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Sunday, May 22, 2005

   Hey Everyone, New Story

Here's a new story. Here's to you DtotheAimo! You wanted to read my story, well here it is! Oh,a nd please ignore any typos.

The Four Corners of Xora

It was always the same. The people of the four corners of Xora had always been enimies. But they were all a peaceful people. There was the People of the North, who lived in the cold, and raised Dragons in the volcanoes. There were the people of the East, who were notorious for thier greed and thier trickery. The people of the West lived in forests, and had always been the wisest. The people who lived in the South lived in a warm and dark climate, and having no skies, it was always dark there, which raised great Ninjas. These people have always been enimies for the thirteen millenia that people had lived on Xora. But in the Fourteenth millenia, there was a disaster. The 'Dark Angels' were the name of this disaster. Thier old leader, who used to be one from the West, was wise, but he had died as he life-span ended at fouteen mil., and someone had to take over. The the name of new leader of the 'Central Circuit', the heart of Xora, who had poisioned the first to die, was Daimo. He was a cruel, but intellegent creature. He was one from the East, and he loved trickery. He sent the creatures, the 'Dark Anels' to attack the Four Corners, and draw them from thier tranquil times. Under the numerous attack, the sages of the Four Corners decided to send one from each corner of the greatest strength, knowege and spirit to go to the Central Circuit, to bring down Daimo and the evils there. They decided four warriors, and sent them all to the same destination, though the warriors themselves did not know each other... and problems might ensue, even though thier expecting each other.

