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Wednesday, December 8, 2004

   Hiyaz ppl!
Well, I completely changed my site. It shall be different soon, as I shall find a christmassy bg and put it up. Oh, and one more thing...

Cell: *appears and grabs popcorn bag and starts eating it*

Me: *grabs the popcorn bag back and sticks out tounge* Neenerz!

Cell: *blasts Youkai Trunks away (5 miles away to be exact) and gets another popcorn bag and startes eating it from a bowl*

Me: *runs over to Cell and whacks him on the head with a broom*
Don't worry Mister President! I'll kill the rabid jellybeans!

Cell: *grabs broom* What are you doing that for???

Me: *puppy eyes* I want your autograph so I can have it and hug it forever!

Cell: Oh....Is that all? I thought you'd want more...

Me: I WANT YOUR AUTOGRAPH!!! *rolls on floor and waves arms and legs around*

Cell: Fine! Worthless human...

Me: Yay!

Cell: *signes paper* Here.

Me: YAY! *grabs paper and hugs it* Mine!

Cell: Now get out of my sight before I change my mind about killing you.

Me: Yip! *runs away*

Trunks: *staggers over and falls to knees from hunger* *looks at Cell's head* Mmmmmmm....jellybeans...!

Cell: *throws popcorn at Trunks* Don't look at me that way! That's my head!

Goten: *grabs popcorn bowl and starts throwing at around while daceing around Cell and laughing*

Cell: *grabs popcorn* STOPPIT!

Goten: Yip!

Trunks: Yip!

Trunks and Goten: *run away*

Cell: *eats popcorn* *munch*

And that's my humor for today!

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Saturday, December 4, 2004

Chapter 2: Arrrival
Goten flew silently through the sky. Trunks and Pan were argueing among each other who was strongest.
"I'm the stronger one! I am, after all, Goku's granddaughter!"
"Well, I can go Super Saiyan! And i'm the one decended after a Saiyan Prince!"
"I can beat you any day, Super Saiyan or not!"
"Well, at least i'm half Saiyan!"
"GET OVER HERE!" Goten sighed as Pan tackled Trunks and started pounding him on the head. He looked down and realised there was a large spit of land, with a large forest right in the middle, dominateing the island.
"Hey guys!" He called. Pan loomked over. She had stopped pounding him on the head, and now had him in a half-nelson, also pulling his hair.
"What is it uncle?" She asked. Trunks opened one eye.
"There's a forest down there, is that what you were expecting Pan?" Goten pointedc down at it. Pan looked to where he was pointing and a broad smile crossed her face.
"Perfect!" Pan let go of Trunks' neck and flew down. Goten floated over to Trunks.
"You okay there buddy?" He asked, starting to follow Pan.
"Ya...I guess. My neck has one big pain in it though..." Trunks muttered lookind at Pan. He put his hand on top of his head and felt his hair. "Aww man....I thought something was wrong..."
"She actually pulled out my hair..." Goten laughed and touched down on the ground. The forest was surrounded by large stones. Each one had a strange marking on it. And each one was different, and each one left only a small space to enter the forest. Pan was just stareing at the imposeing woods. Trunks landed behind Goten and stopped.
"Whoa...that's alotta trees!" Goten fell on his side.
"Well, I guess you're right there!" He laughed as he got up and brushed himself off. Pan jumped, screamed and ran to Trunks, hiding behind him.
"What is it Pan?!" Trunks asked, trying to brush Pan away.
"T-there's something there....!" Pan whispered. Goten looked to the trees. There was a particular part of the trees that looked ominously black. Goten stepped forward and the shape dissapeared. Trunks gaped wide-eyed.
"What the flippin' ding-dong was that?!" He exclaimed. Goten shook his head.
"I dunno Trunks." He looked to Pan. "Well, is this the kind of adventure you wanted?" Pan stared at Goten with an expression of horror.

To be contunued in part 2...

I didn't have enough time, so I only put half. It's not Lord of the Rings, but i'm kinda proud of it ^-^ Rate for me! 1 - 5 plz...

Frieza: I think it would be nice if someone would give me a countdown.
Jeice: Aww...come on! There's...no way! You've got to be joking!
Frieza: I'm waiting.
Jeice: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. There, are you happy?

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Monday, November 29, 2004

   My fan fic

Well, I said i'd put it, so here it is. If it's too drawn out, of not worthy of the title, of anything else, PM me, okay?


Chapter 1: What Happened that Day
It was Goku's birthday. It was held on the turtle island. Everyone was there because they all didn't normally ceclebrate birthdays. Goku got a present from everyone. Most noteable of these were; a red convertable from Videl, (though how it got to the island was beyond Goku's reach) a dragon tooth held onto a golden string with a gold clasp given to her first from Bardok from Kartora (Goku's sister. She lookes kinda like a combination between Goku and Vegeta[i made her up ^-^]), and a gold plaited picture and watch from Vegeta. That was noteable because Vegeta despises the Son family, so it was surprising. Goten, Trunks and Pan were getting bored with eveyone partying for Goku, so they went outside.
Pan ran out to the water and started running around in the shallows. Trunks sat down on the sand and Goten laid down beside him. He stared dreamily into the sky for a moment then sat up.
"This is boring. I wanna go somewhere." He complained. Pan ran over.
"Let's go exploring in a forest!" She offered. Goten staret at her.
"Whatever..." He grumbled. Trunks looked over at him.
"Why are you in such a bad mood today?" He asked.
"Mom actually grounded me for a week last night..." Trunks jumped.
"What?!? And on your dad's birthday?!?" He put his hand behing his head and looked at a cloud. "Well, that sucks..." He grumbled. Pan heard laughing from inside.
"Come on." She complianed.
"Fine!" Goten snapped. Pan hit hit on top of the head. "OW! What was that for?!" He whined. Thought He was older, Pan was abit stronger then him in his normal form. 'If I was Super Saiyan, I would kick her butt!' He had said to Trunks one day. Trunks had just shook his head. 'You'll never do it...' He mumbled. Goen stared off at the sky. Trunks waked his hand in front of hie face.
"Hello? Earth to Goten! Come in Goten!" Trunks said. Pan giggled. Goten swatted Trunks hand away.
"Stop that..." He mumbled. Trunks stood up.
"Well, if you're not gonna come, I guess me and Pan will leave." He said. Goten jumped up.
"Okay! I'll come!" He said. Trunks grinned and took off with out the two.
"Hey!?" Pan called.
"No fair!" Goten yelled as he flew off behind him. Pan followed.

That's the end of chapter 1. I'm still working on chapter 2 because I did the first half of my story on paper, and the rest on the computer. If I get through it, i'll get it off easy after chapter 18 -_- man...that bites.... well, tell me if u think it sucked, it really sucked, or it was good.

Trunks: Not going to work Friexa. I've canceled your 'date' with Goku...
Frieza: Huh?!?
King Cold: What's a 'Goku'?
Frieza: Father, I know you're bored, but please try to keep up...

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