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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Current Mood: ....So so
Current Song: Pop is Dead by Miyavi

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am now just kinda pissed and sad. My mamow is all "CALL YOUR MOM AND GET HER TO COME GET YOU BRATS". GODDAMNIT! I am fucking miserable here! CHASTITY COME AND GET ME!! Gah! I wish...But I am going to call my mom tomarrow and tell her to come and get me this weekend! Maybe then everyone will quit fighting. I am tired of it! I have heard enough argueing when my parents were together! I hate it! I really just want to cry. I want to just cry and let it all out. I want to go home. I hate it...I usually love being here with Kay...but with my Mamow here and Lyndsey...welll I can't handle it! My sister Lyndsey is mean she likes to fight with me and Chelsea and it gets on Kay and Lonnie's nerves! Gah! I want to just go..! Last year when I came here.....it was just me and Chelsea. And Me and Chelsea don't fight. (as much) But we listen and mind! Lyndsey doesn't! She just doesn't think anyone should tell her what to do! Gah! I am worried about her....espically when she gets into high school. Gah! >.<' Why do I see another Chastity in the making? gah! lol Man....I AM FUCKING TIRED OF ALL THE BULLSHIT!!!! GAH!! I am tired! >.<' I am sorry...but I don't know what i am going to do....but if I do go home....I'LL BE ABLE TO TALK TO CHASTITY!! ^.^ That'll cheer me up! Gah! well then it's settle I am going to call my mom. Gah! This post may not be as long as the others only because I don't have anything to say. I just hate it here and I want to go home! I am tired of the bullshit and drama. Well g2g

Ashiteru yo!


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Current Mood: GREAT!!
Current Song: Valintines's Day By Marilyn Manson

