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Sunday, February 13, 2011

So dorm life,
HELLOOOoOOoOOO out there. :] I think I finally have time to update this place.

So I moved into Ole Miss dorms about a month ago. (Was it really a month ago? Felt like last week!) It started out very rough. I couldn't get registered into my classes because they were full, so I was stuck on the waitlist. After a week of no financial aid, I got upset and scared cause I was almost out of cash, but luckily the guy in financial aid WAS SO NICE. He had the classroom capacities expanded so I could get registered and receive my aid.

Classes here are really.. challenging. TONS of reading assignments. I signed up for a class called 'structure of a less commonly taught language,' I thought Korean, but turns out it was Old Norse. Not my favorite subject, definitely. It's a dead language so everything talked about is theory-based. Ugh. It's also a kind-of advanced Linguistics course. I'm only in Intro. TOT But, THANK GOODNESS all my teachers are truly amazing people. <3 They're not the stereotypical evil university teachers I normally hear about. They'll set the pace for you and help you when you need it. My intro teacher is hilarious. I want to be a teacher like her. ;-;

Let's see. Sadly I'm still kind-of a loner here. I have an acquaintance in my Old Norse class. I'm making good friends with the Jiu-Jutsu guys, which reminds me of my next topic.

I talked about a girl here who was a black belt in my martial arts. I talked to her, but she said she can't remember her stuff. Plus, I think she's busy. She introduced me to the Jiu-Jutsu class but I never saw her again after the first class. It's okay. I'm studying my brown belt techniques out of the book, with an imaginary partner *lame?* I'm getting my brothers to buy me the Forms DVD. Hopefully by the end of March, I'll be prepared to take my brown belt test! <3 There's also the annual tournament at the end of March. I thought I was going to do just sparring because I haven't had time to train for kicking and falling or forms, but just yesterday I found out the multi-purpose room is unlocked and empty at night. AND Jiu-Jutsu leaves their mats right outside the door on the weekends~~~<3 I'm hoping I can use it every weekend without any problems, like someone telling I'll have to rent the room to use it. -o- I hope not.

I started running at the track last week. Yesterday I was able to run 3 laps without stopping! HOORAY. Today, my calves are screaming in pain. <.< I can't wait when I get into better shape.

My roommate is okay. She's a sorority girl, so she's usually gossiping with her friends and usually only here 2 days the week. ^O^ Otherwise, she's very nice.

Let's see, that's all I can think of. I think this may be enough to read anyway. xD

Bye you guys! <3

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nyahaa. Hilcrhyme is love <3 They've become my new Home Made Kazoku~ Very fun and uplifting to listen to them! :D

So anywho, how's it hanging? How's the weather? How's life? How's... the food?

I've got 10 days left in this house! I'll be moving to university next Thursday~~ My last day at work is next Monday. Kind of sad, I'll miss some of my coworkers very dearly.

My last days are turning out to be quite stressful. I got my paycheck Friday, I was already frustrated and emotional, thinking about bills got me more agitated. I made a bad move. I gave my paycheck to my Dad, hoping he would take care of the bills. Yeaaaaah. Three days later, no money, no bills have been paid. I've still got my brother's paycheck to rely on, but I'll need that for gas to get up to college and for Dad to get back. (That's another story.) But ya know what, I'm not going to care. It won't be my fault when the electricity and water shuts off. Thing is, I'm all for the plan of "let it get shut off that way the boys will actually learn the consequences of not working," but you know how much tension and anger that will cause between three men? Not to mention, my brother has a horrible temper, so when an argument goes down, I'm afraid of what he'll do. -__-

On a more positive note, I have, or at least I THINK, I have everything I need for dorm life! I bought the niftiest storage bin that I'm going to use as luggage and a laundry hamper (http://www.walmart.com/ip/Canopy-Large-Lidded-Multi-Purpose-Storage-Bin-Rich-Brown-Fresh-Ivory/13246773). I was looking up for robes, but I don't think I'll get one. I never did like the feel of them after showers. Think I'll stick with a towel, lol. My car is fixed again, had to replace the battery. Dad wants to get a trailer to bring the car up there. He doesn't want me to drive back and forth at all. That's alot of gas money. e__o

Well, I guess I'll be going. Guess when I update again is when I'm at my new home! I hope my roommate will be cool...

