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I'm a fan to many things.=/
Categories: anime(shoujo/shounen), books(lots), manga(shoujo, shounen-ai, & more), movies(mostly romance-comedies, and horror and olden century ones), blogs, music (currently asian/emo/pop/dancable music).
I have more, but it's a lot!
Well, anyway! I'm REALLY into writing stories right now. They turn out cool sometimes too. =]

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

   YouTube AMVs
The new one up there is Kodocha with the bg music as "In His Kiss [The Shoop Shoop Song]".

This song down here is with anime Sukisho and sonc "Love Shine".

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

   Hi Y'All!!!
Sorry, I haven't been on alot here. I only got the weekends now because we started gettin' packed on with homework. (Okay, not really. It's just that the Algebra has started to get harder. ^^')
Well, I'll be postin' really cool anime and/or Japanese show episodes up here from YouTube. They are TOTALLY not mine though. But, hope ya like. Some will be of Fullmoon wo Sagashite and Gokusen BOTH seasons.^-^
Hope y'all lookin' forward to it. Ciao! ^-^

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Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy New Year! ^-^
I changed the AMV hope ya like it!^^ It's AQUA's "Red Roses"
Personally, I like it. But, I'm not sure you'll like it.
NEway, I'll be changin' it sometime. So caoi! ^___^

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   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!
Ello. Ello! Ello!!!
Have a Happy New Year from me Wordwok! XD

Ciao for now! ^-^

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Friday, December 30, 2005

   In Love With Bird.
(Bored and sicne we're takin' care of my mom's friend's bird I thought I'll write a short story with a bird in it.)
I watched as my Mom and her Friend placed the bird in it's cage on one of the 5 tv dinner tables in front of our DvD section of the den. It was right in front of me, but luckily it did not block my view of the television set. When they left I sighed as I looked beyond the bird and the cage toward the tv. One of my favorite shows were on, but unfortunately the tiny bird kept squaking. Fortunately, the show was a re-run anyway, so as I turned off the tv I moved closer to the bird and it's cage.
The bird was a pretty, light blue color. It had black smudges informing that there were the wings. I smiled as I said in an annoyed voice, "You may be pretty and tiny, but you sure can squak..." It was during the night so I called it a day and headed to my bed far away from the den.
Since I was in my Winter Vacation at school, I was able to get up, get breakfast, and head to the den to eat it. Before I began to eat my food I did my new routine. I opened the 2 drapes, turn the turtle light on, took of the bird's(name: Jimmi) cage's cloak, and fed the fish. After all that of course I washed my hands and then eat my food. I did this for a week, until we went shopping. After all the shopping I read both the books I had bought. I was so bored that I showed the bird some cool pictures from the book. I actually got used to the little bird, and weirdly I thought Jimmi actually looked interested. He kept coming closer to me in his cage, when I left he kid of went crazy going from side to side in his cage. I laughed a bit and said bye with little wave as I cloaked his cage and went to bed.
in the next few days Jimmi actually looked like he was happy that I was around. At first he really did annoy me, but now he seemed to be a great friend.
And finally, the day came to return him. I smiled and waved as he was totted off to his owner's car. He looked quite sad actually. Somehow, amazingly, Jimmi got free and flew over to me. He, what seemed to me, kissed me(kinda pecked). I was so astounished with what happened next. Jimmi turned into a boy!!! After he backed away I screamed, "WHAT THE HECK!?!?!"
After I fainted I awoke an hour later inside my house. My mom told me that Jimmi was actually her friend's son, but in a terrible accident in a magic trick she was trying she turned him into a bird and was not able to change him back. And so he lived like that for about a year. She said if I'd like to say good bye to them I can, but they were already at the airport about to go back to Japan.
I gasped and ran to my bike. I got to the airport a half an hour later sinceit wasn't too far away. 'What did he look like?' I kept saying in my head. When I saw a Japanese boy with black hair and one light blue streak. I smiled as a ran toward him. (Bike was left outside.) "Jimmi!!"I yelled as I ran.
When he turned around he smiled as he saw me running toward him. I finally got to him, but I was gasping for breath and was red and sweaty all over. Evne though I was like that he hugged me and kissed me. "I had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for taking care of me. And I promise I'll come back to see you again." He said as his and his mother's flight was called.
I was shocked at his beautiful voice. They were about to board the plane right when I yelled "I'll be waiting for you!!!"
And that was the two years ago. Now, I'm fifteen , as is he. He hasn't come back to America ever since. But today was my junior year, and also in the student help club. For people who want to help newcomers. (Weird, eh?^^') And the student Iwas supposed yo help was none other than Jimmi Xeskfew, my beautiful bird. -END-

