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Sunday, November 2, 2008

It had been so long since I had sat down and actually thought of drawing a new picture. I may find myself looking at old pictures, trying to get myself inspired to create something new. When the feeling actually hit me to draw something, the blank page would become too overwhelming and I would dismiss the idea almost immediately. However, every once in a great while, I will face the blank canvas and create and picture I could only dream of completing. My drawings are always very simple. I draw in the style of manga (Japanese comics), a style of art that takes time to master, but I taught myself. I began the drawing with an idea, but the actual idea never actually appeared on the paper. I normally draw things that I myself do not own (in this case, I wanted to draw a girl wearing a red plaid skirt). What I ended up with turned out better than I could have imagined and I am proud to gaze upon my masterpiece. Before I think of a color scheme (in this case, I only had watercolor to work with, which is my most limited medium because watercolor is EXPENSIVE) I usually play around with the picture on my computer. I try to think of how I want the character to be portrayed, what colors would best express the personality that her pose is giving off, that type of stuff. Her pose is playful so I decided to go with some bright colors that would accentuate that. The only problem I ever really have with a character is figuring out what color hair to give them. I went through several ideas until I finally came up with auburn.

Pictured below is my creation from the first stage to the last. I hope you enjoy it!

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