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Whoa, it's been forever since I've been here. O__o

I guess I shall update on myself: a month left! Before I move out that is. I had originally planned it on the 3rd but I moved it.

So far *mostly* everything is working out regarding Ole Miss. I've got my housing; I've been assigned a Dorm Hall on the 7th floor. Sadly, I have no idea who the roommate is. Can't find out until move-in day. -o-

I got my financial aid, well my grants and loans. Too much in loans *cries*. Right now I'm curious as to why my scholarships aren't on there. I must inquire about that! D<

As for my precious Mustang, I can't fix it. D: The guy who offered a 400 dollar transmission won't contact us. Then we found a transmission builder in the next town but he wants 900 to fix it. Then I have to replace the tires. Plus the convertible doesn't work anymore, and the heater doesn't work. Buuuuut there's a coworker of mine who is selling her car for 800 bucks. Works fine, just a busted headlight. She got another car, so yeah. I'm having trouble paying for that and all the bills and groceries. Ergh.

All I've got left to buy for dorm life is a laundry hamper and a freaking bath robe. UGH for communal bathrooms.

My plan is to go up there on the 3rd which is move-in day in order to check if I'm okay and ready. If my roommate is there, I want to meet them and talk about the er, conditions, routines, etc. Then I'll come back for 2 weeks, work some more, go to HanMuDo classes, and then officially move in on the 17th. That'll give me a week to get situated.

I am having ONE set back: Orientation. UGH. The motherload of all obstacles! I can not register for classes until I go to Orientation. I can not get my financial aid processed/released until I go to Orientation. I can not register for classes until I go to Orientation. Orientation is 2 days before classes start by the way. If that isn't a problem enough, my Orientation registration fucked up. I have to register and pay a 50 dollar fee online. I filled out the form, went to the next page where it asked for my credit card info. I didn't have enough money on my card so I waited til the next day to put money on it. I still had that exact page up, why I don't freaking know. Filled it out and submitted, but the page expired. I knew it most likely would. The problem: it took my 50 dollars. My 50 dollars is gone and Ole Miss doesn't have my registration. I looked on my transactions and it says it's a pending transaction. I'm going to have to call Wal-mart tomorrow and see if they can cancel it. I really hope so. -o-

Otherwise, I'm working as many hours as possible, but also trying to visit family. I'm going to Christmas dinner with family on Sunday, that amazing chef cousin of mine is probably going to try fattening me up. 8D I'm going with my brothers to visit my other brother from another mother for three days right after Christmas~ I'm excited! :)

So how've you gals been? Seeing how only girls visit me now. xD

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Heyo! My monthly update it seems. ^^"

So me moving out is getting closer and closer! I'm so nervous and worried! Next week housing selection opens up. I think I'm going to register for the residential college and just hope for the best with a roommate. I did get an email from an interested person who wanted to be roommates with me in one of the on campus apartments. Turns out it's a guy. <__< No thank you. xD

HanMuDo has been so awesome lately. I'm going to terribly miss my class when I leave. ;o; One good note, I got in touch with a black belt HanMuDo student who goes to Ole Miss on facebook. I think she may be the only HanMuDo student in that area! I'm seriously hoping she'll train me when I'm up there and there's no problems. I hate how I'm coming off stalkerish and obsessed. DDDDD: I'm going to a HanMuDo class that's about 15 minutes away to meet her and plead. >O< I want to continue my training so badly!!! *sighs* Wish me luck. ;___;

Oh yes, speaking of luck, I have my Marine Science lab final tomorrow. We have to classify 30 marine organisms in the taxonomic system. Wouldn't be a problem if spelling didn't count. Then again it is kind of easy. . . hm.