A lage bat fell from the sky to the freshly fallen snow as an arrom pierced it's brown coarse fur. The arrow it was struck with was tipped black and had an ornamental feather on the end. The man who shot the arrow from his oak bow smiled and continued his running. His eyes were the dark red like that of thy sky of an autumn sunset. His hair was shoulder length and was a bright green, like the first blade of grass in spring, and was parted in the middle. He was wearing a cropped blue jean jacket, that he apparently liked to keep undone. It also had the japanese symbol for "Punishment" embroidered in black on the back. Under his jacket he wore a black t-shirt, with a white japanese symbol for "Crime" on the front. He stood a good two feet higher then any other man. He also wore ripped black jeans, which the left leg was falling off so he kept it on by tieing a red scarf around it. The scarf came un-done as he ran. The man swore. "Accursed garments..." he muttered. He tore off what was left of the fabric and let the loose pant-leg fall on the ground, now wearing half-shorts, half-pants! He looked to the sky.
"Well, thus seems that I am no longer pursued." Said he as he started to walk calmly in the same direction. He had been travelling many days, as was apparent by the dried mud on his boots and his clothes dingy and dirty. His name was Knath. A great warrior of the Western Forests. And he was no man. You would be able to tell from his height and build, as well as his pointed ears, that he was an elf. A grand elf warrior king. He stopped as there was movement in the bushes by him. He whipped out his bow from behind him and brandished it with an arrow in lightning-fast speed. "Who goes there?!" He called. He wasn't able to see in the dark of night. A young man stepped out of the bushes, brushing dirt and leaves off of his cape.
"Aww, man! I just cleaned this!" he complained. Knath raised an eyebrow at the man.
"Be you friend or foe, young man?" he asked. The man looked up. his eyes were a dark red like the blood that stained the blade of the swrod in his hand, and his hair was blue, like the sea at midnight with the moon shineing upon it, although it was untidy and unkempt. His grin showed long teeth, like a vampire.
"Hey your high-and-mighty! Could you spare me some change?" He asked, holding out his hand. Knath recoiled and stepped back.
"What are you?!" He demanded, eyeing the man's teeth. Tha man laughed.
"Give me a gold ryo and I'll tell you!" He laughed. Knath glared at the young man, at being so repulsive and dropped a few coins in his outstreached hand. The man shoved the coins into the already bulgeing pockets of his red khakis. The cuffs of his red shirt were embroidered with gold, as was the edges of his blue cape. There was also a golden ring on the ring finger of his left hand. He looked very royal almost to Knath.
"I am Xyan." He said happily. He handed a small card to Knath. "Here's my card!" he announced. Knath looked at the card quietly.
"Jack-of-All-Trades...?" He read. Xyan nodded.
"Yep! I'll do anything for ya if the price is right!" He said. Knath finally understood.
"You're from the East, aren't you?" he asked.
"Yeah, how'd you know?" Xyan asked
"I heard the peoples there are most greedy, and shall trick anyone, and I belive thyne time is now for thee?" He asked. Xyan blinked.
"Uh, sure man... whatever you say!" he agreed. Knath laughed.
"So, Thy ist on thyne way to the Dark Angel's fortress?" He asked. Xyan nodded.
"You?" Knath nodded in return. They both smiled. Xyan started down the path. "I'll guard ya if you like... for a price while we're on our way." he asked. Knath snorted.
"Thou ist heading the right way for a beating.." He growled, marching past the young man. They were quiet for a while, trudgeing along in the darkness of the abandoned forest. Xyan yawned.
"I wanna find a place to crash if ya don't mind." He said sleepily. Knath sighed.
"As you wish." He said. He looked around and noticed a light from the trees. "There. Thy shall.. 'crash' there is thy wishes it so." He pointed. But Xyan was already on his way. Knath followed silently. There was a small clearing in the trees, and another man and a woman were there, talking as they sat around a roaring fire. The woman first noticed them.
"Ho, from the two left and right, here's company." She said. She laughed. her hair was black with blue shines and spiked, and she wore a simple white coat with toggle-buttons. The man beside her chuckeled.
"Yes, it seems we do have company." he said. Knath bowed low.
"It is a pleasure to share this emcampment with thee." He said in a steady voice. Xyan simpily waved. The man by the woman gave a laugh.
"Park it there." He said, pointing to a log. His face was obscured by a scarf that reached far behind him, shinobi style, but his yellow eyes still shone brightly. His hair was short and spikey gray. His clothes consisted of a black long sleeved shrt, and slightly baggy black pants. He looked very mysterious to Xyan, so he sat on the log. The man blinked.
"It didn't break." he said. Knath also sat on the log. The man shook his head. "What, are you weightless or something?!" He exclaimed. Xyan and Knath looked at each other. They then looked at the log. Knath laughed.
"I be an elf of the West, and my kin are always very light, enough that if we shall happen to step on a dry twig, we wouldst not break it." he said. Xyon nodded.
"Us in the East are much the same." He said, crossing his arms. The man sighed.
"Well, i'm Sabin, from the South." he said. Xyan's jaw dropped.
"You're a...?" He asked. Sabin nodded.
"Ninja. Of the Fallen Lands." he explained. Knath nodded and looked to the woman. Her ebony eyes shone in fire-light.
"And who are you?" He asked. The woman smiled.
"Who are you?" She mimiced.
"Knath, king of the Western elves." He said.
"Kartora, of the North. I have no title." She said. She looked to Xyan. "And you?"
"Xyan, prince of the Daemons in the East." Xyan replied. Everyone was quiet for a few moments. Xyan broke the silence.
"Anyone got some spare shange?" he asked. Sabin reached into his pocket, but as he was, he looked at Knath, who shook his head. Sabin shook his head and took his hands out of his pockets.
"Nope." He smiled. Kartora shook her head and turned the pockets of her jacket inside out. Xyan sanpped his fingers. Everyone as quiet yet again. Kartora broke the silence this time as she yawned. She ran her fingers thru her stiff, yet velvety locks of hair.
"Well, i'm ready to sleep." She said. She looked around and got up off of the ground, and walked over to a large rock and laid her head down on it. Xyan noted that the rock wasn't there before. Knath stared at Kartora for a moment as she laid down and then sighed as he hung his head.
"Oh, What I shall give to be back with my children back at my palace..." He muttered. He got up and laid on the ground, enough in the darkness that the fire wouldn't blind him while he slept. Sabin grunted as he got up.
"Well, I'll see you all in the morning. I belive we are all going to the Dark Angel's fortress?" He asked, streaching. Everyone nodded, as well as Kartora. Sabin sighed. "Well, we all have the same objective, so we'll all go together.. for safety." he said. he jumped up into the tall trees and dissapeared into the darkness. Xyan looked around at everyone all sleepy and tired and he sighed.
"Well, we Daemons don't sleep.. so I'll keep a lookout for the Dark Angels." He said. there was a grunt behind him from Knath and everything was then quiet.

