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Sunday, January 25, 2009

There was SUPPOSED to be an episode of Turn A Gundam but... here's a playlist instead. This will be my last post in a while.

K mix

Colorful boxer by ~the-world-is-mine on deviantART

Rangiku quick color by ~the-world-is-mine on deviantART
Well, somethings I wanted to say is that I thank those who went and saw my mom's card. Too bad nobody saw her world though. >< I wonder if mentioning that she posted that her mom (my grandma) is going to have her leg amputated will make you at least go over and give some kind words. Her world is Mom's world again.
Other stuff going on is I'm back for this semester of college. I'm still kind of... shaken hmm that isn't the right word.... Well, anyway the irony is something. I have less classes this semester but more work! Last semester they were more lenient and I had more classes. Oy. >< I hope I have at least ONE glimmer of hope... I get a laptop. Please let me get a laptop, I'm praying for this. Since the college does EVERYTHING on the internet a laptop would be so great.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Well, I guess I ought to update my myO. Tomorrow I go back to college! So yet again I won't be able to be on so much. HOWEVER I have even less classes than before and I STILL have three day weekends so I'm not so bummed about it AND I'll be able to get on for decent times. What else? Oh right! Go see my mom's submission!
Mom's e-card
Mom's World
Also I pre-ordered Street Fighter 4! I said in jmy Street Fighter world that I would and I did. ^^ Boy, though it comes with a lot of stuff. The Collectors Edition does anyway. It comes with the brand new anime movie, the Cd soundtrack, and a figure of Ryu for the PS3 version or C. Viper for the 360 version. Also Gamestop throws in a headband like Ryu's if you pre-order from them. I know that I'm at least getting the headband. ^^ Below is a video of gameplay for SF4, featuring Ryu versus Sagat.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

LEO: Rosebud - Cannonball Adderley

Thanks to Jae for being the only who commented. ^___^ Don't know if you like jazz... but I do! This song is about my sign Leo. Though I don't believe in that stuff it's still a cool jazz song. Cannonball Adderley was one of the greats.

Well, one random thing is that me and Bulma were talking about a movie we liked called The Last Dragon. I grew up with that movie it's one of my childhood favorites. Then cool enough they were showing it today. *laughs*

That's a scene from the movie where Laura plays the song "The Glow" for Leroy. It's also what inspired me to make Diego say "I'm shogun!"

Oy, but speaking of Mysterious Insignia geez I guess I just wasted my time drawing it for two days straight. I mentioned that I drew from the original line for line and made no attempts to update or fix any of the problems. I know of the problems but I did not want to post a fixed version or a professional looking version because as I learned in graphic arts class the pros don't really put their stuff online because it can be stolen really easily. Still though I didn't think It wouldn't have gotten such a lukewarm reception. Actually I've been getting that lately on everything. It's like I'm dying here on theO.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The End Of Avatar - The Track Team

First off I want to say thanks to those who commented, it was nice to actually see commentS (yes, that s is capitalized for a reason.) Thanks, very much to all of you. ^^ Uh, let's see what's going on. OOOH! I've been on this drawing rampage for the past two days. I was actually re-drawing an old comic I did years ago, I was doing that because the original is pretty much illegible to anybody but myself and that's only because as the author I remember what I wrote. It's one of my favorite comics I did, mainly because of the story. There's lots of things in there that I did, that I liked and also I liked the homages and hints I gave to my other comics within this one. It took such a long time though! Mainly because I had so much PACKED into each page. I mean that literally, like the panels on each page is like... O_o I definitely learned my lesson since then but when drawing this I did not want to update the style. I actually drew like I did back then, and it was kinda weird on account I just recently learned some new things and here I am going to how I drew years ago. I mean ok I did make it look better but not different. I don't know if you know what I mean. If someone were to come over my house and I were to show them the original and the new "Redux" version they'd get it. I pretty much drew it line for line but it's cleaned up. I'll be uploading it today, so please check it out if you can. I worked REALLY hard on it, I mean I can't stress that enough. Matter of fact when I was done I wrote PLEASE READ, THANKS! on a piece of paper and put it on top of the comic so my parents could read it. They did. ^^ Anyway, the name of the comic is:

Mysterious Insignia

Also, I have another totally new. totally not a strain on my wrist for having packed panels comic I'm starting as well. No name for it yet but this comic is actually based off all the dreams I had. I don't even know if based is the right word, they ARE the dreams I had. Yep, I decided to just draw all these dreams and make them a comic. A collection of shorts type of comic. I decided to do this because I feel it'll help me psychologically like venting or something. I mean if writing them helps (which I do) then drawing them can too, can it? These dreams will be largely uncensored and told just how they happened. (except for the sexual stuff, nobody needs to see that, not even myself) So if they seem weird, hey that's how dreams work sometimes! What, never had a weird dream before?