I bought Assassin's Creed Brotherhood last week. It's so fucking awesome, or at least what I've played. I may sound selfish when I say this, but I can't stand it when I buy a game and someone plays and beats it before me. Seeing how my brother doesn't have a job, he's managed to use all the time I am at work to be AC:Brotherhood. I haven't touched it in a couple days either. It really discouraged me from playing. Thankfully he hasn't told me any spoilers, but when I play he likes to slip in those annoying comments "oh yeah this part was annoying.." etc. It gets under my skin. Gah. I'll finish it over the Thanksgiving holidays. =|

Well, I'm off my friends. I wish you well!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Listening To: Boom Boom Satellites - "Lock Me Out"
Mood: Meh

It's been awhile, has it not? :P So sorry I've been MIA on here. It's funny how I spend so much time online yet I barely do anything on it. =|

I've been a tad busy. Still trying to take care of Ole Miss business. Turns out I have to dorm with a roommate, they don't offer singles because the dorms are always packed. I was pissed because the awesome dorm I was looking at that has a bathroom to each room was closed and the Housing office moved into it. "Wtf," I know. Now I have to settle with communal bathrooms AND a roommate. Ugh. At least it's only for one semester. I have a good friend who's transferring in August and we're going to room together! <3 I just have to survive 5 months with someone else. Otherwise, I'm trying to get in touch with an advisor so I can schedule classes and finish up financial aid documents. Blurgh. Pain in the butt because I'm worried I might miss something and get screwed over into staying here for 7 months. THE HORROR.

The biggest debate I'm having is if I should get a job off or on campus. Honestly, I'm worried about leaving my family, because then they'll be no big income. (I wish the men in this house had the 'men must make more money than women' attitude, then I wouldn't have to worry about this.) If I get a job off campus, I could make as much as I want and work as much as I want. I really want to save up to pay off tuition and get enough to pay for online TESOL classes. I'm afraid if I do get an off campus job, most of the money will end up going towards the family and none to my tuition. Dad doesn't want me to help either, since he wants the boys to learn how to support themselves. If I get an on-campus job, I'm afraid ALL of it will go to tuition and none towards my TESOL classes; plus I hate how you can only work 15 hours max a week. Sorry, I'm use to 35 hours a week. =|

Aside from the senior university mess, just been doing the usual. I'm trying to get more active into Karate since I only have a month left at college. I freaking love Karate class to death. It's my sanctuary. ;__; I was sad that there's no seminars this semesters since we didn't raise enough money, but there's a small trip this Saturday near Baton Rouge for a Break-a-thon. I'm hoping I can go, I even got off from work!! I don't want to sit at home all day!!! *cries*

I got my sweet Mustang half-way fixed, which costed about 400 dollars. Now it runs fine going forward. Sadly, it still doesn't have reverse, so I have to buy another transmission and get them to put it in, which will run me about 500 bucks, oh yeah, plus tires, another 100. Dad went to go play with the car yesterday and turns out the fuse for the convertible top doesn't work. -o- Of course, fix one thing and another stops working. I don't see how I can pay for all this stuff anymore!!!! I'M GOING TO DIIIIE

Well, I'm off. That's all I can think of to type about. >O< Can you believe time has flown this fast? Soon, I'll be on my own. FREEEEDOOOOM

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've been to update this, but I have uber busy. xox So where to begin?

