok?

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:12 PM]: Ya... I'm okay... Note to self...wait for doors to open...

Kimrocket3000 [4:13 PM]: Nurse Joy-u guys look tired how about i take ur pokemon and heal them while u go rest^^

Kimrocket3000 [4:13 PM]: that sounds good....

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:14 PM]: *pulls out poke balls and hands them over with Pikachu* Thanks!

Kimrocket3000 [4:14 PM]: Nurse Joy-No problem!

Kimrocket3000 [4:14 PM]: *we go sit down*

Kimrocket3000 [4:14 PM]: *sigh*-_- what a day!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:15 PM]: Ya... -_-() At least we aren't outside... *looks out and the rain turns to a thunder storm*

Kimrocket3000 [4:15 PM]: O_O yeah I hope all the Pokemon found shelter.....

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:16 PM]: Me too, I know they're going to be alright. They know what to do! Hey! There's a Chansey!

Kimrocket3000 [4:17 PM]: Chansey!^^

Kimrocket3000 [4:17 PM]: Nurse Joy-Chansey u can have a rest too
Kimrocket3000 [4:17 PM]: Chansey:)

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:18 PM]: Cool! I wonder what there is to eat around here... *looks around*

Kimrocket3000 [4:19 PM]: Nurse Joy-theres a vending machine over there!

Kimrocket3000 [4:19 PM]: *points to a corner in the room*

Kimrocket3000 [4:19 PM]: *drools* food....

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:19 PM]: Thanks! *walks over and looks at it*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:19 PM]: What do you want?

Kimrocket3000 [4:20 PM]: and Reeses?

Kimrocket3000 [4:20 PM]: oooh yes!

Kimrocket3000 [4:20 PM]: i want that!

Kimrocket3000 [4:20 PM]: *puts in 75 cents*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:21 PM]: *pulls out some Pokemoney* hmm, I'll get this! *pops in a dollar and gets a bag of chips* Yay!

Kimrocket3000 [4:22 PM]: *we start eating fast*

Kimrocket3000 [4:22 PM]: Nurse Joy-I gave all of ur Pokemon food:D

Kimrocket3000 [4:22 PM]: Noctowl-Noctowl!

Kimrocket3000 [4:22 PM]: Skitty-Skitty!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:23 PM]: Eat up!

Kimrocket3000 [4:23 PM]: jigglypuff-*done eating and is sleeping thank goodness*

Kimrocket3000 [4:23 PM]: Tailow-Tai!

Kimrocket3000 [4:23 PM]: Marshtomp-Marsh Marsh!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:24 PM]: Pikachu: PIKA! *chomps on food* Oo

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:26 PM]: Uh, *looks over to my pokemon* mudkip, skitty, pikachu, beautifly, swablu, ... eat up!

Kimrocket3000 [4:27 PM]: Hey we both have mudkips! except mine evolvedXD

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:35 PM]: Hehe, I think our pokemon are full now... (me too) *stares at pikachu snoring...* Oo

Kimrocket3000 [4:35 PM]: aww thats cute:D

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:36 PM]: That's the first!

Kimrocket3000 [4:36 PM]: *both skittys are chasing each others tails again*

Kimrocket3000 [4:36 PM]: Nurse Joy-^^0 U guys really needed a rest didnt u?

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:37 PM]: yep!

Kimrocket3000 [4:37 PM]: yeah we did and our Pokemon are really happy now

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:38 PM]: *Pikachu wakes up* and starts running after skitty

Kimrocket3000 [4:38 PM]: Skitty-O_O

Kimrocket3000 [4:38 PM]: other Skitty(urs)-:D

Kimrocket3000 [4:39 PM]: *they run in circles*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:40 PM]: Oo!

Kimrocket3000 [4:40 PM]: Pika Pika Chu!

