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Friday, February 18, 2005

sorry about the no posts. im busy.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

   not as long
hey. this chapter of my story isn't as long as the other one. sorry. I had to do alot of schoolwork.

Goku's POV:

I jumped up when I heard a scream. I felt Vegeta stirr beside me. Goten also moaned. I slowly got up and shook Vegeta awake. He's such a bag of lazybones... I thought to myself. He got up and ran his fingers through his spiked hair.
"Whatis it you...I mean, what is it?" he asked. I was shocked at his responce. Normally he would insult me.
"Uh, I think I just heard someone scream." I answered.
"Why should that concern me?" Vegeta growled. I searched far an explanation, but none came to mind.
"Because!" I hissed. Vegeta exepted that explanation.
"Well, let's go see who that poor soul was..." He growled. I claped my hands quietly. Goten stared at me.
"What's up dad?" he asked. I looked around.
"Uh, we're... I heard someone scream and me and Vegeta are going to see who it was." I answered. Goten nodded.
"Careful then..." He muttered and turned around. "Hey, where's that Future trunks?" He asked, seeing the spot beside him empty. I looked at Vegeta, and he looked at me. We immedeately ran out of the cave into the rain.
"TRUNKS!" I called. Vegeta mimiced my called, and we went through the forest, calling future Trunks' name. I looked around and saw a figure in the rain. I walked foreward and i easily saw a mass of purple hair. I sighed. Trunks was fine.
"Vegeta, I found Trunks." I said to Vegeta, who had come up beside me. I walked back into the rain out from under the trees. Future Trunks was standing there still as stone. I put a hand on his shoulder. I jumped when I felt something almost squishy and warm. I drew back my hand, and is was covered in blood I quickly turned Future Trunks to look at me.
"Future Trunks! What happened?!" I asked him, forceing him to look me in the face. His face had a glazed look to it. What could have happened...? I asked myself. I lightly shook Future Trunks' shoulders, but he didn't acknowelege me. Vegeta walked over and pushed me over. He took off his glove. I jumped at the sound as Vegeta slapped Trunks' face with the glove. It was a scary-sounding kind of crack. Future Trunks didn't move.
"A werewolf..." I heard Future Trunks say. I took a step back.
"A werewolf?! Did...one bite you?!" I exclaimed. Future Trunks managed a small nod. I looked to Vegeta. "What kind of moon is it?!" Vegeta shrugged.
"I think last time I saw the moon it was new." He said. I sighed.
"Well...do you know how to cure a werewolf bite?" I asked.
"Wolfbane." I heard someone say. I looked over my shoulder and Trunks and Goten were there.
"What's that?" I asked my son.
"I'm not sure what it looks like, but the only way to cure a werewolf bite is wolfbane." I nodded.
"But that isn't much help!" Vegeta yelled. I sighed. This was going to be a long night.

Gohan's POV:

I yawned as I awoke from my sleep. No one was in the cve as I looked around me.
"Dang. I've been abandoned." I muttered. I got up and brushed myself off. Something was amiss. Not about no one being here, but there was a strange presence in the air. Someone was here that I didn't know. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up as this feeling got stronger. There was hot breath on the back of my nack and I froze. A ghostly wtihe hand rested on my shoulder. A vampire... I thought. I didn't move, for f4ear that the vampire would bite me if I did. My heart started rushing. I felt my heart in my throat.
"You are very afraid, aren't you?" I heard a voice in a transavaian drawl whisper in my ear. My mouth hung open.
"Why...did you want me?" I asked quietly. Vampires could be easily provoked.
"You were the easiest catch...with no one here but you, I could easily...get my snack..." I heard. I whirrelled around and punched the vampire in the face. My hit glanced off like i missed. The creature grabbed my arm and swung me around and twisted my hand around behind my back. I felt it's hot breath on my neck.
"Godbye. my pray..." It whispered. I called out.
"DAAAAAD!!!" At that moment, the evil creature's mouth sank onto my bare shoulder. My muscle shirt's shoulder strap had slipped down my arm. I tried to elbow the vampire in the stomache with my other arm, but I only managed to get the thing to twist that arm around as well. My mind went blank.

and that is all i have. Here's a japanese (all japanese, sorry) song as well:

Piccolo-san Da~i-suki; Piccolo-san, I Like You
Dr. Willow Insert Song

Vocals: Nozawa Masako

Ja ja ja ja jaan de mou taihen
Kowai kao iguana danpu kaa
Hayai ashi momo ga suupaa kaa
Doo shiyoo--? Te sakenjae
Nooto to enpitsu sotchi no ke
Doboku no wakka de Hey! Jetto koosutaa