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Friday, January 2, 2009

We Will Be Burnin (Techno Remix) - Sean Paul
So I've been gone on New Years eve and day. Just as I said. So what happened here on theO the very first day of the year? I noticed the news articles I submitted showed up... now. I submitted those days ago. *laughs* If you're interested in fighting games you owe it to yourself to see the links the articles link to.

Also what's up today? My anniversary is soon! Alright! My second anniversary is on the 27th! I feel like I've been around but there are SO many people who've been around for much longer. This year making it even longer. Hmm, what was I going to do? Oh yeah, "resolutions" I always TRY to keep them. *laughs* Well, I do remember I did keep one. Back when 2001 was new I resolved to draw better, and I did. My most significant improvement came from that resolution. Sp here they are:

1) work out more
2)join Team Link's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in nearby Ludlow
3) Find a wing chun academy
4) learn to color on the computer

Also on the new year for those who may just meet me for the first time, here's random facts about me.

1)When I turn 23 I'll have practiced martial arts for twenty years. Coolness. ^^
2)I'm mostly inspired by music and dreams I have.
3)I couldn't laugh for real until I was about 9 years old. Tom and Jerry helped me with that.
4)I love American comics as much as anime. As you can tell from my DC inspired theme.
5)I'm afraid of water. Now when I tell people this they ask but how do you take showers then? Well, to be specific I'm afraid of bodies of water. Not showers, or rain. Things like pools, lakes, rivers, and the ocean, oy, don't even get me near the ocean. It started when I was really young and my cousin and I went to a pool. She was supposed to hold on to me and she let go and I was close to drowning. I've made some progress if that makes you happy.
6) I can taste and smell lightning. After being nearly struck by lightning... so many times, the distinct smell has stuck with me.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oblivion Atmosphere 7 - Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls

Wow, only Innocent Hear commented on myO the last time. *laughs* Well, for those of you that bother to come here instead I hope you enjoy the Elder Scrolls music. It's the music you here when traveling in the wilderness, one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've heard in a video game or otherwise. Well, the end of the year is fast approaching. I made a wallpaper to go out on. I hope it gets accepted...

Also I plan on changing to my new theme today for my world. It's for the new year but since I'm usually... incapacitated every new years day and eve. I think I'll do it today. Since I'm always a sooner than later guy. I'll tell you that before I was feeling a lot frustration before for some reason and well, I found out why. It's gone now I'll tell you that. I've discovered peace now. I haven't really felt that over whelming despair anymore. It feels good. Anything else? Hmm... I always forget what I'm going to say! Dang it. Oh well. I will say this. Do you know that there is a proper way to critique? My photography professor was telling that when we're through with this program and we graduate we'll not only learn how to handle critique but to give out proper critique. I'm not near graduating yet, but I will say this when critiquing THINK OF THE ARTISTS VISION NOT YOUR OWN. I noticed on some of my recent submissions the comments were all on changing this making this longer, it doesn't bother me now but I'm saying that making something longer or pulling back something goes against what my vision is. If I want the character to be busty or short that's how I want it, rather say how to make the legs look more curved and yadda yadda blah blah. Give critique not how you WANT it to look. But again I'm not angered or anything I just felt like that was worth mentioning to think about the artist and not yourself, for ANY artwork I was only using myself as an example. Good stuff that happened: HOME came out! I know it came out a couple weeks ago but I've been waiting two years for this I'm glad it's finally out. It is kinda cool still needs some more improvements but then again it's only the beta and Sony has said that they encourage as much feedback as possible so they can improve.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

