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Saturday, November 1, 2008

History Trip
I am normally one to hold high expectations. This trip was no exception. From my television experiences on Ripley's Believe it or Not, I have quite often seen clips of Philadelphia's famous Mutter Museum. Seeing the exhibits of crazy medical disbeliefs seemed intriguing and I had hoped one day I would be able to experience it. Not only that, but my younger brother had gotten a game called The Suffering in which he plays a prison escapee with the ability to turn into a monster. The prison in this game was partially inspired by Philadelphia's world renowned Eastern State Penitentiary. After watching a special feature on the game about Eastern State, my little brother and I became fascinated and wanted badly to travel there to see what we could find. When I finally got into HACC and was passed a paper saying we would be taking a trip down to these two places, I was ecstatic. This was my chance!

Immediately I got the money together and waited patiently for Halloween to approach. Finally, yesterday came. As our group walked into the museum...I was sadly disappointed. It is true when people say TV makes everything look glamorous. The museum was only two floors, only four rooms. Plus, with so many people, it was hard to even see the entirety of it. I ended up finding a classmate of mine from high school and chilling with her for the remainder of our stay. However, walking around Manayuk (probably spelled that wrong) was not all too bad. This was our opportunity to find some great eats. My boyfriend and I ended up going to a burrito bar that was really laid back and really fun to be in. We talked to the man who had opened the place and he turned out to be a really down-to-earth guy. Later, after having eaten, we sat down near the old canal and started talking to an old man about to begin his workout. He was very kind and took this opportunity to tell us all the sites we should see before we headed to the Penitentiary.

Speaking of, the time finally came to get back on the bus. Upon arrival to the Penitentiary, our group was amazed at the long line, but it was okay; we were already reserved. We walked in (did I mention we all had to sign waivers?) and stood in line for our turn to waltz in. My high school friend turned out to be a scaredy cat and she ended up attracting a lot of the "undead". My boyfriend jumped several times at the attractions and I managed to be unfazed the entire time. I was hoping for more of a history trip opposed to the fun house that we ended up exploring. At the end of the long excursion, the tunnel opened up into...a carnival? A big sign reading Funnel Cakes was the first thing all of us saw upon walking out of the Penitentiary. Among other things, the scariest part of the entire trip was reading...Funnel Cakes...$5.00!?!

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