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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

umm hi..

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!


just being random..


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Monday, February 4, 2008

naruto story.. . .
*blek..funny pic* ne ways i have this story.. and i'm writing it on quizilla but i thought i would but it rite here^^ have fun.. and comment even if it is shit.

whatcha think?
~chapter 1~
yoru backed up as the adults drew near. "mom she didn't do anything! i approached her!" " sasuke! you know we told you not to mess around with strangers!" his mom held him tight. " why is everyone hitting her?" sasuke asked looking at her. " sweety.. sasuke she's not a normal girl.. she's not safe to be around." sasuke got down and glared at everyone. " step aside sasuke!!" they yelled. " NO! you can't mistreat her.. she's not different.. plus she's an uchiha! a part of our clan! she's family.. and we can't do this to family." i looked up smiling abit. "fine sasuke.. have it your way." they left and his mom smiled a bit. "thank you." yoru whispered sasuke nodded and helped her up. "no problem! you gonna be ok out here?" she nodded. "yes.. thanks to you..sasuke." "so what's your name?" yoru smiled. "yoru." she looked up. sasuke grabbed her hand and took her to the dock. " i like coming here.. it's soothing." sasuke laid back. " umm sasuke not trying to sound rude but you got into some trouble.. why did you help me? and why did you talk to me?" " well honestly it's not becuase your young it's becuase i saw all alone. everyday no one should go through that,you know." " yea, i guess so. it seems as if you have a great family." "yea it's ok. so not wanting to seem nosey but where's yours?" "oh.. that." she sighed. "well you wouldn't think an uchiha would abandon a baby but they did.. my dad.. i have no idea who he is my mom kept me until two yrs ago but she couldn't support us both and she left." " she left you alone?" " pretty much yes." sasuke sat up. " say yoru, i'll be back ok! i'll come find you later on!" he got up. "oh sure, sasuke." she looked in the water, as sasuke ran to his house. " i wonder if it's true.." sasuke ran inside his house. "mom!" " sasuke sasuke! is everything ok?" "yea! i wanna know.. yoru's mom.. did she really leave cuz she couldn't support her?" she sighed. "sit. now, sasuke she said she didn't want a demon child.. so she left her here.. on the streets.. and we tried helping yoru honesty we did.. but she never did coorperate with us very well.. so the clan seen her do some.. unique things and now.. shun her.. they say to forget she is an uchiha that's she's just a bitch." she looked down. " i really want to help that child but.." sasuke looked down. " i understand ca-san. i have to go back out there.. where's dad and itachi?" " oh they left for a mission." "perfect mind if i bring her over?" " not at all!" sasuke ran back and found me quickly. " yoru.. i want you to come home with me!" she blushed abit. " sasuke.. i couldn't." "don't be modest! cmon' it's gunna be great! just me, you, mom, dad, and itachi.. no one will ever mistreat you ever again." she nodded not knowing that instead of going to a bright future.. she was headed towards one that will haunt her to the day she dies.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

hey sunday is my lil sister's b-day she gunna be 5 i think.. lol, yea.. i think she's gunna be five.. ne ways! thought i would post taht!
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Friday, February 1, 2008

oi! i'm cunfused. . .

((uke's finally attack the seme's!!))
*i love that part of hte movie.. yuki throws a pillow at shuichi for biting him, real cute.. lol i wanna bite someone on the ear.. T.T neways getting sidetracked.*

