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Saturday, August 20, 2005

well have a new theme. and its weird. because i didnt know what i was doing... so yeah. well i didnt update for a while. sorry for not visiting your sites... AGAIN! im stupid i know. im such a bad friend. well what to do... im sooooooo boredd! godd! theres nothing to do! i talked to ayame-meimei! but i noticed that i always say the same things. why? because im soooo bored!!! now im hooked on this rooney song. and i cant stop playing it in my otaku! im that bored. and ONE MORE WEEK till school starts! i think im gonna die!!! worst summer ever. although i did have a great time with my cousins. but yeah... jsadfkhjdskfh oiryu8 fujisduhjf ksdhfkls jlka -p[das lfwa;jkdsjhf...

i heard people can read words even if the word is mixed up... im stupid so stupid.

awanys i ma beodr... i htea soochl. os sda... eryvtiem i lkoo ta teh colkc ist awayls lkei... fro epamxle:
9:11 10:11 7:11....
eryvtiem i lkoo ta teh clkc ist smotingh :11!

anyways can you read that? haha!sorry for saying bored all the time. sorry for saying im sorry all the time. lol! but thats a good thing! talk to you later!!! take care! ? [i just love putting those hearts. i know im lame] bye!

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