Mama yori dekkai koe (Uhyaa-)
Konna koto tte ari?
Arerere Kizukeba boku mo
Suteppu Suteppu Janpu

Shupa- Shupi- Shupa- Shu Pikkoro
O-yatsu wo wakuwaku matte 'ru kibun
Shupa- Shupi- Shupa- Shu Pikkoro
Nee Nee Tsuyoi zo Tsuyoi n' da tte ba
Pikkoro-San Dai Dai Dai Dai Da~i-Suki

Gyo Gyo Gyo Gyo Gyoon de chou-bikkuri
Tsumetai zo Kuuraa Dorai aisu
Attakai Sutoobu Omuraisu
Wakaranaii-? Te Hashitchae
Guzuguzu shite 'tara shikareru
Chikyuu no medama mo Yeah! Rooraa sukeetingu

Nan da ka kami-sama ka na (Dohyaa)
Konna hito tte nani?

Ararara Kondo wa kokoro
Sukippu Sukippu Janpu

Shupa- Shupi- Shupa- Shu Pikkoro
Buttobi doriimu oshiete kureru
Shupa- Shupi- Shupa- Shu Pikkoro
Nee Nee Shiritai Shiritai da tte ba
Pikkoro-San Dai Dai Dai Dai Da~i-Suki

Pikkoro-San Dai Dai Pikkoro-San Dai Dai
Pikkoro-San Dai Dai Dai Dai Da~i-Suki

I'm tired...

Hey, please go visit the newbie Mirai no Bejita. I thank him for both marrying an anime character and becomeing a part of my rebellion.

May it Last

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

   i think ill continue this one
nothing to say today.

Japanewse and English Song:

Dragonball Z: Aitsu wa Son Gokou... (He is Son Gokou)

Aitsu wa dare? Aitsu wa dare?
Hikaru kumo ni tobinottara FLYING
Sora no kanata made
Who is he? Who is he?
He rides a bright cloud and goes FLYING
Till the end of the skies

Sunda hitomi Kitaeta waza
Midori no hoshi mamoru tame ni FIGHTING
Mune ni hi ga tagiru
With clear eyes and trained techniques
To defend the green planet he goes FIGHTING
Fire blazes in his heart

Wonder Boy... Naze na n' da?
Wonder Boy... Pinchi demo
Yake ni suzushige na me ga tamaranai ze
Wonder Boy... Why?
Wonder Boy... I can't stand how
His eyes show such cool even when in trouble

* Son Gokuu Yume wo egaki-tsuzukeru
Son Gokuu Omae koso ga hiiroo
Donna tegowai teki idomarete mo
Mune no furue ga atsui pawaa sa
*Son Gokou Continue painting dreams
Son Gokou You are surely a hero
No matter how strong the opponent who challenges him
Power trembles in him

Aitsu wa dare? Aitsu wa dare?
Ai no tame ni genkai made BURNING
Nani mo osorenai
Kobushi nigiru Surudoi kao
Kodomo wo daki miseru egao CHANGING
Nikui sorujaa sa
Who is he? Who is he?
For the sake of love till the end BURNING
He fears nothing
With clenched fists and a sharp face
He hugs a child and shows a smile CHANGING
He's a fearsome soldier

Wonder Boy... Fushigi da ze
Wonder Boy... Megeta toki
Omae mite iru to yuuki ga deru no sa
Wonder Boy... It's amazing
Wonder Boy... In times of defeat
When he looks at you courage comes forth

** Son Gokuu Nigeru koto wo shiranai
Son Gokuu Omae koso ga hiiroo
Yubisaki kara inazuma tobichireba
Ai ni hamukau teki wa inai sa
**Son Gokou Knows no escape
Son Gokou You are surely a hero
Lightning jumps from his fingertips
No enemy is a match for love

...Demo shitte iru
Aku wo nikunda yoru
Hito-tsubu no namida ochita koto...
...Yet he knows
Nights despising evil
Tears fall...

* repeat
** repeat

I made this story earlier. Hope you like it. It's in first person, and from different person's points of view

Future Trunks' POV:
I looked around me as I floated there in the void. Everything was so cold...I couldn't move, and my insides felt like they were freezeing. I felt the sweat on my body freeze. I managed to lift up one of my hands to my face. It was deformed into a claw.
I screamed.