i'm seriously confused about.. umm what i am.. bi or straight or just confused.. i mean i was straight i suppose then i went out with a girl.. but i guess being bi is when u like other gurls.. but i don't.. i just liked amp.. and now that we're done with.. i just don't kno. i mean.. even thou we're over i suppose i still like her.. but maybe it's just a phase and i'll get over it.. i guess i won't be bi until i datea another gurl.. but i guez i should just be bi-curious.. like i was last yr. u know all my bi friends think i'm bi whenever we meet another bi person glen is like. "hey, another queer,mayra!" *u kno my name now^^ lol, ppl that didn't and only knew me as yoru* and i just lift my hand and sarcasticlly go. "woot, go bi's." lol, but oh well. u kno amp we're broken up but u never said i had to stop liking u.. well at least i'm not obessed with u like bonnie is to selena.. i just still like u. XDD wellz i see's yall laterz.. i just had to make an excuse to make this long. not really as long as i thought it would be. oh my "master" naruto, as we call him, promised me a doughnut from god knows how long ago.. and he doesn't give it to me.. he's making his chibi suffer. he my master and i his chibi. and amp.. amp ur my sex toy. XP lol, okies seriously i'll go now, byes!!



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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yaoi addict
damn yahoo.. if it were i person i would kill it!! grr!! ok.. ne ways.. i still want a puddin' cup..oh yesh! first my AIM now my yahoo..stupid virus!! besides that tis ok.. i am failing all my classes but two.. man i suck.. but oh well strangely enough i'm proud of my F's thou like my friend said.. i would get F honor roll.. stupid smart ass she got AB honor roll!! no one cares AMP!!! i realli wish we had an F and D honor roll.. like she said we;d get stickers that said "try harder" lol.. that would be the shit man!! oh yea.. my yaoi icon.. lol nice^^ i am addicted to man on man.. anime.. sad.. ne ways!! lol. umm.. man did this yr go by fast or iz it just meh?ne ways i better go now.. before i make it too long.. so byes byes!


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Sunday, January 27, 2008

nyaa. . .
wellz.. sadning but i had to brake up with my GF.. oh well we're still as tight as friends.. could ever get.. so it's not as depressing as i thought it would be.. i mean i still get to see her.. and stuff so everything kool. XP not saying i'm not sad.. but the only person that knows that we're over is my brother.. hmm (amp) annie is gunna be mad XDDD lol, she liked it when we were goin' out.. oh well.. oh my yahoo is being an ass so yea.. gooder news.. my cell phone works.. yaaAAAAAaaay! and my bro got kingdomhearts.. i saw cloud ^//^ i love him!! he's so kickass on this game!!!!

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Friday, January 25, 2008

hi hi._. lol, how's everyone doing, my girlfriend isn't feeling good.., *aww* karma for giving me this cough, love!!! >_<" hahahah, no really hope u get betta, thou.. sadly enough she has a stupid waffle song.. on her site (her site is: grey wolf) if u wanna hear it, it annoys meh! but apparently my brother likes it to.. welp! i offically hate chemistry.. to fucking complicated fer meh. -_- i hate it and i'm so fucking behind..yea.. i changed the abckground again...lol.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

it sucked. damnit i went 2 sckool suspension.. er ISS.. just becuz i had my shirttail out!!! how faggy is that shyt!?!?! oh it's my best friends b-day nonetheless my GF^^ lol, yea... damn her.. she's younger then me but looks older.. stupid.. damn ur boobs, amp!!!! >//< sry.. amp..XP i'll go now.. i hope u have a good birthday for the rest of the day! and be glad i didn't forget ph and i had a fun in oklahoma w/u!
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

im not gunna be on today! -_-!! sry.. c u guys thursday!
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Monday, January 14, 2008

   stupid things to do at skool!!
When checking a paper and the teacher read off the correct answers blurt out "lies..lies.LIES!"
When you have a sub, pretend that you are deaf,blind,or you don't speak english. Its funny.
Keep asking the teacher "why" after everything they say.
Instead of sitting in your seat sit on the ground by your desk and rock back and forth. repeating "make the voices stop ,make the voices stop."
When asked to read out loud. Read very slowly sounding every single letter out. Funny how many people get annoyed :D
When asked to read silently read outloud .:D
When you receive a detention slip leave it in the class room when class is over. If the next day the teacher gives you it back keep leaving it there. :D

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