I Love My Sex - Benny Benassi

Hey Christmas is done great! This marks the 9th year since I really celebrated it. I do wonder what you all got though. Most of you posted about it though but tell me anyway. *laughs* Well, even though I didn't get anything on Christmas I'm not complaining about it. The beginning of this month I got a whole bunch of stuff really. I bought it all myself too. No one ever really gets me anything so forget about it I'll get it myself. So what did I get myself? Bunch of games, a PSP 3000, wi-fi (because I need it), Baki The Grappler box set, a microphone (for my podcast). Basically everything I told you about weeks ago were my "Christmas gifts". Whatever Three Kings Day is where it's at for me. *laughs* By the way yet again does anybody have Skype? Come on I need to do a test run before I start my podcast. :b_wink: Other things of note? Remember that Fantastic Children contest? Well, the deadline is oh so close and I stated before I was going to extend that deadline if anybody asked. Nobody asked and I haven't heard of ANYTHING about submissions, nobody volunteered to be a judge. So if that's the case then screw it. I'll cancel it. On the deadline I'll simply say not enough entered for it to be a contest and therefore it was canceled. Oh well, really though this is my *counts* at least 5th time I've tried to do something that featured some participation. I guess I should have learned my lesson the first time. Gees, that sounds like a downer. O_o I'm not sad, though a little disappointed but I have to realize I don't really have any pull here on theO or dA for that matter. I had some other ideas too but screw them too. *shrugs* As for next year I'm doing a renovation again.

Heh, I have some ideas for themes and I already know what I'm using as an avi. Can't wait for my two year anniversary. ^^ I really do hope you had a great Christmas if you celebrate it and that next year is FANTASTIC. ^___^ Despite how gloomy I may have sounded I really have no malice in heart.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

First off, ALRIGHT! I'm done with the semester YAHOO! ^_____^ Now I have freedom for 4 1/2 weeks! I think it's better to do this post in items. Ok then!

1)Semester is over! You already knew that but you didn't know that the car broke down and I've been walking to school for the past two weeks. 4 miles altogether every day. I think I lost a lot of weight at least...

2)My grandmother is still in the hospital, doctors say she SHOULD be able to leave tomorrow. Let's see I'll be praying for her.

3)Thanks to my financial aid check I've bought a lot of stuff. I bought a PSP! One of the new PSP 3000 ones! :) I also bought a microphone and plan to do a podcast. If you were one of the few people who got my e-mail you already knew that. If you have SKYPE let me know please you can be a guest on the show. :) Hopefully you'll be a fan of videogames. ^_^ I also bought the entire Baki The Grappler series box set. (Which I didn't even know was out) The Incredible Hulk Blu Ray, Forbidden Kingdom DVD, bunch of games, got wifi again, basically lots of stuff I needed and wanted.

4) Got lots of plans for art. ^_~ That's all I'm saying for now.

5)FANTASTIC CHILDREN CONTEST DEADLINE IS APPROACHING! It's New Years eve! If you actually want this contest to happen I need the people! Entrants and judges! Here's the link Fantastic Children contest details If you really want the deadline to be extended tell me in a comment here.

Ah, I think this is much easier. Made this post shorter doing that.

Happy Holidays!


Yeah, it's got nothing to do with Christmas then again... *laughs* Anyway, it's a screen shot of one of my favorite SNES games The Peacekeepers AKA Rushing Beat Syura.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Yo guys! How's it going this weekend? First, I must say THANKS for all the comments I've been getting recently on my fan-arts and my last post, this was the first time in a LONG time that I went to my backroom and saw that there was 10 new comments total in my backroom. Blew my mind, kind of reminded that I actually used to be popular last year. Heh. :b_smile: Well, this one is actually kind of important regarding me and you the subscribers. I finished my classes this semester! Ha ha, that's right I'm done with classes this semester. Next week is finals and after that I'm done until January 20th! So there you go on Friday next week I'll be free! ...Until January 20th and I do plan on commenting the way I used to, which is why so many people liked me back then... Speaking of a year ago and all, next month will be my 2 year anniversary of being here on theO! Matter of fact the day after I go back to college it will be my anniversary. Another good thing is that even though I'll be back in school on the 20th next semester will be much more slack than this semester. On Mondays and Wednesdays I'll only have one class! On Tuesdays I'll be there all day... and on Thursdays my day starts at 11 and ends on 3. So not so bad really I'll still have three day weekends and Tuesdays are the only "long" days I'll have. (The professor that teaches the class that makes my day 'long' is known to end his classes really short)

There is some small bad news, my grandmother is in the hospital right now she has an infection and I hear they might even have to operate on her. I have faith she will pull through however because she's been in the hospital before a couple times this year and she's been able to pull through wonderfully then.