In the morning, Kartora opened her eyes to see the sun in her eyes. Sabin leaned over her.
"Wakey wakey sleeping beauty." He said. Kartora pushed him away and yawned. She adusted her coat, which had slid up while she was sleeping, mostly showing her pale legs. Xyan was stareing into the darkness of the trees. Knath walked over and held out a hand to her. kartora took it and stood up.
"Isn't this strange?" She asked. Xyan looked over and Sabin and Knath stared at her for a moment. Kartora sighed. "We're all from the four corners of Xora. Isn't it strange that we could meet up such a strange time..? In the dark days no less!" She explained. Knath smiled and bowed down.
"Well madame, into thyne hands rest the fate of your land I belive hast fallen?" He asked. Kartora nodded. She pointed to Sabin.
"As with him."
"Well, It is an honor be beist in thyne company, if thouest shall allow it...?"
"Sure." Kartora laughed. "And our languages are so different.." She said quietly. Sabin merely grunted at that. Xyan laughed.
"True dat." He said. Knath looked to Xyan strangely.
"What beist a 'dat'?" He asked, Xyan sighed.
"You're so not up to this guy..." He muttered, crossing his arms and getting up from his log. Sabin blinked at him.
"We're you there the whole night?" He asked. Xyan nodded and streached.
"The only problem with no sleeping is getting sore.." He muttered. There was Suddenly an un-holy scream came form above. Knath whipped out his bow and Xyan drew his sword. Sabin put his hand to his thigh and drew out a shuriken from his shuriken holster. There was a crashing sound and a large bat came crashing down from the canopy. Kartora stared at it.
"I'm guessing that it wasn't planning to fall down here...?" She asked, grabbing onto Sabin's arm. Sabin pushed her off and threw his shuriken at the bat's wings, pinning it down to the ground. He walked over and inspected it's dead form.
"I can't see any wounds.." He said. "There's just some kindof liquid seeping from it's mouth." He scratched his head and ruffeled his gray hair. Knath gasped and stepped back.
"It has followed me! Quick! We must hurry!" He said, alarmed. Kartora grabbed his arm and looked into his eyes.
"Knath, what are you talking about...?" She asked calmly. Knath twisted away and started running in a Northern direction.
"IT'S THE MYST!" he yelled, dissapearing into the darkness. Sabin, Xyan and Kartora turned around, and the bat had wasted away, only a pile of ooze. They looked up, and the purple Myst started to float down. Kartora grabbed Xyan and Sabin by thier collars and started running. Xyan was starteled and amased at the Southerenling's strength and speed. Sabin whacked Kartora's hand and ran on his own. They eventually caught up with Knath, who was leaning against a tree, panting.
"This Myst came from my home... the Dark Angels brought the monstrosity..." He manged beteen gasps of air. Kartora blinked.
"The Dark Angels brought the Snow Dragon's in my home land..!" She said. Sabin nodded.
"They brought the Armored Cats and Shield Lizards to my land.." He said. Xyan's jaw dropped and he scratched his brilliant blue hair.
"Strange.." He muttered. "The Dark Angels brought the Devil Flowers and Spore Demons..." Kartora swore many times under her breath.
"They've been TRYING to lead the four lands into the Central Circuit!" She said, looking behind her. "They're trying to lure all of us into one spot.. to kill us." knath straightened up.
"Aye, thy words beyest true, maiden. I don't know how I could beyest so blind to the hardening truth!!!" he said, jamming three good !'s into his words. Xyan stamped his foot.
"It's no fair!" He complained. "I hope they pay! In cash!!!" He then yelled. Sabin shook his head.
"Well, it'll do us no good if we're caught, dead." He said. "Lets go." Kartora nodded.
"Right." She turned to Knath, and held out her hand, already grabbing Xyan's. Knath took her hand and gave a nervous laugh.
"This is going to be a journey to remember..." He muttered. kartora started to run, Knath and Xyan trailing behind her. Xyan dug his feet into the ground after a moment,a nd kartora let go, and stopped.
"What is it?" She asked. Xyan brushed hiself off.
"I can run on my own thanks." He said. Knath wrenched his hand away from Kartora's.
"Yes, I shall as well." He said. Kartora shrugged and she dissapeared she was so fast. Xyan removed his cape and tied it around his waist. He bent over, and two huge wings burst from his back. He spread them and took off abovethe trees. Sabin stared at him, then looked to Knath. He was looking through the bushes.
"What ARE you doing...?" he asked. Knath cried out in happiness and grabbed something from out of the dark bushes. It was a deer-dog. One of the fastest animals around. It had the build of a deer, but looked like a dog. It was always hard to discribe. Knath whispered to it for a moment, and jumped on it's back, taking out his bow and putting it in the mouth of the creature. It bounded off as fast as Kartora ran. Sabin shook his head.
"Am I the only one here who doesn't have to show off...?" he asked. He shrugged to himself, and followed his temporary companions.

