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Monday, March 14, 2011

Ikaricast 1 Season 3

For the first episode of the new season of the Ikaricast xaos, and 16 bit Jeff bring along Steven Lajr to talk about the news, Star Wars and the new portables coming out. e-mail us at ikaricast@reviewtopia.net 

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News Links:







This is the Batman Arkham City news link

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Go here and subscribe via iTunes or RSS to keep getting the latest episodes http://xaosshows.blip.tv/

If you want personal updates read my latest world post

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ikaricast 39

This episode of Ikaricast features the crew of the AngelTech Awesomecast as guests as we talk about everything geek, pretty much literally. We had tons of fun recording this episode we hope you have fun listening. E-mail us at ikaricast@thegeekfighters.com 

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Monday, January 17, 2011

My first post of the new year, I wish this was a happier post

Usually I've been posting just to give an update on something or I have a story (or stories) to tell. Well, I have some stories. Oy, and they're not good. First off I'll start with a lighthearted one. On Friday I went to one of these "liquidation event" sales... things that happens every year. They advertised $10 Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 games. So I was like... why not I'll go. First we try find some parking and even though where we parked is where LOTS of people park and I'm pretty sure the city knew that people would need to, you know, GET ON THE SIDEWALK there was no clear way to get on. We hopped over the snow like was saw another guy do, but yeah, I'm nowhere near as light as that guy and I get sucked in the snow and I hurt my ankle. People tend to freak out when I tell them I actually weigh around 280 "You just don't look like you're that heavy" they say Then right over that mountain is a parking meter, we put some money in it and... the darn thing was broken! It didn't turn green and it didn't stay red, it turned yellow. So we run to the sale thing hoping to be fast enough to not get a ticket. The Mass Mutual center where it was held kept saying "go right" to get to the sale and we kept freaking walking right for a while until we finally find the entrance to this sale. We get there and then we find that it's like a con and we had to pay for passes. $8 per person for one day, I pay and all I have is like 10 dollars. I go there and look at the games and... it's all the shovelware games for Wii and games I just don't care about for PS3, Rock Band (or Guitar Hero I don't care) AC/DC and ONE good game that caught my eye, Brutal Legend. I asked about it and I was told the other games were 10 dollars and that one was 20. -_- Really? Well, then my dad was like "we should get a refund" so we go to the owner of the con and we go "we want a refund" he says "talk to that guy" so we go to the guy he said and we said "we want a refund" and he said "here" and I got my money back. Then we ran to the car and thankfully there wasn't a ticket.

Ok, that wasn't so bad (except for my ankle) but this, this crap sucked. Yesterday, and TODAY thegeekfighters.com was HACKED! They're these guys who are from some forum that's all about hacking and they hacked yesterday putting some kind of propaganda or something (when I found out yesterday we already dealt with it so I didn't see) and today we were hacked again with a message saying "I hate this site. If it doesn't come down soon. I'll take the DB" (DB stands for database unlike what one of my fans thought it meaning the Desu Des Brigade our partner site) Well, we fixed that too and we put measures up so we're prepared if they try some crap again. We also took legal action (these guys are in Israel) and told their host, which was godaddy that they're hosting a site that has the sole purpose of teaching how to hack sites. Basically they kind of see these hacks as like an achievement. It almost makes me WANT to deal with trolls, all trolls do is talk crap but these guys... gees.

Oh, and go check out my wallpapers please, if that theme song got you interested in watching the anime maybe my walls will get you more interested.

If I dedicated a wall to you feature it in a future post. Not an order, just a request. :)

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ikaricast 33

xaos and 16 Bit Jeff discuss in no particular order there top 30 characters of the decade.

e-mail us at ikaricast@thegeekfighters.com

News Links: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703667904576072110862862244.html




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Monday, December 27, 2010

Ikariast 32

In this week's episode of the Ikaricast Marzgurl and Hybrid Rain join xaos and 16 bit Jeff to discuss the best and worst in this year in gaming. ; E-mail us at ikaricast@thegeekfighters.com

News links:http://www​.joystiq.c​om/2010/12​/26/3ds-pr​e-orders-o​pen-at-gam​estop/


