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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good Grief I haven't posted anything here in awhile!

Okay so i've been at my mom's for a bit, for the most part, just playing games, learning RPG maker stuff and generally being lazy and possibly eatting too much.

Sooo yeah. On the plus side though (possibly even to the happy gleeful joy of the art purists) I've been drawing some here and there on just regular pencil and paper. Will I show anyone them? maybe, maybe not.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Disgaea >>......
soo... yeah. Gotta game from a friend, and it's called Disgaea.

I will be in the darkest reaches of my room if anyone needs me.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Stye in the eye
So lots of stuff happened the past few days!

1. I got my hair cut after-- well first time ever really o-o; aside from getting bangs, and getting a trim, I've never had my hair cut before. It pretty much needed it really. The fuzziness was partly due to the fact that there was a ton of old split ends. (the other being it's incredibly curly and therefore easy to frizz) I has bangs now! but as usual, they don't want to go any which way I want them to zpz' they go everywhere else though. it feels weird though. I've had really long hair all my life, n' now suddenly I has shorter hairs. (it's not SHORT, but it's shorter--took a foot off in the back, and it's still below the shoulders so that can tell ya something! lol) Bangs I've had before, but it's been ages ago, and now I can't stop playing with them xpx lol

2. I has a stye in meh eye. It's a pain in the...well eye. I didn't even notice it 'til mom saw it and mentioned it, so now I have to be the one to put heat on it all the time >_o' oh well. it looks a lot better than it did yesterday, and unlike cloud I'll ACTUALLY put heat on it daily.

been doing lots of sprite stuffs o0o! I'm impressed with myself vov *nod nod* I shall show later.

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