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Sunday, January 13, 2008

the stuff we made was awesome!! didn't eat the stirfry.. *sry love!* but the curry and riceballz.. we're AWESOME!! i love it.. the curry.. i must have more!! Lol.. i want my rice balls.. i left em' at ur place, AMP!! *hisses* how could i forget em'!!!!
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

   funni blonde jokes.
funny anime girl
A)A storm blows over a cruise ship. All perish except for a brunette, a red head, and a blonde. For two weeks they live on a small island with hardly anything to eat or drink. After that time, the brunette says, If I have to look at one more stupid coconut, I will go insane. The blonde and red head agree. Soon the blonde goes off and comes back with a golden lamp. They all look at it and one says, Can we eat it? It looks dirty though. And rubs the lamp down for the dirt to come off. A genie appears before them and tells them that the mountain behind them is magic and will turn them into anything they say when they jump off it, and will turn back when they are done. The red head agrees to go first. She gets onto the mountain and shouts, Eagle! and turned into a eagle and flew away. It wasnt long before the brunette showed up and screamed, Trout! And turned into a trout and swam away. The blonde goes up, and says, I had better get a running start.She runs and trips over a tree root. She flies through the air and mutters, Oh crap.
A Blonde, an American, and a Russian are sitting together in a park. The Russian said, We were the first in space.
The Americans add, Yes, but we were the first on the moon.
The blonde snaps, You idiots, thats nothing! We blondes are going to be the first on the sun!
The Russian laughs and the American sighs. He says, You know that if you go near the sun, you burn up?
The blonde screams at him, We arent stupid you know, we are going at night!
C)A blonde haired Chinese man (With no knowledge of English) sits in front of his TV. The first channel was a movie that says, Youre looking at him.
Before he finishes the sentence he flips channels to a commercial about silver ware. He hears, Forks and Knives! Forks and Knives!
He flips the channel and it is a soap opera. He hears, Youll never catch me alive coppers!
For the final channel he hears a glade plug in commercial that says, Plug it in, plug it in!
An hour later a knock came at the door. A few cops ask him, We are looking for a man by the name of Shin Wii?
The blonde says, Youre looking at him.
The cop says, What did you kill him with?
Forks and Knives, Forks and knives!
The cops look at each other. Dont even try to run Shin, we will get you.
Youll never catch me alive coppers!
Thats it, you are going to the electric chair!
Plug it in, plug it in.
D)A blonde woman enters an electric store. She points at a electronic and says, I would like to buy that TV please?
The owner looks at her and says, We dont sell to blondes.
She comes back the next day with her head dyed red. She points and says, I would like to buy that TV please?
The owner looks and says Sorry, dont sell to blondes.
She comes back the next day with her head dyed brown. The same happens.
The final day she had dyed her head bright blue and asked to buy that darn TV.
He says, We dont sell to blondes.
She becomes angry and demanded to know how he knew it was her every time.
He says, Maam, that is a microwave.
E)A beautiful young red head walks into a doctors office. He asks her what is the problem.
Her reply was, Everywhere I touch it hurts!
The doctor says, Impossible, show me.
So she touches her shoulder and screams in pain. She touches her elbow and screams more. Next she touched her knee and screamed; Likewise she touched her foot and screamed.
The doctor asks, You arent really a red head are you?
She says, Actually I am a blonde.
He says, Thought so. Your finger is broken.
is enough blonde jokes for u guys!

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   bored bored bored
chemistry is so.. fucking boring.. Ne-ways!! man have u guys seen naruto! man the way sasuke-kun and naruto-kun are fighting!! its unbelievable.. man sasuke has some issues i'm afraid he has to work out.. he's to caught up in his revenge thing he's losing the sight of what's truly important to him.. his friends.. but i'm not sasuke so i can't do anything.. but it's insane i tell u..
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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

OI oi oi oi oi !
how's all u guys doing.. i'm kinda bored.. though honestly.. i kinda had to leave my anime club meeting early.. then my mom came at 5 when she was gunna ccome at 4:30 so we could've stayed.. kinda mad me mad.. lol but meh over it.. i have be good so i can go over to my gf's house so she can make me sum.. freaky korean food.. plus riceballs and curry^^ XP lol. well peace!

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

   funny shit man!
pick the month you were born in;;

1 (Jan) - I robbed.
2 (Feb) - i need
3 (Mar) - I killed.
4 (Apr) - I ran shirtless with.
5 (May) - I smoked with.
6 (June)- I cuddled with.
7 (July) - I smoked.
8 (Aug) - I ran naked with.
9 (Sep) - I shot.
10 (Oct) - I hooked up with
11 (Nov) - I stabbed.
12 (Dec) -i banged.