Hope you liked it. If you read it, comment, if not... *holds a gun to your head* Comment anyways.

May it Last

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

My japanese name!

My japanese name is 原 Hara (wilderness) 七帆 Nanaho (seventh sail).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

I re-took this name generator thingy, and now, "Hailey Stevenson" is now "Hara Nanaho!" 7th sail... my lucky number is 7! Wow!

Oh, I bought a Trigun graphic novel today! It's HUGE! It's awsome, and I put my favorite quote from it in my profile! Vash is soooooo funny! I like Vash. Me liiiiiike Vashy...

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   New theme and mothers day.
Happy mothers day all you... mothers... ^-^;
Okay, this theme on my website is getting uber boreing, so i'm changeing it. No more of this crap. It's goin' down. New theme. new day. No avitar, as this isn't my computer at the moment. Bye bye.

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Saturday, May 7, 2005

Join Pleeze

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*hates Khillah Goku*
evil person.. he covered his site in inu stuff... i mean, a little is okay, BUT HIS WHOLE SITE?! geez.. i think i'm gonna delete my myOtaku account as soon as i get into the top 500, and make a new one jsut for my artwork.. i'm bored ith this, and no one ever talks to me anymore.
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Sunday, May 1, 2005

Uploaded two new pictures. Hope you like 'em. More to come, as well as new wallpapers and greetings.
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Friday, April 22, 2005

Hey, I can't update as much any more. I'm falling way behind in my schoolwork. I saw Evangelion: Death and Rebirth! It's great! I LOOOOOVE IT! It's really awsome, I reccommend it! It may have... 2 wierd parts, but HELL! IT'S AWSOME!
Oh, I did a small fanfic. Here it is:

It was Meant To Be

Chapter 1

It was always meant to happen.

The blue little marble of a planet; called Earth
Was always meant to and was destined to
Altough many tried to save it, attempts became more and more common
Soon, there was no one to protect to Planet
No one
Exept for one young man
He, in his hands
Holds the world's fate
At least
In his Time

