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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is it alright if I just write the episode decription? Mmkay.

In this episode Clark Steel and Ralf Jones come back together after a very long hiatus. They discuss the news like the iPad, and new releases like Tatsuonoko versus Capcom. Speaking of Tatsunoko versus Capcom they show a glimpse into it's gameplay as well as the promised gameplay of Uncharted 2 (very late we know) Also stick around after the guys say "nimyou kanryou" we have a bonus for you guys who decided to stick with us after all this time. It also seems Clark Steel and Ralf Jones can't tell what's a lama or a camel, because they're special. Remember to send us an e-mail and tell us what you think at TrueIkariWarriors@gmail.com

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Street Fighter commentary by Screwattack
For your enjoyment I'm posting the entire Street Fighter movie with commentary by the Screwattack crew. That... and I'm waiting until I buy an HD camera before I start making videos again.




Stuttering Craig and crew are hilarious! Plus, it was still better than that Chun Li movie.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Last myO post.. of the decade!
So folks, I bet you thought I abandoned myO? Well, that's a fair assumption last time I checked you abandoned me. :| ...XD Gotcha! So, I'm just posting here to tell you guys to check out my last two posts on theO WHEN YOU HAVE THE TIME because they're long. But again I still hope you DO see them. See them later but DO see them. Just go to my theO and I you'll see I did two posts called Looking Forward and another called Looking Back on the year and decade.

Also want to mention that now I'm putting up my (project)playlist.com playlist since imeem being snatched up by myspace has left a void. I am NOT joining myspace darn it! Man, oddly enough I joined playlist.com YEARS ago when I was mad at imeem's 30 second samples but then I went back to imeem and never signed back into playlist.com for years. Now look at me, signed back in (forgot my password though had to request a new one) and using that. Strange no?

Oh! Check this out, this video makes me so happy. Especially since I'm a part of this website and they know of my podcast.

Enjoy! See you next year! :)

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

This wallpaper made me weep in joy. Who'da thought the fan club I created to originally impress a girl back in high school would turn into this? ^____^

Please check it out and give all the props to the wonderful secret moderator who made it.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Unrelated post
Unrelated to my theO post, but... DID YOU HEAR! They're remaking Joe and Mac!


I loved Joe and Mac on the SNES! My mom even more so than me I think, so I think she'll be even happier. ^__^

But still, I am happy.


Trust me, I'm ecstatic.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

As I already stated I'm getting into a site with some nice folks and they need a person who is good with code to actually design the site. A video was recently put up to explain exactly what's needed and how to reach him. So here is the video. WARNING: the video starts to glitch at the end, it isn't his fault though. Also you may have to follow the video on its original youtube page to see the contact details in the description.

BTW That's not me. But you'd know that if you've seen my videos before. XD

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Monday, November 2, 2009

20th Episode! :D
So I have the 20th episode of my audio only podcast up! This one is really special, which is why I uploaded to my blip.tv just so I can embed it here, so if you can listen to it that would be so awesome. Go here to http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/ikaricast for the show notes.

I also am putting up again the vodcast I did yesterday, just in case you didn't see last time, only person who saw it I believe was K-chan... so yeah check that one out too. Don't worry they're fairly short, at least compared to my usual length for episodes (both the vodcast and podcast) they're extremely short. XD

Well, I hope you dig them and as I said before I'll be doing these episodes for a website in the making so if you can leave feedback now it would be extremely helpful, thanks.

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

So I got Tekken 6 yesterday and if anybody knows this quite well, it's K-chan. Considering I played her, and her brother online. Her brother stomped me quite soundly, which I forgot to mention in the vodcast I just made that playing her online proved to me that the online play is pretty smooth. I only experienced lag in the first match but after that it was smooth.

Speaking of that vodcast, here it is!

Also out of sheer curiosity I decided to look up that HTC commercial on youtube and found it on HTC's official page. I did that hoping that somewhere in the comments people would know what that song was. It sounded like some great house music. Well, I find out that lots of people were like me and wanted to know and I find it out it's a song called "Sinnerman" and that the version in the commercial was a house remix by Felix Da Housecat. The original version was a jazz song sung by Nina Simone. I found both versions and yeah... I dig it a whole lot. I'll put them both up here and if you listen to the original version pay attention to what she's singing. (Yes it's a woman and yes she was a born a woman. Just in case you were wondering)

Nina Simone version

The Felix Da Housecat version (the version I was looking for in the first place) can't be embedded! :(

Oh, and in other news a guy (not saying his internet name because he's actually going to change it) is starting a website a la thatguywiththeglasses with a bunch of content creators (video makers and article writers and such) and have it be focused completely on anime and he wants my podcast to be a part of it! (Video games has a lot to do with anime so it's alright) Here's hoping it all goes awesome and that we can all get known and that you guys out there (since you're otaku right, I mean you're on this site right?) check it out when it's done and leave us feedback.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekend of Awesome
Hello all, if you happen to care that I'm alive I would like to let you all know I'm currently on a small break. Since I have no classes Fridays I have a 4 day weekend now instead of 3 day (which would be a usual one for me XD) So yeah I have time now, I'll try and comment and all starting tomorrow. Also not only is the weekend awesome but so is the week after, the college usually likes to make you make up the day you just missed so the Tuesday I come back is a Monday schedule, which is AWESOME, because Tuesdays are my longest days with going from 8:30 to 4. So instead going back Tuesday I go from 10 to 11 then go back at 1:30 until 4. Then Wednesday is just like that except I don't go back at 1:30. Then you know Thursday and the weekend again! ^__^ Sweet! :)

Also want to mention that on Thursday as I was walking to class some dude I was walking by was saying "he's just big" which kind of ticked me off but I did nothing because I wasn't even sure he was talking about me. But it ticked me off all the same because I hate when people just label others like that whether it was or wasn't me. How do you know man? How do you know this person is more than just "big" and is able to do more? Especially if you're talking to me bro I've been training in martial arts since I was 3. I'm definitely more than just big. Whatever though, like I said I wasn't even sure he was even talking about me, just kinda ticks me off when people make assumptions like that.

But one last thing I wanted to mention is something I believe I only mentioned to K-chan. I'll have to backtrack a bit for this so bare with me, but during finals week last spring semester I was walking back from handing my research paper to my English professor after finishing the final and running back home to re-print my research paper (gave it to her in just the nick of time by the way) I saw a girl sitting on one of the benches near the main building and... she looked exactly like Linda! If you don't know who Linda is she is one of my OCs who typically looks like this:

But since the girl was blonde she looked more specifically like Linda's second "super" stage. Which is this:

So... yeah, that was the last time I saw her, and since then I was wondering if I started to make her up (or if she simply just graduated since then). But, haha, I wasn't making it up, neither did she graduate, I saw her yesterday! ^__^ Wearing a pink sweater too. Hmm, I want to be able to at least say hi to the girl. Gees, my dumb shyness, it's why I don't have many female friends IRL. :|

Random I know, see you around! XD

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thank You
A million thanks and hugs for those who gave encouraging words to me about my grandmothers death. Thanks so much, especially on deviantart oddly enough, I was expecting the least there but in fact I got the most encouragement there and not here on myO and theO.

I'll do a more in depth post a bit down the road but in the mean time this post isn't for nothing I did a new vodcast! I haven't done one since early August, hope you like it. It's much shorter than the last two.

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