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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

hihi peoples!!! Ayame-meimei speaking!! but don't go away!! you're in the right place!^ ^ ok... yes... im a little hyper XD but anyway i broke into xbleachx's backroom to tell you a very important message!!!


our dear friend xbleachx is coming back to us monday, october 10th!!! so don't miss her welcome back party!! ok ok there is no party *sniff* and i so wanted cake... T^T anyway!! im happy she is coming back!! i have missed her so!! her evil school!!! trying to corrupt her mind with education!!! yes, i think i had a little too much sugar... ok, im gonna go away now cuz you're all probably thinking why in the hell did xbleachx leave her site in the hands of such an inhuman weirdo XXD

ok anyway!! see ya guys!!
take care!! ^ ^

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