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Friday, February 1, 2008

oi! i'm cunfused. . .

((uke's finally attack the seme's!!))
*i love that part of hte movie.. yuki throws a pillow at shuichi for biting him, real cute.. lol i wanna bite someone on the ear.. T.T neways getting sidetracked.*

i'm seriously confused about.. umm what i am.. bi or straight or just confused.. i mean i was straight i suppose then i went out with a girl.. but i guess being bi is when u like other gurls.. but i don't.. i just liked amp.. and now that we're done with.. i just don't kno. i mean.. even thou we're over i suppose i still like her.. but maybe it's just a phase and i'll get over it.. i guess i won't be bi until i datea another gurl.. but i guez i should just be bi-curious.. like i was last yr. u know all my bi friends think i'm bi whenever we meet another bi person glen is like. "hey, another queer,mayra!" *u kno my name now^^ lol, ppl that didn't and only knew me as yoru* and i just lift my hand and sarcasticlly go. "woot, go bi's." lol, but oh well. u kno amp we're broken up but u never said i had to stop liking u.. well at least i'm not obessed with u like bonnie is to selena.. i just still like u. XDD wellz i see's yall laterz.. i just had to make an excuse to make this long. not really as long as i thought it would be. oh my "master" naruto, as we call him, promised me a doughnut from god knows how long ago.. and he doesn't give it to me.. he's making his chibi suffer. he my master and i his chibi. and amp.. amp ur my sex toy. XP lol, okies seriously i'll go now, byes!!



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