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am great! Thank you all for your wonderful comments! ^.^ Oh and T-Frog! Thanks! Your great friend! Oh Do you have a nick name? I would love to start calling you by it! ^.^ Man...I am happy I haven't talked to Chastity yet...but hopefully I will! ^.^ I love Chastity! Gah! Oh and T-Frogs........I read your gb entry on Chastity's site! lol! I laughed so hard at the part where your are like "DON'T SUCK MY BLOOD...I TASTE LIKE BROCOLLI" lol! hee hee! Lmao! Man...I am soo happy! Gah! I am happy that me and her are offiical! Gah! ^.^ Oh and T-Frogs...if you want to know what is up with Chastity and Bou....the PM me and I'll tell you the story! ^.^ Gah! I am bored! I sitting here wait for my Aunt to leave and take my sister to....bible school.....XP Gah! I am soo bored....gah....*yawns* I was uplate last night. I felt really sick to my stomach. T.T I hate when I don't feel good...BUT I AM ALL BETTER NOW!! ^.^ lol GAH!! I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT CHASTITY!!!!! lol....So what's going to on with people....hm.....I really don't have much talk about. Oh I went to the mall. I got some ear rings... they have some with keys and lockets. I am going to give Chastity the keys! ^.^ Becasue she holds the key to my heart! ^.^ Man! I am soo happy! I just hope she doesn't call it off...T.T I'll be depressed then! I don't want to be all EMO!! NO NEVER NOT EMO!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!! XP lol. Gah! The song Mechanical Animals makes me think of me and Chastity.....like how we was a long time ago! Gah! I don't want to ever go back to that...but if that hadn't happened I'd never started to date my ex....(Not SAYING NAMES....Unless she doesn't care!). Chastity hates her. I believe she's kinda jealous...or something...I really am not sure of the whole reason....lol...and Chastity won't tell me.! lol! Gah! I am bored! >.<' And My ex-boyfriend Darrel...well Chastity hates him TOO! Me and Darrel are still friends though....I don't think she likes that...lol! ^.^' Gah! But I love Chastity! So she doesn't have to worry about anything! Gah! KYO! I love Kyo! Gah! Wow....that was random. Gah! I love Kyo...Man...what if I had to choose between them! O.O DUM DUM DUM DUMMMMMM!!! OMG....my sister is listening to Barbie Girl by Aqua...O.O gah! I hate it! lol But yet....I can't help but sing it! Gah! T.T THAT's SAD!
I've been listening to (s)aint by Marilyn Manson ALOT lately...I really like that song. "I've got F and a C and I got a K too and the only thing that's missing is a BITCH like you!" Yay! I love it! I am so tired! Gah! OH NO...IT'S STORMING!! NOOO I DON'T Like Storms!! I am tired. GOD HELP ME....MY SISTER IS SINGING!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! HELP!!! I am soo tired!!! GAH! SO sLeePy...*yawns* Yay! I chastity is on!!! YAY! I LOVE HER!! GAH!! She really needs to come by my site and start commenting! Gah! >.<' lol....as soon as she PMs me back I shall tell her to start commenting.........hm.....gah....I am bored! I am soo happy! Gah! I am bored! >.<'
Well I am not bored anymore! OMG I LOVE YOU CHASTITY!! Oh you all need to read what she wrote on her webpage to me! Aww! On her Loves of her life...I came in 2nd...only cuz.....She's all in love with Marilyn Manson...But that's okay..if you anyone is going to be with Chastity they have to except that. And I've got over that about oh I don't know...a year ago. And besides...Kyo is one of the loves of my life too! ^.^ So we are basically even! ^.^ Gah! I am soo happy! She left to South Carolina last night...So I won't be able to talk to her until she gets back! ^.^ Gah! I am so happy! Man life is great! Man Chastity is one of the reason I keep going every morning. Yeah...Kyoko may sound always happy...but deep down....I was just as sad little girl....BUT NOT NOW! ^.^ See....Chastity....and my friends keep me going! I love them both alot! Like They are my top priority Oh and KYo....DEFINITLY KYO!!! IF KYO WAS TO DIE I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'D DO.....Hopefully Chastity can help me on that. Man I can't wait to go home and call her. Then soon after I go home Chastity and I are off to Florida for a week! YAY! I AM SOO EXCITED! I've never stayed a week with her...most I have is the whole day and the night. Gah! I am soo happy! ^.^ Sorry if I am getting on anyones nerves about Chastity. She just makes me sooooooo HAPPY Gah! I painted my nails blue...they was pink and black...but....I was like hey....blue...i haven't wore that in a LOOOONNNNGGG time....Awww Long...that's Chastity's last name...^.^ I Love her! Gah! Sorry! lol ^//^' Sorry! Gah! I am soo happy! YAY!! ^.^ OMG I got 11 comments yesturday! YAY! I haven't got that many in sooo long....!GAH! YAY! ^.^ People love me! I am loved! ^.^ WE DON'T REBEL TO SELL IT JUST SUITS US WELL....WE'RE THE BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS! ^.^ gah! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY! I don't want to ever lose Chastity...now...if Marilyn Manson was to show up....and say Chastity.....I WANT YOU...she'd probable be in shock for one thing...but be like YEAH! Gah T.T But If I am still with Chastity and Kyo was to come up to me...and say KYoko I want you....I'd be happy and all but ...but I just could leave Chastity for him...I mean...I LOVE KYO!! BUT I AM IN LOVE WITH CHASTITY!!! Gah! Well I shall go! ttyl

Ashiteru yo!


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Current Mood: GREAT!!
Current Song: Nyappy in the World!

