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Friday, December 30, 2005

   More Blahs.
So bored....ugh.... +__+
I want to RP Hana-kimi soooo much!!! ~___~ But, the person I usually RP isn't on, and I son't think they'll be 'til late and I can't stay on that long!! ;__; And now I'm bored so I'm writin' here. ^__^Okay, yesterday I went to the mall, I boaught stuff at the bookstore,Suncoat, Hot Topic(my usual^^), and Robinson May(got a giftcard). Suncoast and Borders I bought mangas(obviously^^') I got DNAngel Vol 10 (it's not the last one Awww. -__-) and Hana-kimi Vol 9 (YAY!!^-^). My sis got Death Note Vol.2 and Bleach Vol.10 and Peacemaker DvD 1. From Hot Topic I got this AWESOME black blazer (for boys. Oh well ^-^) and this pretty maroonish purplish long sleeve t-shirt. At Robinson May I got a BEAUTIFUL black skirt(I was pretty impressed. ^^) and some jeans (they have to be shortened.^^')
Yeah, and that's it.

Also, I'm gonna be changin' this BG for my posts, probabl to another Hana-kimi one ^-^ I JUST LOVE IT TOO MUCH!! ^o^ XD

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