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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yaoi addict
damn yahoo.. if it were i person i would kill it!! grr!! ok.. ne ways.. i still want a puddin' cup..oh yesh! first my AIM now my yahoo..stupid virus!! besides that tis ok.. i am failing all my classes but two.. man i suck.. but oh well strangely enough i'm proud of my F's thou like my friend said.. i would get F honor roll.. stupid smart ass she got AB honor roll!! no one cares AMP!!! i realli wish we had an F and D honor roll.. like she said we;d get stickers that said "try harder" lol.. that would be the shit man!! oh yea.. my yaoi icon.. lol nice^^ i am addicted to man on man.. anime.. sad.. ne ways!! lol. umm.. man did this yr go by fast or iz it just meh?ne ways i better go now.. before i make it too long.. so byes byes!


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