Download here

About the podcast episode numbering, well, when I launched thegeekfighters I was going to keep doing the podcast normally but I had issues with the original host of the podcast mypodcast.com they were JUST not accepting the episode I recorded so I put the latest ones on blip (at the time those episodes being episodes 37 and 38) and I just got sick of mypodcast.com not accepting my episodes even after changing the bit rate and continuously trying to upload them over and over again. I didn't want to go through the work of reuploading all the episodes before episode 35 and I thought it would be kind of weird to only have episodes 35 and upward so I just decided that since it was a new year for the podcast that I might as well try and treat it like a new "season" and start counting from 1 again but the episodes would still be a part of the old podcast. So it's episode 32 of this year but the 70th episode overall in this podcast. 

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ikaricast 31

In this episode of the Ikaricast Steven Lajr and Hybrid Rain join xaos and 16 Bit Jeff for another Noodle Box "anything goes" episode! Our last episode to talk about what's been going on and whatever we want, because next week we have our holiday special live stream recording!


e-mail us at ikaricast@thegeekfighters.com

News Links:







Download here

Sorry for not adding the theme, seems I recorded in a different bit rate than usual, and if I added the theme it would sound... very weird.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Ikaricast 27

On this week's episode of the Ikaricast xaos is joined by Terry Bogard and his buddy Zoob, along with Coin Oprated Bear of Music Gives Me Superpowers to continue the discussion on video game soundtracks. On top of that we discuss Game Informer's Top 30 Characters that defined a decade. Terry Bogard (Angel) and Zoob shared a mic and that mic causes some noise due to not being on a stand, we apologize for that. 

Don't forget to e-mail us at: ikaricast@thegeekfighters.com 

News links: Game Stop's Black Friday deals

Dragon's Lair on PSN

Some game is going to be infected

Valve delays Portal 2 (of course!)

Priority access could mean suicide for ISPs

Dell knew about computer failures

Download the show here

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This week on the Ikaricast xaos goes solo and talks about videogame soundtracks. But not before giving the news. E-mail the show with your favorite videogame soundtracks at ikaricast@thegeekfighters.com ;

News links: 







Download here

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Monday, November 1, 2010

How are you guys doing? You know I meant to do a post catching people up on what's been going on earlier but I plumb forgot. I don't even remember everything I was supposed to catch you up on. << What I do remember is that school has been going well now, my bill has been paid and hopefully I should be getting some health insurance now, I need health insurance. :| I've entered an art contest, this one is pretty crazy. Basically what I have to do is draw a group of superheroes made by this group on deviantart called "The Peacekeepers" if you win 1st second or 3rd place you win a deviantart subscription and cash! Oh, and they give you DC Universe Online for free too (which is looking great by the way). The first prize cash reward is $800! Gosh, with all the crap I need $800 would be just great... ^__^
The Peacekeepers deviantart page Go there to see there rules and all.

I got Fallout New Vegas, Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 and Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 over the weekend! Kinda wish I actually had TIME to play these games though. Darn school...

TheGeekFighers has shot up in popularity a couple of days ago! Just last week we had about 250 members now we have 551! Overnight the registrations just kept coming! I'm kinda shocked, and they're all one guys fans, our newest pick up who is called Mues. He was pretty popular on youtube and when he came with us he told all his youtube fans he will quit youtube and only post videos on TheGeekFighers and XtremeNetworkOnline and BANG!

I'll link to two things on thegeekfighters for ya. Number one is the newest episode of the Ikaricast, this one is one you want to listen to:

E-mail the show at ikaricast@thegeekfighters.com give us some feedback!

Number two is Rap Critic's latest video: Rap Critic reviews Asher Roth

More people on theO are familiar with ThatGuyWithTheGlasses than I thought, yep Rap Critic's with us too.

I wish I remember what else I was to mention. I guess I'll just edit this post if I do.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Ikaricast 21

Just putting this up, because I really want to know other people's thoughts.
We want to know what you think, so all I did was give some explanations and we leave it to you to talk about it. So go ahead and e-mail us your opinions about giant robots and what giant robot anime you guys liked/disliked. So e-mail us at: ikaricast@thegeekfighters.com

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