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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

hihi peoples!!! Ayame-meimei speaking!! but don't go away!! you're in the right place!^ ^ ok... yes... im a little hyper XD but anyway i broke into xbleachx's backroom to tell you a very important message!!!


our dear friend xbleachx is coming back to us monday, october 10th!!! so don't miss her welcome back party!! ok ok there is no party *sniff* and i so wanted cake... T^T anyway!! im happy she is coming back!! i have missed her so!! her evil school!!! trying to corrupt her mind with education!!! yes, i think i had a little too much sugar... ok, im gonna go away now cuz you're all probably thinking why in the hell did xbleachx leave her site in the hands of such an inhuman weirdo XXD

ok anyway!! see ya guys!!
take care!! ^ ^

? ?

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

WOW. sorry for not updating. its been a while. sorry for not visiting and stuff. i wont be on otaku for a while. so i apologize. got a new theme! yup. got bored. i miss my other one. ill try to visit everyone today. promise! im so sorry. started school so im really busy.

take care everyone!!!


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Sunday, August 21, 2005

not much to say... hm... well... ok... im _____. yeah...

i made a new walpaper yesterday. check it out. its not that great though. im gonna make more soon. but can anyone give me ideas? any anime or something. cause i cant think right now. haha.

take care. bye. ?

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

well have a new theme. and its weird. because i didnt know what i was doing... so yeah. well i didnt update for a while. sorry for not visiting your sites... AGAIN! im stupid i know. im such a bad friend. well what to do... im sooooooo boredd! godd! theres nothing to do! i talked to ayame-meimei! but i noticed that i always say the same things. why? because im soooo bored!!! now im hooked on this rooney song. and i cant stop playing it in my otaku! im that bored. and ONE MORE WEEK till school starts! i think im gonna die!!! worst summer ever. although i did have a great time with my cousins. but yeah... jsadfkhjdskfh oiryu8 fujisduhjf ksdhfkls jlka -p[das lfwa;jkdsjhf...

i heard people can read words even if the word is mixed up... im stupid so stupid.

awanys i ma beodr... i htea soochl. os sda... eryvtiem i lkoo ta teh colkc ist awayls lkei... fro epamxle:
9:11 10:11 7:11....
eryvtiem i lkoo ta teh clkc ist smotingh :11!

anyways can you read that? haha!sorry for saying bored all the time. sorry for saying im sorry all the time. lol! but thats a good thing! talk to you later!!! take care! ? [i just love putting those hearts. i know im lame] bye!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

well... ppl are coming over! so i wont be able to visit anyones site... so many things are happening! i cant even do the computer!!! ahh! sorry! bye. take care! ill be back!
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