Let's see. The past Saturday was my brother and I's birthday! We turned 20. Luckily I was able to get the day off from work, so I woke up at 4 in the morning and took a 3 1/2 trip North to Oxford to Ole Miss for an open house that started at 8AM. The seminars were worthless. I got to tour the campus though, and, oh my word, it was beautiful. There was oak trees EVERYWHERE. The center of the campus is practically a park. All the buildings surround the circular center. The English building looks like a castle. xD I'm so excited though! I got to see the what the apartments look like. Sadly, I think I may go for the new dorms where each room shares a bathroom instead of a whole floor sharing community bathrooms. I was told the apartments hold more parties. O<

My car, my sweet 93 Mustang, finally went to the shop last week. The people there concluded it would be around 400 to replace the catalytic converter, the muffler, and all the tires. Turns out, the catalytic converter is fine. The problem is that something was sucking fluid out of my engine and putting it in the transmission. (Car talk, I don't understand it either.) So the reverse on my car doesn't work at all and it has to be replaced. Now I have to find a new transmission. -o- It's about 500 for a transmission, 330 for the other problems, and 150 for tires, so estimated costs are about a grand. ]: I do hope it gets fixed. I doubt I'll find another working car the same price as it takes to fix the Mustang.

I've been experiencing alot of drama lately too. The other day, my aunt's doberman killed one of our kittens. Very sad. We got rid of all the kittens and the momma and 2 males. We now have only one male left, who was the cat who got attacked by the same doberman a couple of months ago and survived. We hope he knows not to go near them now. Anywho, now my Dad is pissed at my aunt for the dogs. She can't control them. I mean, I love her to death, but those dogs are too much for her. They dragged her through the dirt the last time they attacked one of my cats. Gah, I hate drama.

Well, I guess that's all the catching up I have for you guys. I'm sorry I haven't updated here in so long! I am on facebook PLENTY of times during the day, so feel free to add me on there: http://www.facebook.com/#!/Jean.ElizabethS (Just make sure to tell me who you are! xD)

Later guys! I'm off to play Tales of Vesperia and such. :)

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Zoh mah goodness. I've turned into such a Vesperia nerd lately. The past week I've been breathing Vesperia. It's my obsession. ;__; <3 I want my other friends to play it, because they told me Symphonia was the best game in the series even though they never played Vesperia yet. I was the same way. Symphonia was truly awesome until I played Vesperia. I watched the movie last night. The movie serves as a prequel to the game, and damn, does it do a kick ass job at setting up the game. They managed to get in some of the video game characters in the movie without any of them meeting each other, cause they all meet for the first time in the game of course. Gah, I'm so in love~~~~ About to watch it again, but with an online friend.

Sooooo. Next weekend is my birthday! Er, me and my twin brother's birthday! I feel bad on birthday because I always get more birthday wishes than my brother. ~O~ And I can never refer it to as MY birthday. Anywho, I was able to get the day off work for me and my brother. I plan on waking up at 4 in the morning and traveling 3 1/2 hours North to Oxford for an Open house at Ole Miss! I'm super excited~~ Regarding senior university business, my application still hasn't been accepted even though I sent my unofficial final junior university transcript. I HOPE ON MY LIFE that they do not need my high school transcript. The woman who works at my old high school is the laziest, bitchiest woman there! Alot of people who went there almost missed summer classes last year because she was so late on sending the transcripts to the college that was two blocks down the road. SHE WANTED TO MAIL THEM. -__- But I swear, if they ask for a high school transcript, I don't know what I'm going to do. It would never get there in time!!

Anywho, I'm off. The horrible weekend shift is here. I skipped both my classes today so I can catch up on sleep (since I stayed up til 2 watching the movie). One more weekend Jean, one more weekend!

Oh yeah, I talked to an Ole Miss rep the other day that visited our school. He told me about the college apartments. I was wondering if I could stay there instead of the dorms. The only worry I have is that rich spoiled brats who love to party is going to get the apartments too. I don't want the dorms because I don't fancy the idea of sharing toliets and showers with 200 other people... The apartment pay is a 360 dollar lease also, so I don't have to worry about other people finances. Hm.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

So sorry I haven't been around lately. Been quite busy this weekend. ^^" Thanks for the comments, A13 and Crystal. <3

How are you liking the theme? I am so in love with it! Think it'll be awhile til I change again. ~^O^~

Well, loans came in. My brothers got a big amount. Me, I got a small amount. Why? Because I'm going to be there for only one more semester while they have a whole year left. My second disbursement comes in October, then I get my refund couple of weeks later, so I should be financially stable til January. . . hopefully. To be honest, all I care about is getting my car fixed! That is ALL I want!