KONNICHIWA! HEY EVERYONE!! OMG OMG OMG OMG! ME AND CHASTITY ARE OFFICAL! SHE ASKED ME OUT LAST NIGHT! OMG OMG! I AM IN SHOCK! I AM SOO HAPPY! I CAN'T WANT TO GET HOME AND TALK TO HER! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! GAH! I AM SOOOOO HAPPY! OMG! IT SCHOCKED ME! I'll tell you all what happened! Okay...I got on my myspace and was talking to Heather...and I asked her to call Chastity and get on myotaku. And Heather messaged me back and Said she sounded really happy. So I got on myotaku.com and I waited for about 10 minutes. And Then I got a message from Chastity. She told me hello. and Asked if I was by myself. I told her yes...which I was. Then She said I am tired of being "Single" I want to have an offical relationship. And so she said she wouldn't want it to be anyone more than me!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!! I AM SOO HAPPY! AND SHE TOLD ME SHE LOVES ME!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I AM SOO HAPPY! GAH! OH AND SHE'S GETTING OUR FRIEND TIA FROM LITTER SISTER (HER BUSINESS) TO MAKE ME A RAINBOW FLAG! AWW! I AM SOO HAPPY! I HAVEN'T BEEN SOO HAPPY SINCE THE LAST TIME WE WENT OUT!! OMG....! BUT WHAT IF SHE BREAKS UP WITH ME? GAH! I AM AFRAID OF THAT! T.T GAH! i AM HAPPY! hold on...I am soo happy! ^.^ I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! THIS SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! GAH! ^.^' GAH OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I am soo happy! yay! Oh and if anyone want's to check out her site...there is a link in my LOVED ONES area! ^.^ Gah! I AM SOO HAPPY!!!! SHE EVEN POSTED ON HER SITE ABOUT US BEING OFFICAL!! YAY! ^.^ Oh and DON'T ASK ABOUT THE CUPCAKE INCODENT!! GAH! I AM SOO HAPPY!!!!!!!! I REALLY CAN'T THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE RIGHT NOW....OMG! THIS MUST BE A DREAM! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! gah! ^.^ YAY!!! OMG OMG! This is the happiest day of my life! omg omg! Oh and when she got off.....she goes "I g2g I love you Au Revoir" Oh! I am soo happy! THERE IS A GOD!! ^.^ Oh and Heather told her about how my aunt is being. I am so happy! Gah! I can't believe it! I am soooooo IN love! ^.^ Gah! Wow...I believe this is the most cheerful post I have posted in a long time! ^.^ Gah! I am soo happy! OMG OMG OMG!! I AM ACTING LIKE A LITTLE HIGH SCHOOL GIRL!! Well I am but that's besides the point! Omg OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Gah! She told wait until Disney world! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Yay! Sorry I am being alittle stupid. But I never thought she'd ask me back out again! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOO HAPPY!!!!!! I AM NO LONGER SINGLE! YAY!!! YAY....OMG you all have to read her post! lol! hee hee! Gah! I am soo happy!!!!!!!!! I am sorry I am being all giddy! Gah! heehee I said giddy! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! I AM SOO HAPPY! ^.^ Gah! I am soo happy! But you all already know that! Gah! JESSICA AND CHASTITY FOREVER!!! GAH!! OMG OMG OMG!!! YAY!! I got to tell Plank! Omg omg! Later I shall get on Myspace and message Plank and tell her the good news!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!! I AM SOO HAPPY!!!!!! ^.^ yay! ^.^ Gah! ^.^ Well I shall go! Sorry it's not as long as usual! gah! ASHITERU YO!!!


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Monday, June 18, 2007

Current Mood: Good
Current Song: Tears by X Japan

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am great! I am bored! Gah! I love this song! ^.^ "BUT THEY FAiL TO SEE THE ANGQUISH iN MY EYES!" Dope Hat! I love Marilyn Manson! He's my favorite American singer! But Dir En Grey OWN me! lol! ^.^ I love Jrock more then American Music. Lol! ^.^ Gah! I am bored! I've been looking for something....Gah! In My inbox....*Checks* nope still nothing....YAY....GET YOUR GUNN! ^.^ lol! I BASH MY SELF TO SLEEP!!! lol Yeah...get your gunn is the song where they blamed Manson for those girls killing theirselfs. I personally don't see how a song could do that...but Chastity has tried to do it while listening to Coma Black...So now when ever I listen to that song I cry. It's along story about why she tried to, to that song. Gah! >.<' It was all over....um...Well I don't really remember...I just know at the time Coma Black was the song she listened to when she thought about me! T.T That's depressing! T.T Gah! I've never really thought about that...T.T Gah! >.< Because it talks about an Angel and She told me I was the Angel in the song. This one verse always gets me though...."I could have told her then she was the only thing that I could love in this dying world" T.T Gah!
But let's get off that subject before I get all EMO....NOOOOO NOT EMO!! lol! hee hee! I hate emo! I am bored! Gah! You know what I am very random person...I really just type what pops in my head! That's sad! lol But I must write something and I might as well just type what comes to my head! lol! *Checks inbox again* I am not going to get that message until Bou gets back! T.T Gah! Grr....I want my message! grr! Well She'll be back today sometime....Gah! I AM BORED! >.<