"MOM!!!" Came the shout from a pale-haired young boy. His name was: Trunks. He called for his mom as his master lifted him up into the air and began spinning him around. His mother, a blue-haired beauty -even for her age- came running out of the building she had been working in. It was amaseingly run down, but it was home, and used to be the center of a great city, before it became the only building in the city standing. She laughed as she watched Trunks was being spun around faster and faster.
"Okay Gohan, that's enough! You'll make him lose what he had of lunch!" She said to the boy's master. Gohan laughed and stopped spinning Trunks over his head, and held him in his arms, bridal-style. Trunks wriggeled untill Gohan let him fall to the ground, face-first. Gohan laughed and poked Trunks in the side with his foot, making him run to his mom and hide behind her legs. Gohan shook his head and smiled.
"You know Bulma, that little boy there will some day be big enough to spin me around!" He said jokingly. Bulma shook her head.
"Now Gohan, don't start talking like that! He has no chance of catching up to you in strength!" She said. Gohan laughed and walked over, looking behind her to see little Trunks. Trunks gave a giggle and ran behind Gohan. GOhan shook his head.
"Now where is that little Saiyajin?" He asked, turning around, making Trunks move in the same direction, to keep hiding. "Maybe he's inside, waiting for supper? Or maybe...." He spread his legs and bent down swiftly, grabbing Trunks' feet behind him and sweeping his off of his feet. Trunks looked like he would burst he was laughing so hard, being held upside-down. Gohan put him right-side-up and patted him back to make him go.
"You better to get inside, and do some studying for now. You can play later." He said with a smile. Trunks laughed and ran inside with his arms spread like he was flying. Gohan sighed. He's lucky to be ten... He tought to himself. Gohan put his hands in his pockets and looked to Bulma. She gave a laugh.
"You know Gohan, I don't know if he sees you as a father, a big brother or one of those uncles!" She said. Gohan scratched his head and gave a sheepish grin.
"I think it's one of those uncles." He said. "I don't think he sees me as a father, and only maybe a big brother." He hung his head slightly at remembering his own father, Goku. Bulma walked over to him and patted him on the shoulder.
"There, there Gohan. It'll turn out right some time." She said comfortingly. Gohan gave a strained smile. There was a whooping sound from inside and Trunks came running out, a scarf tied around his neck and goggles in his hair. He ran around with his arms spread out like his was pretenting to fly. Gohan laughed loudly at the child, and Bulma joined him. Trunks ran over to Gohan and hugged him. Gohan looked over to Bulma with a shocked look on his face. Bulma smiled.
"It's a kid thing." She said. Gohan patted Trunks on the head. Trunks grabbed Gohan's hand, and tried to throw him over his shoulder, but only managed to lift him up onto his back, and Gohan squashed him. Gohan laughed and got up, brushing to grass off of his pants. Trunks was sprawled out on the ground. Gohan poked him in the side with his foot, and Trunks curled up into a ball, giggleing like he was four. He got up.
"Hey Gohan, want to go flying again?!" He asked, jumping up and down. Gohan put his hand on his head and looked him in the eye.
"Trunks, I have to go right now, there's something I have to do." He said. There was a loud explosion, and Gohan stood up straight, and looked behind him. A large mushroom-shaped cloud was riseing up from another part of the city. Bulma grabbed Trunks by the shoulders. Gohan looked back to Trunks. "They're here." he said. Trunks nodded.
"I may not be a Super Saiyajin like you Gohan, but I can help!" He said with a smile. Gohan reconized that smile. It was like the one Vegeta gave when he was pleased. Gohan shook his head.
"No Trunks. You can't come." He warned. Trunks growled.
"I'll come anyways! I have to help you!" He said defyantly. Gohan shook his head in pity.
"Trunks, that optimisim and n´evity is going to get you killed one of these days, and-"
"I DON'T CARE! I'M GOING TO HELP YOU!" Gohan blinked. Trunks bit his bottom lip and clenched his fists. Gohan stared at the boy for a moment.
"Fine. Just don't get yourself killed." he said. His face became hard, and he gave out a loud yell. His hair turned golden. Trunks also gave a yell, and his ki level rose amaseingly. They both took off from the ground at the same time, heading towards where the explosion came from. Bulma put her hands together.
"Please come back safely..." She prayed, and pleaded.

18 and 17 laughed as they killed another fifteen humans in one blast.
18 flicked her hair away from her face as she turned to her bother.
"17, this is getting on my nerves." She said angrily. 17 smirked.
"Simmer down sis. The fun is just starting." He said in a cold tone. 18 smirked as well.