In good news, I FINALLY get my retainer on Tuesday!! After 3 WHOLE YEARS, I'm finally starting the braces process. Word. I was suppose to get them ages ago, but of course my insurance stopped covering me the day after my first orthodontist appointment. Then my dentist was trying to set me up with another ortho about a year or two ago. Eventually I gave up til a couple of months ago. <3 I went in for fittings and now they have my retainer~~ I'm kind of excited for braces. (My teeth are kind of messed up, alignment-wise.) I'm nervous about the pain, price, and how long I'm going to wear it for. I predict... 3 years... hopefully 2. Gah, now that I think of it, I could've done it at a university for cheaper in exchange of being a guinea pig to students in training. Heeey, they offer a program like that at my future senior university... awesome sauce.

Well, I'm off. I plan on focusing 90% of my attention and free time to getting my future senior university shizz together. Apparently, they think I'm a high school senior. Grr.

Peace! Have a great day, week. <3

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm feelings tons better emotionally. I decided to just move one, be happy single, and do my thing. Thanks so much for the comments Yoji and Crystal. <3 You guys are too awesome~

Sadly, I'm pretty run down physically. My muscles have been aching so much thanks to Karate. It's odd seeing how after a month into classes and I'm still getting sore. Am I that much out of shape? (I just don't get how I'm sore and my brothers aren't, seeing how much they laze around.) My energy level still hasn't kicked up either. I feel like I need a nap even though I had plenty of sleep the previous night. I think I should maybe visit the doctor... =|

I got a postcard in the other day from Ole Miss about my application. It was a checklist and it said they needed my high school transcript, ACT scores, and my senior class schedule. I was baffled, but I went to horrid, forsaken hell on Earth called high school to see what they could do. I was informed that the college probably mistook me for a high school senior, which explains why they wanted a class schedule. I really don't get how they mixed me up for a hs senior when I listed my community college. Meh. I'll just call them tomorrow. Watch I did the wrong application and have to pay another 35 bucks. I'll be pissed.
Good news, I got a 93 on my Marine Lab test and a 96 on the Marine Lecture test~ Whoop whoop! Now I have to worry about this computer assignment where we have to create a newsletter on who knows what and send it to the introductory computer class. Bummer. These computer assignments have been beyond frustrating lately.

Anywho, I'm off. I want chocolate milk so badly but I'm out of milk. Store is 20 minutes away. Why must I crave things I don't have?

Oh yes: Jae and I have moved our Love[Asia]Music business off TheOtaku to Wordpress. Please visit if you're interested! <3 (Jae's been depressed because it's lacking hits.)
Love[Asia]Music on Wordpress!
Also, if you want to be a sweetheart, awesomest person ever, advertise for us!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Gah, now I'm depressed. I was in an awesome mood too. Stupid men. I thought I found my click but I guess I didn't? Sorry, it's so depressing when you're in a conversation and someone leaves you out of it. I'm in the conversation, yet, I'm not included the conversation. I'm a ghost again. Invisible... sorry, I'm crying now. What makes it suck so much more is that it was that guy I liked. Fuck him. I'm going to do online dating where I can actually meet someone who I can get close with. I tried super hard to become a better friend with that guy but it's impossible. Also tired of the people I'm "friends" with around here. I'm not friends with any of them, just acquaintances, someone they wouldn't care about really. I love my online friends. You guys rock. <3

Now I'm off to bed to cry some more. -__- Then get up to study. I have one test each day this week. Ugh.

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