Vegeta's POV:
It was dark in that dank cave we were all sleeping in. Myself, Kakkrotto, his brats, my own one and that brat from the future were there. I watched as my future son thrashed in his sleep. It was pitiful to watch him there on the ground, sweat drenching the light clothes he had on. With all our powers gone, and trapped on this strange planet after going through a worm-hole, we were vulnerable. You see, someone hd contacted us from a different planet and asked for our help. We travelled into space. We went not too far, when something happened. A black hole appeared in front of us and we were stranded here, with no saiyajin powers. Nothing.
"Hey, Vegeta. What do you think we'll do without food?" I looked up and realised Kakkarot was talking to me.
"I don't know you baka." I muttered. "If I knew, would I be sitting here hungry?" Kakkarot, that poor fool, hung his head and stared at the ground. I almost felt guilt at that moment, looking at his pathetic figure. He looked so hopeless. Not being the strongest is horrifying, isn't it? I thought. my future son screamed out almost in pain. Myself and Gohan looked over at him/ He was thrashing around.
"He's going to eventually hurt himself if he does that any longer...." Goten said at the corners of sleef. His voice was slurred. I glared at the pitifu; half-saiyajin whelp. I turned again to Trunks (the future brat). Suddenly he shot up from his sleeping bag.
"What?!" He panted. He looked down at himself and carefully inspected his hands. "Thank Kami... i'm still normal..." I didn't even want to know what he was talking about, so I went back to my secluded spot in the corner. It was wet in this place. Well, maybe that was form the fierce storm that was outside our stone hole. The future brat layed back down again and layed there with his eyes open, panting hard and stareing up at the ceiling. Immerced in my own thoughts, I eventually drifted off into my own sleep.

~Vegeta's dream~
I walked along the long waide corridor. It was long and twisted. I thought I was even upside down at one point, but then I looked up, and I was right side up. Torches lit the walls. Many of the were blown out by some kind of breeze or something stupid like that. Where did this wind come from anyways? There are no windows and I feel nothing different, like a draft. Great. I'm talking to myself now. I exhaled hard as I felt something force itself through my heart. Blood spilled on the floor. I felt it come up my throat and I spat out blood. It was disgusting. Puddles of dark red blood now lay on the red carpet on the floor. My blood. It was warm in my mouth. I again spat up blood. There was a light chuckleing behind mme. I used up my energy and spun around onto my back, laying in the fresh blood. A dark figure was there, standing over me. A tortch flickered back to life casting light onto my overseer. It was Kakkarot.
"K-Kakkarot...why..?!" I spluttered. The baka. The bastard. He smirked down at me, and lifted up the sword that he got me in the back with. I reconised that stance. He was going to drive it down. Guessing uickly where it was pointing, It was aimed for my stomache. Great. I thought. Now my guts will be sll over the floor too...just, perfect... Kakkarot lifted the sword higher, and the last thing I saw before everything went black, was that baka's smirking, ugly mug.

Goten's POV:
Gee...Vegeta's sure having a good sleep... I thought as I watched him laying there on the ground. He was still as a rock, and didn't make a sound.
"You sure he's even alive?" Trunks joked. I laughed.
"You go check. He's your dad!" I retorted.
"Naw. He's got old people germs." Me and trunks both laughed loudly, the sound of which bounced off the walls and echoed through the cave. I slapped my hand over my mouth and everything had gone quiet. My big brother looked over at me and chuckled. He layed back down, snug in his own sleeping bag, and from the hint of no more movement, he was asleep.
"Gosh. How come everyone is so tired?" I asked quietly. Future Trunks (i'm still not used to that guy...) crawled over and rested by me and Trunks.
"Well, we all worked hard today. And besides, those two are old." He finished that with a small laugh. I looked away.
"Well.. Gohan's not that old..." I defended quietly. Trunks looked over to his side and turned over, tired of the talk apparently. That was fine with me. I did the same. Future Trunks was quiet. I heard him make himself comfortable, and everything was deathly quiet.