I was looking on youtube.com and Watching things on Hide. And I was watching the news report. I started crying. Gah! It's hard to imagine such an amazing person just killing himself. I saw the PV for Pink Spider. I listen to to Hi-Ho, Dice, and Pink Spider. My favorite is Pink Spider. But it's such a sad song. You Know I think about Hide alot. I don't know. I just don't think he killed himself. Maybe I just don't want to believe he did....Gah! Then After watching all those things on Hide, I started thinking about Kami. And I watched this tribute to him. I cried during that too. It kills me, some of the most amazing people die. Yet some of the most evil people in this world still live. It's not FAIR. I wish I could have at least met them. Gah. If Kyo was to ever die...I would fall into a DEEP depression. I would never come out of my room...I was do nothing. I'd stay in my room and listen to Dir En Grey over and over again. AND CRY!! Gah! OMG if anyone from dir en grey was to die I'd cry. If anymore of the jrock people I love was to die I'd cry. I love Jrock. I love my jrockers soooo much. It kills me. Man...this post talks about Death ALOT! lol ^.^'


I am so gah right now. Man....I love Kyo! Gah! Kyo is amazing. Oh I was watching there message to [a knot]. I've seen it before...but I' ve found one that was subtitled! Made my day! It was so funny! Man Dir En Grey was be awesome to hang out with. Oh and at the end Kyo goes up to the camera and says "AND DON'T CALL ME -CHAN" lol! I love it! KYO! ^.^ KYO KYO KYO KYO KYO!! I love Kyo! Omg I was watching Fuse late last night and they showed the video for Grief by diru OMG I SCREAMED!! I RAN THROUGHT THE HOUSE ABOUT 4:00 AM SCREAMING KYO KYO KYO...DIR EN GREY....KYO KYO KYO.....DIRU.......KYO KYO KYO.....KAORU.....SHINYA...TOSHIYA.....DIE! Lol...I love seeing them on tv here in America...It makes me happy...because it gives me hope that I'll see them again. To meet them again. I love Kyo! I would go to one of there concerts they are having over the summer...but they come no where near me. T.T IT SUCKS! I WANT TO SEE KYO!!! T.T I want my Diru! I love Dir en grey! Dir en grey....wow....they mean alot to me! They was the first jrock band I'd ever heard....and from there....I became obsessed with JRock. But Dir En Grey will forever be my favorite. (Yay Vanilla is playing! ^.^)

N E U Hoo

I found the lyrics to Candy Holic, Golden Wing, Cassis, Redemption, Au Revoir,and Ready Steady Go. ^.^ yay! Now I need Fantasy by ALice Nine and Perish by Moi Dix Mois. I have to have the lyrics to them beacause I use them to learn what there are saying....DUH...but I have all these songs on my cds. So yeah...lol

Like I have the following songs.

Dir En Grey's Withering to Death & The Marrow of a Bone
Malice Mizer's memoire & Vogage sans retour
Then There is my Jrock Mixes

Jrock Mix # 1
Jessica - Dir En Grey
Ain't afraid to die - Dir En Grey
Obscure- Dir En Grey
Child Prey - Dir en grey
Yurameki - Dir En Grey
Transilyvania by Malice Mizer ( i know that's not spelled right! )
Beast of Blood by Malice Mizer
Mizerable by Gackt

Jrock Mix # 2
Au Revior - Malice Mizer
Fantasy - Alice Nine
Golden Wing- An Cafe
Tears - X Japan
Vanilla - Gackt
Ready Steady Go - L'arc~En~Ciel
Wagamama Koushinkyouku by An Cafe
Perish by Moi Dix Mois
Pink Spider - Hide
Jealous - Dir En Grey

Jrock Mix # 3
Redemption - Gackt
Escapism- An Cafe
InVoke - TM Revolution
Candy Holic- An Cafe
Cage - Dir En Grey
Amber - Dir En Grey
Syunikiss - Malice Mizer
Gardenia - Malice Mize
Cassis - Gazette

So yeah....And I am getting another one when I got back home. Susie is making me one! It's going to have Malice Mizer, Miyavi, Hide, Lareine, Nightmare, Gackt, and I can't remeber what else! ^.^' lol! Well I am going to go for today!



Later that day!



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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Current Mood: Good
Current Song: When Doves Cry by Prince

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am good! I am much better then yesturday! ^.^ Gah! Sorry about the angryness of yesterday's post.
I guess I am random when my post are longer, I am very random. lol! But I am also like that when I talk!

What is everyone up too? I am just sitting here listening to Prince! ^.^ Yeah I like Prince! lol! Chastity got me into him! lol! She told me that the song "When Doves Cry" is for me!^.^ Yay! If you heard the song....well then you know why I am all Yay about it! ^.^ I love the first part of the song "dig if you will the picture of you and I engaged in a KISS!" I should look for the lyrics....hmm......I wonder if I could type them out by memory like I do Dir En Grey! lol! But I am obsessed with Dir En Grey...not so much Prince....but I do like him! Lol! ^.^ Let's see....