Gohan and Trunks watched form above. Trunks swung out his sword from the scabbard on his back. Gohan looked to him and shook his head.
"Not now Trunks." He warned. Trunks looked over to Gohan with a confused look on his face.
"But why Gohan?" He asked. Gohan gave a smile.
"We're going to get them by surprise this time, and get in the first hit." Trunks gave a small smile. He floated slightly to the side. The red of the fire and the hot air from the explosion was hard to concentrate in. He rubbed his eyes as a small ash floated into one.

17 looked up.
"Right there." He said. "There's Trunks and Gohan..." 18 gave a smile.
"They think they're going to get in first hit? Well, they're wrong if they think they can just fly down." She said.

Trunks looked to where Gohan was last, and saw Gohan motioning to the ground. Gohan flew down and then threw an energy attack at 17, blasting apart the earth underneath everyone. Trunks swooped down, brandishing his sword over his head. As the smoke cleared, he could faintly see the outline of 18's head, and brought his sword down. 18 dodged. Trunks landed on the ground, bursting out of the smoke. three golden strands of hair floated in front of his face. 18 swore and pushed her hair behind her ear.
"You'll pay for that you little brat!" She shrieked. Trunks gasped as 18 dematerialized, and reappeared in front of him. There was an explosion, and Trunks was thrown backwards, only, it wasn't him that was hurt. It was 18! trunks looked around in the fire and smoke.
"Who...?" He asked. He felt someone grab his arm.
"Come on Trunks!" Said the ever-urgent voice of Gohan. Trunks got up and followed Gohan through the rubble. Gohan suddenly dissapeared from Trunks' view.
"GOHAN?!" He called. There was no answer. He felt a sharp pain in the side of his neck, then a whisper in his ear.
"This is for cutting my hair, you little urchin." Said the voice of Android 18. Trunks opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He felt his entire body freeze, and he fell on his face. He could smell the scent of burning ground and plaster. After a moment, he realised that 18 thought he was dead, so she left! Maybe 17 thought that too... He thought to himself. He got up and looked around. There was a drop if water on his nose, and a resounding crash called through the destroyed city. Trunks ran in the direction he heard movement coming from. He stopped as he saw Gohan and 17 fighting each other. Gohan was loseing. Trunks screamed out in anger and rushed forth, stepping between the two and he punched 17 in the face. 17's head only turned form the blow. Trunks gasped. Gohan tried to grab him, but 18 grabbed his arms.
"No getting away this time Gohan." She said. Gohan watched as 17 mercilessly tortured Trunks, slowly killing him. Eventually, the small boy fell on the ground, unconsious. Gohan couldn't take it anymore. He wrenched out of 18's grasp, and elbowed her in the stomache. He burst out at 17, attacking with all of his might. The fight ensued for many hours...

