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Friday, December 30, 2005

   Ha ha! Look this was my idea on How to RP on Neo-mail! ^-^
By writing like this and postin them seperately then mail it. lol!! Hard but much better than gettin complaints from Neopets sayin 'Oh, that's too long.':

(Okay, I'm gonna try this again. It might be more than one Neomail, kay. ^^')
"Mmhmm, your welcome."Hana said as she was heading out the doors of the auditorium. "Ow!" Hana yelled as she bumbed into someone. She looked up and her faced gleemed. She grabbed the wrist of the person and dragged them inside. "I found Ichigo!!!" Hana yelled as she got inside and let go of his wrist. Then after Ichigo left to (c)
the area where Julia and Rio were at, Hana went toward where Mizuki was sitting and sat down. Hana was wondering why Mizuki wasn't sitting with Sano at the back, but when she got a closer look she noticed that Mizuki was shivering because she was nervous. Hana smiled to herself and put her arm around Mizuki's neck and whispered, (c)

"Don't worry, M-chan! There's nothin' to be nervous about. If you get to be so nervous when they call your name you'd probably make a fool of youself in front of the whole class! Just like in all those anime!!" Hana laughed as she pictured Mizuki fumbeling. "And don't worry I'll be here to make sure you won't make a fool out of your self!"(c)

Mizuki slightly laughed too, picturing herself stammering off in front of everyone.(Like usual.^^') 'It's kind of funny...Hana makes me feel comfortable. As if I've known her for ever. Well, anyway, with her here I think I'll be able to live.' Mizuki thought with a smile.'Also, I wanna know...WHY HER ARM IS SO HEAVY!?!?!' She shouted in pain in her head.(d) (lol!^^')

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