When Doves Cry by Prince

Dig if you will the picture of you and I engaged in a kiss
the sweat of your body covers me
can you my darling can you picture this.

Even in a court yard of Oceans and Voilets in Bloom
Animals strike courius poses they feel the heat, the heat between me and you

How can you just leave me standing
Alone in a world so cold
Maybe I'm just too demanding
Maybe I am just like father to bold
Maybe you're just like my mother
She's never satified
Why do we scream at each other
This is what it sounds like when doves cry.

Touch if you will my stomach feel how it trembles inside
You've got the butterflies all tied up Don't make me chase you
Even Doves that cry.

CHOURS! (repeat)

Yup...I think that's right...I'll check it out later! I believe I may have mispelled a few words. Oh well! Gah! I am bored! So anyways! Okay....I am tired of listening to Prince...Hm....wonder what I should listen to now.....let's see.....Dir En Grey....Malice Mizer...jrock mix.....Marilyn Manson....Smashing Pumpkins....or Meatloaf? Hm.......I don't know.....gah! >.< Grr! Too many to choose from! Grr! hm....let's see....I KNOW!!! I SHALL LISTEN TO.....um......MEATLOAF!! YAY!! I am going to listen to Meatloaf! Yay! Meatoaf...gah! Well...I'll listen to it as soon as the stupid thing loads!!!! Grrr! Okay...now! YAY! It's Playing! I love it! I am going to listen to Modern Girl now! I LOVE THIS SONG! I SHALL SING TOO "ONCE A BEAUTIFUL MISS AMERICA MARRIED MR. RIGHT" Yay! Gah! I am happy right now...I am glad I am in a good mood today! ^.^ Chastity doesn't like Meatloaf! Plank likes Meatloaf. Me and Plank went to this bar called Hollywood. and We sung the song "Paridise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf! ^.^ I didn't know Plank sung so good! ^.^ I had so many people request me to sing "Broken Wing" by Martina McBride. Gah! I want to be a famous singer with my own band someday and go on tour with Dir En Grey! Oh who knows....MAYBE ME AND KYO COULD BE TOGETHER!!! Gah sorry go a little carried away! lol! But I have Chastity! So yeah... I am VERY happy with her! I love her! Yay! ^.^ Okay....now I see why Bou told me I was random! lol! yay! I am now listening to "You took the words right out of my mouth" by Meatloaf! GAH I WANT TO GET UP AND DANCE! I need to start writing more longer posts! But not many people come to my site anymore...I used to get at least 10 people to comment....but I am lucky to just get 2! Gah! T.T I wish people would come back to my site! T.T Akria Hiwatari doesn't even come to my site anymore! T.T I tried to get Sharito to come back on my Otaku last night but she's all about "myspace" now. I like Myspace but I love MYOTAKU more! ^.^ Becasue I have soo many good frieds here and more people come and see me! ^.^
Momo and Bou,
Could you all help me and get people to start coming back to my site? I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Bou and Momo....I love them! They are my bestest friends on here So is Shin-Chan! I could never tell them how much I love them...the mean ALOT to me! They do so much for me....but I feel I've haven't done anything in return. But One Day....I shall do something very special to show them how much they mean to me! Gah! Gah!


OMG!! I JUST HAD A THOUGHT....WOULDN'T IT BE AWESOME FOR ALL OF US TO MEET?!? Someday...I'd love to mean Bou, Shin-Chan and Momo! So many times I have came close to meeting Bou and Shin-Chan! Gah! IF YOU GUYS EVER GO BACK TO GATLINBURG CALL ME!!!!! Gah! I won't tell Chastity I am going to see you! LoL! Chastity doesn't like it when I talk to Bou. I believe she's jealous...lol! That's so kawaii! lol!

Well I am going to go!