There was an annoying beeping sound in Gohan's ear. He wanted to say to knock it off to whoever was making the noise, but he couldn't open his mouth, or see. He decided to try to open his eyes. At first, it was all a blur, then he could see the faint outline of a person. Someone gasped.
"Mom! he's waking up!" Said a child's voice. Gohan screwed up his eyes. I know that voice... he thought. His vision cleared up, and he saw Trunks and Bulma leaning over him, The constant and annoying beeping came from a small moniter that kept track of his heart-beat. Trunks was on the verge of tears as he hugged Gohan tightly. Gohan gave a moan as he felt a sharp pain through his whole body. Trunks immedeately backed away.
"Gohan, your arm.." He whispered. Gohan loomked at his right arm in disbelief.
"What about it..." He managed quietly. It looked fine to him. Trunks shook his head slowly.
"Other arm..." He said. Gohan looked to his left... only to not find one. Gohan sat up and tore away the sheets that were covering him in his bed. He looked at where his left arm used to be.
"It's...gone!" He said quietly. He slumped down, laying his head against the pillow. He looked to Trunks. The young boy had a small patch on his left cheek, that was stained with blood, and one arm was in a sling, and one eye was just ever so slightly black. Gohan sighed.
"We look like a couple of baskets of fruit with all of these bruises and broken limbs." He said with a small smile. Trunks scratched his head with his good arm and smiled.
"Yeah, I know." He said.
"What happened when you woke up...?" Gohan asked. Trunks looked away.
"The androids were gone, and you were unconsious beside me... and I found that you... gave me that last senzu bean..." He said quietly. Gohan smiled.
"You do know i'll do anything to keep you alive, right?" He asked. Trunks nodded.
"I know Gohan... master.. But still, you have no arm!" He said, pointing. Gohan laughed, making his side hurt consierably, and he went quiet. Bulma came over to him and gave him some medicine. Trunks watched as she helped Gohan get comfortable again. They had chased off the androids... but at what price?
"Gohan..." Trunks muttered quietly. Gohan looked to Trunks as Bulma backed away, putting an ice pack on his forehead.
"What is it Trunks?" He asked.
"Thank you..."
"Don't worry Trunks. If I lived, and you died, it wouldn't matter. Your mom would kill me!" Gohan and Trunks laughed. Bulma kissed Trunks on top of the head and walked out of the room. After she closed the door, she muttered to herself.
"You got that right."

And that's it. Hope you like it. It's like the Trunks TV Special. Here's some pictures from it:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And that's it for now. Thank you Temple O' Trunks!!! ^_^
Oh, and goku162002, thank you for getting Wish I had An Angel for moe again. I really appreciate it. Domo Arigato whoever comes and is still my friend!

Blood Will Tell

Youkai Trunks

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Monday, April 11, 2005

not back 4 a while
hey everyone. can't talk, got so much to do ina short time. i won't be back untill sunday or saturday. so, i'll talk laters people!

Blood Will Tell

Youkai Trunks

P.S. I'll put my picture of places around my house NEXT time ^^ no time right now

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Saturday, April 9, 2005

Bonjour... That is who you spell it, right?
Heallo there today. Well, it's Saturday, and I woke up at 5:30 belive it or not. I just couldn't sleep. Oh, I made a new pictures if anyone wants to see it. It's Chibi Kitty Trunks. Just go to my artwork, it's the only one today. Well, I hopr you all are doing okay. Last post, I saw lots of my old friends. *waves* Hii... ^-^ And it really made me happy! I realise now that everyone does give a shit about me! .... I think. ^_^; Hehehe. Image hosted by Photobucket.com As you can see, i've been searching around for more pictures! I looove this one. Hiei is so CUTE! And here is everyone's favorite Demon..... *drumroll*
Tahdaah! Hehehe, drool-worthy, no? Oh, I remember who I forgot from the anime characters I (not very legally ^^) Claimed for my own that I forgot. There's one:

Kakashi - Book worm

Well, he reads alot! ^.^;
well, i'll quit bitching at you all and go do my thing. Oh, I almost got 1000 hits. I'm 50 away. By oh, I think Tueseday I'll have 1000. Hi ladykagome309... wherever you are!

I got evil thoughts...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Or not...? ^^;

Blood Will Tell

Youkai Trunks

P.S. I got pictures of teh places around my house for viewing enjoyment. I'll post them tomorrow.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Pix post

Hey, I'm back. Don't mind me people. I'm not here., oh, DtotheAimo, i'm sorry, i'll talk real soon... Just walk on by. Here's a picture post.

Anything different about me...?

This one shrunk...


MY Kurogane bookmark! ME USE IT! I didn't make it though...

Tobari from Pure Pure

And there's Hinata. She's cute.

But I like Tobari more. She's so... happy.



Aww... widdle Hinata.


Also drool-worthy, Priest Seto

The Silent Magician




Need I say... Seeeeeto!


Rock on...!

And here:

Okay, getting boreing...
= Cute
Okay, just pix now, bye!

My Trunksie...

Blood Will Tell

Youkai Trunks

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