Last thing, I was searching on youtube for my hometown Springfield, MA (where I live right now) and I found two videos that interested me. One is of various locations in the city that show how the properties are and another show the park that we have here called Forest Park, which I actually live two blocks away from. I live in the Forest Park neighborhood actually. Which is the Asian neighborhood there are plenty of Asian community centers and Asian owned businesses here which is pretty cool actually. So you can see my town and where I pretty much live I'll put up the videos. A little about the first video, the first scene you see in the first video shows a shot of downtown from State St. That first scene is the same view I see from my college because it's pretty much on the same street (I know my parents always tell me if I have to take the bus to go to the college take any bis going to State St. So yeah what you see first is actually the same area I go to college. That's pretty cool I think. Also at about 1:30 seconds in (a little after that actually) he shows Mardi Gras which is a strip club. *laughs* I have memories about that place (never been in) but I remember my uncle and my cousin going there one night and coming home very late and I remember when he came in he forgot to lock the door! I'm glad nobody decided to come in the house. About strip clubs in Springfield, boy there is a couple lemme see there is the Fifth Alarm, Mardi Gras, Teddy... something there's a whole bunch. O_o Anyway here are the vids.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Super Beat Street Fighter II - DJ Qbert
Since it hasn't had much attention on theO I figured I ought to put my thoughts on the game here too.

Ok so here I go with my initial thoughts on the recently released Street Fighter 2 HD Remix. Meaning this is an opinion of the game based on only playing it for a short time. Okay let's get started then. ^____^

Hmm, I think I'll start with aesthetics. First thing I noticed is that the presentation value is pretty solid. The menu's are pretty simple but still have energy to it. The gameplay looks great too the great artists at Udon have done a spectacular job with the character models and the background's and even the character's in the background look great. I bet you've figured how great it looks from the image on the top there though. *laughs* A good way to check how the graphics look compared to the original Super SF2 Turbo is to go to the game settings and set the character sprites to the original sprites.

The other side of the presentation is the sound the fellows over at http://www.ocremix.org/ have that covered. They did a great job with the remixes making the themes sound fresh without losing any of the soul of the original music. The themes sound similar to the original but more modern. Just like with the sprites you have a choice to listen to the remixes or the original soundtrack. One thing I have to bring up though is that even though the [I]themes[/I] have changed the actual sound [I]effects[/I] (the fighting sounds attack names, crowd sounds, and dying sounds) are unchanged. They're the same sounds as 14 years ago! :b_shocked: But for some reason it doesn't feel odd at all actually it felt right they kept the original sound effects.

Ok on to the real meat of the game, gameplay. SF2 HD Remix offers two ways to play Rebalanced and Classic. Classic explains itself, and Rebalanced is the gameplay, as it says, rebalanced to make it more accessible and more about strategy of using the moves rather than how to pull them off. As well as some other things... I haven't quite figured it out yet (like I said it's only my initial thoughts) though I will say that I have noticed the easier to pull of moves part of it. What made me realize it was Guile, normally Guile's super art his super somersault or super flash kick, however you want to call it, was the hardest move for me to do in any of the Street Fighter games. Usually when I do it it's by sheer accident. *laughs* But in this game with the new easier commands I found myself pulling it off on demand.

As for what's there to play. Not a whole lot going on there. For single player there's only arcade and training and whether you want to play that as Rebalanced or Classic. For the arcade mode it's pretty much what you expect, but one cool thing is that you get new endings and I tell you, those Udon boys sure know how to make some cool art for those. The real draw of this game is the multiplayer I say however. For multiplayer there is offline one on one multiplayer, you know where you have you and your buddy sitting in the same room next to you with both of your controllers plugged in to the same console and you can talk trash to his face? Ah, those were the days. As for online multiplayer there are ranked matches, called Scoreboard Match, unranked matches which are called Friendly Match and Tournament which are 8 man tournaments. I haven't tried a tournament yet but I'm really itching to do one soon. I played both ranked and unranked matches and the online play is pretty good no really noticeable problems, except of course if you're playing somebody with a lower connection speed than yours, but that's something neither you or the developers have any control over. Oh yeah, did I mention that I got STOMPED in each match I played online so far?:b_crying:Yeah, not good. Now if you're asking "hey, with all this stuff on your world and the way you talk about Street Fighter and everything I thought you'd be good at least good enough not to get stomped like that" HEY! I was good operative word being WAS. I admit I was a little too eager to start going online to fight. I haven't been able to play any Street Fighter games in a long while. So I've naturally gotten a little rusty, but mark my words I'll get my groove back and I'll be playing respectable again.

Funny thing is I USED to have every Street Fighter but now all I have is the latest one so far. Life's funny like that. *ahem* So anyway that is my initial thoughts on Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, bottom line check it out, whether it's on Xbox Live or the Playstation Network it's worth playing and it won't cost an arm and a leg. Though I honestly think it could have stood to have been 10 dollars instead of 15.

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