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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Current Mood: MiXeD!
Current Song: Saku by dir en grey

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am okay....just kinda pissed and sad! I don't want to be here anymore. I am ready to go home. I miss Chastity so bad! Gah! >.<' My Aunt....she's really mad me want to cry. My sister brought up Lesbians and Gays and people like that...and my aunt said that it was nasty and poeple like that you messed up in the head. She threatened to disown my sister just because she said she likes DRAGQUEENS WTF! I mean come on....GAH!!! >.<
it kinda scares me. If she was to find out that I am like that even just 50% then she'd disown me! Why do people hate!?! Gah! Just because of the Bible. Don't get me wrong for those of you who are all about JESUS. Gah! But The Bible is just a book! And They are more like guide lines anyway! I mean come on. Sorry, I am just wanting to CRY I don't think I'll ever really fit in with my family! I have a birthday party to go to today! It's my 2nd cousin's Nicholas. He's so cute! Gah! I really miss Chastity! I wish she was here so bad! I want to see her. I need her so bad right now. I wish I could just at least talk to her. Gah! (2 days down 11 to go!) gah! Is it sad when you feel like you don't even belong to your family? It is! I want to feel like I belong so bad! Gah! My Mammow said she HATES gays and people like that. Just because I love diffrently is no reason to hate me! I want to just cry! I want to just SCREAM Gah!


I am bored! Gah! I want Chastity! I wish she was here! I want her to tell me everythings okay. I want someone to tell me..."don't worry Kyoko....You're not werid....and I love you for you!" Yeah....I wish someone would tell me that. I am so sad....I want to go home! I want to leave. I want to be with Chastity! I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO FLORIDA! I'll be with Chastity for a week. Maybe then....I won't feel so alone. Gah....T.T Oh great...now I am crying. I am soo happy....(NOT). This sucks. I am sorry to bother you all with this. But I really needed to get it out of my systom.

ANY YooHoo

I am in a better mood now! I think getting all that off my chest helped alot! Yeah...Bou, I believe I should try to write longer post. Well as long as I am here at my Aunt's house I can. I can't wait to see Chastity! ^.^ Gah! I am bored! >.<' I AM TIRED!
Oh did you like your banners? I sent some to people I love and are worthy of my love! ^.^ lol! Gah! Bou....Your comment on yesterdays post really cheered me up! I don't know why but it did...maybe just getting to hear from you is why.
Well I g2g! Ttyl!

I love you all


P.S. Bou, I cleaned out my inbox!

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Friday, June 15, 2007


Current Mood: Good!
Current Song: Clever Sleaziod by Dir En Grey

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am good! i am just here in Ohio! I am so tired! I am just sitting in here. My sister had my Mammow dying laughing at dinner yesterday....She wanted on of these Hot peppers and Mammow told her there were too hot. She didn't believe her! Well let's just say that Lyndsey found out the hard way not to listen to Mammow! Lol! I laughed my @$$ off! Lol! Gah! I am so in love with Dir En Grey!
Is it sad though when you’ve only been here for 1 day and are already tired of everyone? Gah! It’s sad but true! >.< Oh well…1 day 13 more to go! >.< OH I GOT ME A SMASHING PUMPKINS SHIRT!!! YAY!!! I LOVE SMASHING PUMPKINS!!!
I finally found Pink Spider in English by Hide! I was so happy to finally learn what he is saying...and as much as I love that song.....I didn't expect it to be so sad! T.T I love Hide! RiP Gah! Have you all heard about how they believe that was his goodbye song or something? It makes me want to cry every time I thing about it! Hide was such a special person...and I just don't see how he could have just killed himself. I mean I feel like there is something we (as the public) don't know. I wish I had known him! But I was only 8 when he had died! Gah! >.<' Gah!
I need help with something...I need help finding lyrics for the following songs: (all songs in English!!)
1. Candy Holic by an cafe
2. Cassis by Gazette
3. Fantasy by Alice Nine!
4. Golden Wing by An Cafe
5. Perish By Moi Dix Mois
6. Au Revoir by Malice Mizer
7. Beast of Blood by Malice Mizer

If you any of you find these lyrics could you PLEASE Pm me them! I will be forever greatful! ^.^ Gah! I so bored!