(Okay, that was fun to write. Hope ya liked it. My comment is that I don't think it was THAT good, but it was okay. Not one of my best pieces, but it'll help me live!lol.^^' Okay then. Leave comments pleas. If ya want to. Well, ttyl. ^-^)

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   Ha ha! Look this was my idea on How to RP on Neo-mail! ^-^
By writing like this and postin them seperately then mail it. lol!! Hard but much better than gettin complaints from Neopets sayin 'Oh, that's too long.':

(Okay, I'm gonna try this again. It might be more than one Neomail, kay. ^^')
"Mmhmm, your welcome."Hana said as she was heading out the doors of the auditorium. "Ow!" Hana yelled as she bumbed into someone. She looked up and her faced gleemed. She grabbed the wrist of the person and dragged them inside. "I found Ichigo!!!" Hana yelled as she got inside and let go of his wrist. Then after Ichigo left to (c)
the area where Julia and Rio were at, Hana went toward where Mizuki was sitting and sat down. Hana was wondering why Mizuki wasn't sitting with Sano at the back, but when she got a closer look she noticed that Mizuki was shivering because she was nervous. Hana smiled to herself and put her arm around Mizuki's neck and whispered, (c)

"Don't worry, M-chan! There's nothin' to be nervous about. If you get to be so nervous when they call your name you'd probably make a fool of youself in front of the whole class! Just like in all those anime!!" Hana laughed as she pictured Mizuki fumbeling. "And don't worry I'll be here to make sure you won't make a fool out of your self!"(c)

Mizuki slightly laughed too, picturing herself stammering off in front of everyone.(Like usual.^^') 'It's kind of funny...Hana makes me feel comfortable. As if I've known her for ever. Well, anyway, with her here I think I'll be able to live.' Mizuki thought with a smile.'Also, I wanna know...WHY HER ARM IS SO HEAVY!?!?!' She shouted in pain in her head.(d) (lol!^^')

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   More Blahs.
So bored....ugh.... +__+
I want to RP Hana-kimi soooo much!!! ~___~ But, the person I usually RP isn't on, and I son't think they'll be 'til late and I can't stay on that long!! ;__; And now I'm bored so I'm writin' here. ^__^Okay, yesterday I went to the mall, I boaught stuff at the bookstore,Suncoat, Hot Topic(my usual^^), and Robinson May(got a giftcard). Suncoast and Borders I bought mangas(obviously^^') I got DNAngel Vol 10 (it's not the last one Awww. -__-) and Hana-kimi Vol 9 (YAY!!^-^). My sis got Death Note Vol.2 and Bleach Vol.10 and Peacemaker DvD 1. From Hot Topic I got this AWESOME black blazer (for boys. Oh well ^-^) and this pretty maroonish purplish long sleeve t-shirt. At Robinson May I got a BEAUTIFUL black skirt(I was pretty impressed. ^^) and some jeans (they have to be shortened.^^')
Yeah, and that's it.

Also, I'm gonna be changin' this BG for my posts, probabl to another Hana-kimi one ^-^ I JUST LOVE IT TOO MUCH!! ^o^ XD

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

   FUSE-the channel
My dedications are gonna be on it!!! Yay!!!!!XD
I have one to my sis (Love ya! ^-^) and me bein' Mytho from Princess Tutu talkin' to Fakir! It's just a copy of what the voice actor says as a blooper!^^ Hilarious. (Only if ya know it. though. ) XD

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Hi!^^ This Space is Just Blahs. Cause I'm bored.
As you see to the bottom of each post there is a button. I changed it because those ppl did not make my blogs I did.(Actually now I'm just changin' the pic when I feel like it. ^^') So it says 'AnimeCrave RP' that's my guild on Neopets. But, it does not take you to my guild on Neopets it takes you to my user profile there. So, just wanted to let y'all know. ^^
My guild is okay. Only one person, me, is in it so far. -_- And, I made that BG myself. Actually not the pic but I fitted everythin' on it.^-^ lol.
Okay, there'll be more of these later to day. So c ya. End of Blah One. ^-^

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