Kimrocket3000 [4:40 PM]: Pikachu-*gives up*

Kimrocket3000 [4:40 PM]: good try Pikachu!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:41 PM]: *Pikachu falls over* Oo! Pikachu! Are you okay!?!? *runs over to pikachu*

Kimrocket3000 [4:41 PM]: Nurse Joy-O_O

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:41 PM]: It's okay, Pikachu is playing dead! ^^ Pikachu: ><

Kimrocket3000 [4:42 PM]: Nurse Joy- ok..^^0 Hey Chansey I have a job for u cause ur break is over:D

Kimrocket3000 [4:42 PM]: Chansey!

Kimrocket3000 [4:43 PM]: aww look at that! My tailow and noctowl are cleaning each others feathers^^

Kimrocket3000 [4:43 PM]: I think they like each other:)

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:45 PM]: Aww, *picks up Pikachu, and looks over to Swabu* Oh no! * swablu is cleaning everything* >.<

Kimrocket3000 [4:45 PM]: swablu!

Kimrocket3000 [4:45 PM]: Swablu stop!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:46 PM]: Oo! Oh no! It's wings are black!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:47 PM]: *puts down pikachu and runs to the bathroom with swablu*

Kimrocket3000 [4:48 PM]: Pika?

Kimrocket3000 [4:48 PM]: its ok Pikachu:)

Kimrocket3000 [4:48 PM]: Mudkip!

Kimrocket3000 [4:48 PM]: what is it Mudkip?

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:48 PM]: *comes back with swablu clean* What's up?

Kimrocket3000 [4:49 PM]: i dunno Mudkip is trying to say something

Kimrocket3000 [4:49 PM]: MUDKIP!

Kimrocket3000 [4:49 PM]: Nurse Joy-hmm maybe it is still hungry?

Kimrocket3000 [4:49 PM]: *the food is all gone*

Kimrocket3000 [4:50 PM]: are u hungry still?

Kimrocket3000 [4:50 PM]: Mudkip!

Kimrocket3000 [4:50 PM]: *jumps up and down*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:50 PM]: Oo!

Kimrocket3000 [4:50 PM]: WOW how can u still be hugry?

Kimrocket3000 [4:50 PM]: hungry*

Kimrocket3000 [4:50 PM]: Mudkip-*shrugs*

Kimrocket3000 [4:50 PM]: Nurse Joy-*gets more food*

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:51 PM]: *looks over and calls back my pokemon* I think they're pretty tired

Kimrocket3000 [4:51 PM]: yeah I better put them back in their Pokeballs

Kimrocket3000 [4:52 PM]: Return Noctowl! Tailow-T_T

Kimrocket3000 [4:52 PM]: aww they really like each other!

Kimrocket3000 [4:52 PM]: Tailow return!

Kimrocket3000 [4:52 PM]: Jigglypuff return!

Kimrocket3000 [4:52 PM]: Marshtomp return!

Kimrocket3000 [4:53 PM]: Skitty return!

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:54 PM]: Pikachu: *acts like a bulbasaur* That's weird!

Kimrocket3000 [4:55 PM]: O_o

Kimrocket3000 [4:55 PM]: Pikachu are u ok?

Kimrocket3000 [4:55 PM]: Pika!

Kimrocket3000 [4:55 PM]: I think its just being silly^^

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:56 PM]: Ya, Pikachu is one of the best pokemon I have... *picks up pikachu*

Kimrocket3000 [4:56 PM]: :)

Kimrocket3000 [4:56 PM]: nurse Joy-so where are u guys headed?

Kimrocket3000 [4:56 PM]: Fortree City

Kimrocket3000 [4:57 PM]: Nurse joy-oh thats close

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:57 PM]: Really, *pulls out pokenav again* Ya, she's right!

Kimrocket3000 [4:57 PM]: nurse Joy-^^

Kimrocket3000 [4:58 PM]: Chansey- Chance!

Kimrocket3000 [4:58 PM]: Nurse Joy-I see u finished! r u hungry?

Kimrocket3000 [4:58 PM]: *shakes its head no*

Kimrocket3000 [4:58 PM]: Nurse Joy-ok:)

YamiYugiMutou90 [4:59 PM]: What should we do now? it's still raining... -_-()

Kimrocket3000 [4:59 PM]: ummm ...I dunno hey!

Kimrocket3000 [5:00 PM]: Nurse Joy are we allowed to have a quick Pokemon battle in here since theres no one else here?