Future trunks' POV:
It was way too quiet. Everything was too serene and peaceful. Something was wrong. I stood up and carefully stepped over my father, who had come over with everyone else, and Goku who was sleeping peacefully. I walked to the mouth of the cave and shivered as the cold rain slipped down my shirt and drenched me. I pushed my long hair out of my face and walked on. It was dark, and many times I tripped and fell on my face. It was very hard travelling and not being able to fly. This was one cooky, mixed-up world. I heard footsteps through the rain. My powers may have dissapeared, but my heightened senses weren't. I jusmped up and grabbed onto a tree branch. I swung myself up and sat there in the branches. I smirked at my ingenousness. I quickly realised my mistake when a giant figure ripped through the trees and came to a stop on a branch in front of me. I was about to yell out for help, but hte creature grabbed my by my face and lifted me up. It was a werewolf. A non-transforming werewolf. One that stays transformed all it's life. I felt sharp claws start to dig into the sides of my face. I yelled out in pain, but no one could hear me. Hell, I couldn't hear me. I fell faint as fangs dug into my shoulder. I felt my warm blood trickle down my arm and my back. The werewolf growled into my ear. It let go of my face with it's paw and let me hang there my it's maw. I gasped as it let me go, and pain ripped thought every muscle in my body. I fell on the ground, faceing the canopy. The werewolf ripped through the trees again,and leaves littered the ground. I was paralysed. I tried to open my mouth to call Goku or my father, but nothing would move. My back was warm as the blood was covering the ground. There was no rain under the trees, to I was dry at leasdt. I closed my eyes. Please... I pleaded. Someone find me...it hurts... My whole bady started to burn. I screamed out in pain, my voice echoing through the forest. I saw stars in fromnt of my eyes. The werewolf bite was starting to incorporate it with my blood. My being. My appearance and soul. All the pain suddenly stopped and I sat up. The blood from my shoulderdripped down my chest and started covering my pants. I scrambeled out of the trees and threw myself into the rain. It stung greatly, but it was reliveing the pain. I got my breath back. I panted heavily. Nothing could have prepared me for that. Nothing. A preson's first Werewolf bite..now no person should go through that kind of pain.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

Warm fuzzy feelings all around...big whoop

Happy Valentines day Everyone!
~Vegeta: It should burn...
~Youkai Trunks: Yeah right Vegeta. I know you have something behind your back for Bulma.
~Vegeta: I DO NOT!
~Youkai Trunks: Then why are you so shy about it?
~Vegeta: It's none of your business...
~Youkai Trunks: Fine...
~Goku: I already gave Chichi A present. I got her some nice chocolates ^_^
~Trunx: Cool!
~Youkai Trunks: Aah, I love to watch valentines day go by...
~Vegeta: I say it should burn...like Christmas...
~Youkai Trunks: What? Didn't you get what you wanted this year?
~Vergeta: I did, but I still hate it.
~*anime falls over*
~Youkai Trunks: Well, I still say Happy Valentines to all of you. See you all later!

May it Last

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

okay, my last post was a bust. nothing workd.
see the enter button

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Please shzare my new insanity: At Capsule Corp. in the living room Trunks: Uh, What's the problem? Youkai Trunks: ^^ Nothing Goku: Where's Vegeta today? Trunks: I have no clue... Bulma: He's up in our room. I have no idea what he's doing in the closet though, talking to himself. Future Trunks: Father now talks to himself? This time is sure strange. Trunks: Hey! Who are you? Future Trunks: You. Trunks: You're not me! Future Trunks! Am too! Trunks: Are not! ladykagome309: Knock it off you idiots! *hits them both on the head* Youkai Trunks: Wow! When did you get here? ladykagome309: *anime falls over* You're really dense, aren't you? Youkai Trunks: Aren't I? ladykagome309: Nevermind. Youkai Trunks: ^^ Vegeta: *comes downstairs looking really pissed off* Goku: What's wrong Vegeta? Vegeta: Mind your own business Kakkarotto... *he walks into the bathroom and comes out with a comb* *He walks back upstairs to his and Bulma's room* Bulma: He's been like that all day now. Trunks: Well, let's go see what he's up too! *We all go upstairs, but to find the door locked* Future Trunks *whipering*: now what? Youkai Trunks: I shall pick the lock with my key! ladykagome309: I'd like to see that happen. Youkai Trunks: *picks lock silently* ladykagome309: Correction. I said I would like to see that NOT to happen... Bulma; You could have used the key you know... Youkai Trunks: I know, but this makes everything that much more interesting! *We all walk in* Goten: So...where's Vegeta? Goku: Goten, when did you get here? Goten: Just now... Future Trunks: Um... *starts slightly bounceing on the spot* Trunks: Mom said he was in the closet, so both of you shut up! Future Trunks: Excuse me.... Trunks: Shut up! Goku: Getting tense for the humiliation of Vegeta as we sik on 'im? Future Trunks *thinking*: ~would like to humiliate father, but im not tense. I gotta go!~ Youkai Trunks: *takes one closet door handle* ladykagome309: *takes other door handle* *we both pull at the same time* Goku: AAAAAAAAH! Youkai Trunks: AAAAAAAAAAAAH! ladykagome309: AAAAAAAAAHHHH! Goten: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! Trunks: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Future Trunks: AAAAAAAAAAH!! Bulma: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Vegeta: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Vegeta's in the closet playing with his little Barbia dolls, and combing one's hair* *we all fall over laughing* Vegeta: NO! HOW DID YOU FIND ME AND THEM?! Buma: E-Easy Vegeta! Youkai T-T-Trunks p-picked t-the lock! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Vegeta: *glares evilly at Youkai Trunks* Youkai Trunks: HAHAHAHAHAHA! LITTLE VEGGIE POLAYING WITH BARBIES! THEY EVEN HAVE LITTLE BARBIE DOLL VEGGIE CLOTHES!!! HAHAHA! BUILDINBG YOUR OWN ARMY?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! Vegeta: I'm gonna kill you... Youkai Trunks: I'd like to see you try, Veggie-head... Trunks: *manages to stop laughing and stands up* Goten: *has left because he wet himself* Future Trunks: I-I'll b-be right back... *rushes out of the room* Bulma: What's his problem... ladykagome309: I don't know, but what's Goku's problem? Youkai Trunks: Split ends. ladykagome309: No! Look! *We look at Goku* *he's laying on the floor, rolling around laughing so hard he's in tears* Vegeta; Might as well get him out of here, huh? Youkai Trunks: Aww... Vegeta: GET OUT!!! Youkai Trunks: Tine... Vegeta: *slaps closet door shut and starts talking to himself...kindof...* Vegeta: Did they hurt your feelings Annie? aww don't worry. I'm almost done brushing your hair. Youkai Trunks: *fights not to laugh and grabs Goku by the foot and starts dragging him out of the room* *throws him down the stairs* There. That's better. Bulma: *walks past me* ladykagome309: I'll bet you're not on Vegeta's christmas card list anymore. Youkai Trunks: I never was. ladykagome309: True. Thank you for shareing my insanity. I am most grateful. There is my pictures. And now the updates. Hits: 663 Rateing: 779 Guestbook entries: 130 downloads on my wallpapers: 145 Times cards sent: 139 Votes on my pictures: 13 Problems with my site: The iconkeeps on changeing to Vegeta with a broken heart Well, that's how i'm doing, how are you dioing? I want alot of people talking her this time. Tell me what's up with you and how you're doing in the leeeetle comment box down there. Peace May it Last
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Friday, February 11, 2005