I would love it if someone could make me a new layout with Kyo


I am now listening to the Withering to Death. This cd kicks ass! Gah! Man I miss Chastity! I didn't get to talk to her when I was at home yesterday! T.T Gah! But I left her a message on her phone! I told her I'd miss her and I'll be back in 2 weeks! I love her! Gah! Chastity means so much to me! In a way though...I am so afraid to get too close to her. Because she has hurt me before...I don't know....She's never treated me soo good! Like last summer we were "together" and she never called me...now she calls almost everyday! Aww! I love her! If I never get to have Kyo, I want to at least be with her....! If not....Well I am going back to my ex...if she'll take me back! Gah! I love Chastity...but part of me still really loves my ex....I am not saying her name....I promised not to tell anyone...Momo knows...but that’s all...! ^.^’ Gah! I am so bored! You know this like the longest thing I've ever wrote! Lol! It's still not as long as Momo's! Lol Gah! I am so bored! >=/ lol! That's a funny face! Lol! Oh I am going to be making something for all my friends! ^.^ So be looking in you Pm boxes! Well not all my friends! Just those who I think are true friends! Those that come a comment ALMOST everyday! ^.^ I'd tell you all who But....Why ruin the surprise! ^.^' lol! Well I am going to RUN! Lol! Ttyl!

Ashiteru yo!


I Love you! You are such a sweet person! Thanks you so much! You made my day! Thanks! ^.^ I love you soo much! YOUR KICK ASS!!!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Current Mood: Great!
Current SOng: Jashin to bara by nightmare

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am good! I am in OHIO!! ^.^ Gah! I am soo happy! This means I get to be on the internet alittle more! ^.^ Yay! So I should UPDATE everyday! ^.^ Ahh the last time I was here I got so into this site I updated everyday and people would always come an comment! Not so much anymore though! I try to update but I can't ! >.< But When I am in OHIO and in GEORGIA I can! ^.^
I put my old layout back on! ^.^ I missed it! So I figured I would put on there! ^.^ I am sooo bored right now though! I am going to look for some lyrics! I have to have for my cd's!
Bou, I have talked to Darrel.....I believe it was um....Monday..and we talk for about an Hour... I have talked to Chastity! ^.^



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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Current Mood: Great!
Current SOng: Ugly by dir en grey

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am good! OMG! I found Miyavi's myspace page! It's smexy! I love Miyavi! Hm....I sent him a friend request Friday...hmm.....hold on...*DRUM ROLLS* HE ADD ME!!!! YAY!! Oh and Tadahisa Yoshida! OMG HE CALLED ME SWEET HEART!! I LOVE IT! GAH! HE's smexy! You have to heart him! Gah! I am talking to Sharito on here right now! I love talking to her! OMG BOU (CRIMSONROSE) YOU WAS IN GALTINBURG AND DIDN'T CALL ME!! I LIVE SOOO CLOSE!!! GAH! Well I am going to go! I don't have much to talk about today! Oh and I may be in Ohio Thursday! So I shall talk then!



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Friday, June 8, 2007

   The Piass!
Current mood: Good!
Current SOng: if[rest] by The Piass!

Konnichiwa! I had a dream last night....about KYo....it was odd...but I don't remember much about it! Gah! >.< I know I woke up all sweaty....Hm....maybe I'll remeber more later....Gah! >.<
OMG! I am in love with this band called THE PIASS! Gah! They kick ass! OMG! I've seen them in my CURE magazine before and stuff but I couldn't read there name cuz it's in Japanese....then I was searching the web for just random Jrock pictures and found them! I love them! They are all metal! MAKES ME HAPPY!!! ^.^
NeWho! I talked to Chastity last night and she's going to be out of town for the weekend! She told me to text her so she can keep in touch! She told me she hated not being able to talk to me so yeah...AWW I LOVE HER! She's being so much more of a girlfriend to me this time around...like more then usual...I mean when me and her were together the first few times she was like nothing was going on...but now she's all "I love you" and I can't wait for you to have our "ching-chong" baby! Aww! ^//^ I Love it! Gah! ^.^ LIFE IS WONDERFUL!!! She was telling about all the "naughty" things she was wanting to do to me! GAH! O.O Sorry This stuff shocks the hell out of me! Gah! I AM IN LOVE!!! Gah! Oh I've noticed she even gets a "little" jealous of Kyo! lol! WEll I can't help if I LOVE Kyo! He's smexy! Hmm........Gah!
I couldn't sleep last night...after the dream....NO MORE SLEEP FOR ME!! lol! Gah! So I played FreeCell on my computer THAT HAS NO INTERNET!!! GRRR! And then I looked at pictures of Kyo! Oh I love you Kyo! I hope he's okay....for once I hope the feeling is WRONG! Well I am going to go! Ttyl!

Love you all!



THere is a Piass PV!


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