Kimrocket3000 [5:00 PM]: Nurse Joy-I guess but if someone comes in u have to stop

Kimrocket3000 [5:00 PM]: ok^^

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:00 PM]: Alright! Yay!

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:00 PM]: One pokemon each! How does that sound?

Kimrocket3000 [5:01 PM]: ok:) no time limit!

Kimrocket3000 [5:01 PM]: Skitty GO!

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:01 PM]: ... alright! Let's make this a Skitty battle! Go Skitty!

Kimrocket3000 [5:02 PM]: nurse Joy-^^ this will be good -Chansey u can watch if u want!

Kimrocket3000 [5:02 PM]: Chansey!

Kimrocket3000 [5:02 PM]: Skitty blizzard!

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:02 PM]: Dodge~!

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:02 PM]: Skitty TACKLE!

Kimrocket3000 [5:03 PM]: Skitty!! *crashes into the wall* CMON Skitty stay in there!

Kimrocket3000 [5:03 PM]: Skitty!

Kimrocket3000 [5:03 PM]: Alright now use....

Kimrocket3000 [5:03 PM]: sunny day!

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:03 PM]: ? okay.... Skitty, use .... uh.... ASSIST!!!

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:04 PM]: *gust*

Kimrocket3000 [5:04 PM]: *dodges*

Kimrocket3000 [5:04 PM]: Now SKitty use SOLAR BEAM!

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:04 PM]: AHH!!! SKITTY!

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:05 PM]: *crashes into the floor* Oh no.... Stop the battle, you win

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:05 PM]: *runs over and picks up Skitty* You okay?

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:05 PM]: Skitty: nae... *falls asleep*

Kimrocket3000 [5:05 PM]: Im sorry....

Kimrocket3000 [5:06 PM]: Nurse Joy-Ill take it if u want

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:06 PM]: Na, it's okay, Skitty return... thanks Nurse Joy

Kimrocket3000 [5:06 PM]: good job Skitty!

Kimrocket3000 [5:06 PM]: Nurse Joy-^^

Kimrocket3000 [5:06 PM]: hey that was a good battle:D

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:06 PM]: Ya! It was! ^^

Kimrocket3000 [5:07 PM]: Hey look the sun is coming out!!

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:07 PM]: Yay! It's looks like that sunny day worked outside too!

Kimrocket3000 [5:08 PM]: :)

Kimrocket3000 [5:08 PM]: Nurse Joy-heres Skitty just keep it in the Pokeball for a while and it will be fine^_^

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:08 PM]: Thanks! *takes skitty's pokeball back*

YamiYugiMutou90 [5:09 PM]: Hey! look!!! *pulls out pokenav* The Weather Tower is a head of us!

Kimrocket3000 [5:10 PM]: Yeah!We should go visit! Come on!

Kimrocket3000 [5:10 PM]: Nurse Joy-good bye:D

Kimrocket3000 [5:10 PM]: Chansey!

Kimrocket3000 [5:10 PM]: *we leave*


I loved it!
talk to y'll laters!
I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Tuesday, June 7, 2005


Hey I dont think u guys understood....I got a time limit added. AnimeCutie453-I had paretnal controls on...to block pop ups and all...the thing that my mom did was only adding a time limit so AOL will kick me off if I stay on too long.time limit. -___-
This is so hard to explain!
A few of u understood tho.

Well I found out y my mom put the time limit on, and that it is only for Sat nights....
And she says that if I show her that i can do what she put my limits on from not doing then she will take them off....if that was a confusing sentence tell me....

Total Visits 90
Popularity Ranking # 5390 (out of 28,205 active sites)
Total Members 152,496

Im slowly moving along lol

Well I dont know what else to say
I wish all of u the best of luck in everything,

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Monday, June 6, 2005


My mom put a time limit on my AOL account!!!!!!!!!!!!


this isnt fair!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats all i will say tonight!!

I wish all of u the best of luck in everything...cause my luck hasnt found me if my mom put a TIME LIMIT PARENTAL CONTROL thing on!!!,

P.S. >.

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