Pick the day (number) you were born on;;

01 - a whore.
02 - a glass of milk.
03 -a mop.
04 - A homo.
05 - a dog.
06 - A gorgeous (your grade)
07 - my toy.
08 - a rock star.
09 -a bag of weed .
10 - myself.
11 - my lover.
12 - a teletubby.
13 - the kool-aid man.
14 - your mom.
15 - the trojan man.
16 - a pot head.
17 - a bum.
18 - a stripper.
19 - a condom.
20 - a crack head.
21 - a homeless guy.
22 - a porn star.
23 - a hottie.
24 - an easter egg.
25 -a bowl of cereal.
26 - jezzy the snowman.
27 - Barney the dinosaur.
28 - a french fry.
29 - a drink.
30 -the cookie monster
31 - your grandma.

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing;;

polka dot - because I'm sexy like that.
Black - because I love marijuana.
Pink - because I'm good in bed.
Red - because I have AMAZING boobs!
brown- because I had to.
white - because I hate my life.
Purple - because I'm gay.
Grey - because that bitch stole my taco
Other - because I have double D's.
Green - because I love to snort cocaine.
Orange - because I smoked crack.
Turquoise - because I have a noodle in my nose.
blue - because I'm a pimp.!
Shirtless - because I've got abs.
Tye dye- because I didn't like the way they looked at me.


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Friday, January 4, 2008

so i'm skool rite now, well chemistry more likely.. i don't wanna do freakin' science.. grr.. so i came here to see how all my peeps are doing!! i didn't get on yesterday cuz i was sleeping.. lol. i was so tired!! i'm just trying to say stuff so i wont have to do my work... man i'm hungry.. and tired. -_-.. lol so how's everyone's first day of skool go??? (still don't have my lip pierced..)crap almost got caught.. =3 i better go bye bye!!
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Monday, December 31, 2007

   happeh almost new yrs.. *i suppose*
*yesh its cloud^^ i love him*
NE WAYS! i hope all of you have a great new yrs!! yea.. lol. well skool's coming up on thursday for meh.. i'm kinda sad but happeh u kno.. ^-^ mixed feelings.. lol. new classes well only tow new classes fer meh and i'm kinda gunna be anti-social like i always am in the begginning of skool dunno y.. yea.. well i can't help that.. i wanna do better in my classes to instead of just.. go in and sleep.. that was fun thou.. this semester i'm gunna give it my all!! *gets happeh* (sasuke walkes in) u r never going to focus.. ur A.D.D yoru-chan!! *runs away* sasuke-kun y r u so negative!! *crying* so mean.. sasuke.. *sasuke: sry she can be.. emotional at times.... it's really embarrassing.. please forgive her stupidity.. *sigh* come here yoru-chan...

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

hey^^ me again.. lol i'm trying to keep this damn thing updated.. yea^^ oh i just found out that one of my mom's worker's son's got burned with gas from the car.. actually two of them one goes to skool with me nd he's out of the hospitol now but my mom said the other brother is in serious condition... then maria. " my mom's friend." went to work a couple days later and was crying u kno worrying about her two boys when her machine. ((they work in this factory where u make clothes) broke down and the needle shot into her eye.. my mom was so worried about her.. maria's eye swolled up bad and now she's in the hospitol to.. we're sorta close with them so if u do please pray for them.. that familyis going through ALOT! plus another of her son's got put in jail for murder..*another story trust me* and he as deported to mexico.. other thing she has to worry about.. so please praying will prolly help..

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

well the thing that happened x-mas is i guess over and done with.. we're doing alot better now and though i havn't apologized yet.. i'm working up to it^^. i'm guessing giving her some space is good now cuz now my mom can actually look and smile at me^^ lol. ne ways besides that!!!
i'm kinda missing skool.. with my fridns and shit... and i need a chat box on this damn site so i can chat with ppl.. damnit!! *lloks around* ok.. well i'm going crazy.. i'll c u guys later.. *bangs head on wall* stupid.. chatbox...*grumbles*

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Friday, December 28, 2007

hi hi
how's everyone doing? me good, kinda bored.. ok really bored. kinda sad cuz i havn't gotten my lip pierced and i really wanted it done.. i wanted my brother to do it but my mom's to scared it mite get infected.. but i think i'm gunna let someone that i know that won't take to long to do it pierce it for me.. yea =3 besides that how's everyone doing??

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