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Friday, March 20, 2009


La La La Girl (original mix) - Paffendorf
This is the original mix of the song Lalala Girl. It's strange the original mix and the remix make me think of completely different things. This one feels more surreal and abstract and the remix feels more concrete and with the remix it's like your in a fight and you're just getting serious. I like both. But I digress this isn't about that. Though, it did inspire those bubblegim girl pictures (the remix) this one you never seen on theO.

Lalala by ~the-world-is-mine on deviantART
Woops sorry about rambling on. I actually just wanted to post that I finished the three active request pictures. Now all three slots are open for fan-art requests. ^___^ So... you got anything? O_o

Here are the finished requests.

These ones I just did, because I wanted to. That's why I love myO no 3 or 4 image limit. :)

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two down

I don't know if you noticed but now there are TWO open slots for requests now. So go ahead ask away! Here's the latest one:

I think I'll start digitally coloring my drawings now. Or leaving them black and white, for my colored pencils are getting really worn out.

ikari team complete by ~ANGElsilvestre on deviantART
The above one is not done by me but cool.
this next one is old but my personal favorite I don't care.

Linda is Number 1 by ~the-world-is-mine on deviantART

Boy, I feel like drawing Dudley now.

Yours is next Magnus! This one ought to be cool... I hope.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

So over the weekend I made a lot of videos (something I thought I'd NEVER do) and I'm hoping you guys would check them out. Here's 3 of my videos, featuring me and my dad playing Pirates Of Dark Water (do any of you remember that show? I do) and I think you'll get a kick out of it so please watch them. Please... Also check out my other video game videos.

On other news I finished the line-art for you K-chan it just needs to be colored and for you Magnus I'm just trying to figure out how I want the costume to look. :)

Here's part 1

Here's part 2

finally part 3 which was recently uploaded

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break! WOO!
Yeah, now I'm on Spring Break and I'm getting around to requests. I just finished Yamchaa's request of Mike Haggar from Final Fight. Which is this:

Oh, and here's the vids I posted on my Clark Steel world. These are something you ought to see and see them in order so the last one would make sense. All that work getting there... :D
So in order they are:
This one first

Then this one

and finally this one

Then this video here which I made. This is of me playing Final Fight 2 showing small cameos of Guile and Chun Li.

That's a lot of videos but hey, I like to keep people busy (and maybe even entertained) before I post again which will probably be a while.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Everybody Everbody (remix) - Black Box

Gosh today was rough. Tuesday's are such a pain 8am to 4pm. >< Man, this morning I'm in school barely awake and looking at a computer screen and my eyes could not take it. I just couldn't look at the screen gave me a bad headache too. Through all that crap somehow I managed to complete my work fine AND before everyone else. Man, my adobe indesign work is good. :) Must be because of my previous class working with it. So far I've made business cards, newspaper layouts, magazine layouts, brochures, ads... That's my training. ^__^

Glad to see some people I haven't seen in such a long time commenting again too. As for me well, next week is SPRING BREAK! So you ought to see me around more God willing.

Also want to say again that I've decided to put my working requests in the profile of myO and in the introduction to my world so you can always see what I'm working and if I started your request yet. Remember, just because the slots are full doesn't mean you can't ask, just means I won't get to it until I finish one of the ones listed first. :)

That's the first part of an episode of Ring Ni Kakero. Subbed in French, I guess mostly French anime fans are on dailymotion :|

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Request Line
Just wanted to post, that due to me being in a bit of a rut when it comes to drawing (after those nice Street Fighter ones too ><) that I shall be taking requests. "What? Did I read that right?" you say? Yes you did. I'm taking some advice from my english professor which is "quit when you're hot, persist when you're not" it's advice for writers block but I figure it ought to work for art too, and looking in the past it has worked for me before.

Anyway this is how it rolls, I have three slots for requests. Meaning I'll only be working on three at a time. It doesn't mean I'm only taking three requests it just means I won't work on any more until a slot opens up when I'm done with one of the three I'm working on. Basically it's like a cycle. Let's say 5 people requested something, well the first three requests would be the one I'm working on and when I'm done with one of the first three I'll go work on the 4th request and when I'm done with another one I'll work on the 5th one...

If you're confused just say so. ^__^ I'll try and explain it better.