   Coming out of it
Out of slightly coming out of my depression (thanks to DtotheAimo), I am in full swing with making different things to marry anime characters. Pm me if you want one.
Also, since my background is now one color, I can put up this song I made up. Its like "Deck the Halls", only DBZ style, like an introduction... read on...:

Vegeta singing: My name is Vegita, I hate Kakkarot!
Sometimes I wish that he would just rot!
Join me now or face your peril!
Some say I have wierd apparal...

Goku singing: My name's Goku, I love food!
I'm always in a happy mood!
Vegeta hates me, I don't care!
What the hell is up with my hair...?

Trunks singing: The name is Trunks and i'm from another time
My girlfriend says i'm so sublime!
Many say that i'm insane!
Really it's my mother who is to blame...

All: La




Well, I know most of you wont even read this whole thing, so I won't rant that much...okay?

Please, PLEASE try to give me something to do and request to marry an anime character. It can be for guys and girls if you want. I'm not picky. I got an examlpe in my profile. There's different styles and sizes if you dont like that kind. Well, I'm going to go now...i mould have put up my new pictures, but the thing's disabled for some reason...

By the way. All Inu-Yasha fans, please stay friends with me! Due to many evil comments by Inu-Yasha fans on DBZ people's work/art, I am making a DBZ rebellion against Inu-Yasha, so PLEASE stay with me, I am not trying to insult you or anything. All DBZ fans, I am making a banner, and if you want it, please ask. That is all...

May it Last

Youkai Trunks

P.S. hardly any of you know, but my name is Hailey... sssh! don't tell!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

   back...for no good f'in reason

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

   die evil
FUCKERS! I HATE THIS! I am frikking taking off my pictures. i can't stand hate messages, and whenever someone votes on a picture they dont like it, or because something is happening to the character they don't like, it's just...i feel like they're insulting me as well. all artists should be treated well! and the vote some shitty bitch put on my picture....i just don't feel as if i sould be one of those people that try to put up things that other people can see and share....fuckers...i am totally taking off my pictures. i know i may seem like an asshole, but hey. someone has to sometimes. im a bitch! *sings loudly and off key*..... okay, just tell me im a bitch and i'll stop...

by the way, i am ashamed of what i can do....geez, i haven't even told my mom im so embarassed, i dont think ive even told my best friend ladykagome309! (btw sorry) it is horrendous. and dont anyone dare say its something nasty. get yo mind outta the gutter...now go away... iu must raise this knife and drop it to flesh...bye...

May it Last

Youkai Trunks

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

goku and vegeta danceing...wierd i know...
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