Anyway here are the slots as of right now. Since I gave WanderingMage a heads up about this as thanks for being my newest friend she has a request and from the time I first posted all active slots are filled already.
1) WanderingMage - Maxima request
2) Yamchaa - Mike Haggar request
3) Angel Zakuro - Ren

To be honest I'm pretty much always open for requests unless I specifically say so.
Also want to say I don't charge people for these things, because I honestly don't think I'm good enough to charge. Some people charge because they do need the money, and yet I need the money really bad but I still wouldn't charge. :|


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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back to the old style
Now, I did not do this because I dislike Kyoko's layout (quite the opposite) but I need it to be like this for a little bit. There's some stuff I need to dig in my archives for and I can't look through 'em with the site like the way it was.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So lots of stuff happened news wise that I pretty much already said in a bunch of other places but I guess I'll explain here. FIRST off school is demanding! >< I have SO much work, I'm done with it right now so I'm on but I bet ya when I come back from school tomorrow I'll have a bunch of homework again. It would be nice to just be able to rest on the weekend.

Also want to say is if you dig Dragonball go see all the Dragonball news I posted on my

Clark Steel world

I also put a new video on youtube and dailymotion basically I found this song on OCRemix.org and I wanted to share it, saw there wasn't any videos or imeem of it so I put together a video to share it. It's a remix of the elevator stage from Streets Of Rage and this remix is amazing. Here's the dailymotion of it

The youtube for it is on

Red Kie's world

Hmm, what else? I feel like drawing more! Now if only I could find the time. :( Also I can't believe I still have that girl on my mind too, not so bad now but still I need to focus.


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Friday, February 13, 2009

long weekend
First off thanks two K-chan and CCR for commenting here. I don't really deserve much comments anymore do I? ^^; Well, I just want to update about what's going on now. Well, my grandmother is doing much better today I'm certain she will be able to leave the nursing home and therapy soon. Also I'm getting a kitten! It's this cute little black fluffy kitty and... she's so playful! I think I'll take pictures of her when I get her. On the outside I'm perfectly fine nothing bad is really going on even with my grandmother things are going well. But inside I feel so much confusion and... it's like a storm inside. Besides two disturbing dreams the second one featuring a person I thought that I moved on over, even after I found her sister on facebook last year I felt I could put everything to rest. But then I find her MOTHER, >< now everything comes flooding back and I'm so confused and I feel so much anxiety and everything is cloudy. It sure seems that the girl is doing fine I guess, don't know if she is in college herself but she is fine. I feel so anxious because I already talked to her sister and I don't know if also talking to her mother would make me look like a stalker. I want to forget her but I don't know what that would do to my psyche if I do, every time she is either in or symbolized in my nightmares and if I forget her I'm afraid that if I have a nightmare or even a good dream and she's in or symbolized in it, I won't know who that person is or who it's symbolizing and I may feel more pain. What do I do I'm in no physical duress but the psychological pain I'm in is so big. By the way it would make SO much more sense if I explain it, I'm not obsessed over her! Or at least I'm not obsessed in THAT way and not randomly so, if I explain it it would make sense I promise.

Orochi Iori Pictures, Images and Photos

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh dear I was right I didn't update in a while. Well, it's a while for me anyway. Dear Lord, I leave to focus on school work (and not even completely leave I was still commenting when I could) and I die that quick here. O_o Well, I guess I could say that I was transferring life from my account to Ikari Warriors. It's like that's getting a reboot, which I'm happy about. Well, anyway lots of stuff happened. Uh, number 1 I FINALLY have a laptop! *happy spaz dance* Er, it's this one. I also have a new phone, I don't really care but since my dad got himself a Blackberry that I needed something from my previous... blah phone. It's not a blackberry but compared to my old phone it's definitely cooler.
*shrugs shoulders* I don't know phones.:b_blink: What else is going on? Well my grandmother went through the operation well however the shock of seeing herself without legs made her freak out, also she's in a lot of pain, it really did hurt my heart when I heard her cry in pain. School is alright lots of homework though, which is why I'm not here and it's why I was doing all this stuff for Ikari Warriors I want the mods to keep it alive and not let it wither away.

Also could you please comment my latest artwork? thank you. I could use all the constructive comments I could get.

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