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Friday, January 2, 2009

So yeah. I was actually sick for a lot longer than I thought I was gonna be xpx' after Strep Throat subsided, I got just a normal cold, which lingered for awhile. I'm fine now folks >O>! Even though granny had me go with her shopping even though I REALLY shouldn't have been >>... and it started raining that day, and bleh. probably reason why it lingered so long zpz'

So anyways a bit of drama: granted this isn't the ONLY thing that happened, but....
For years, we've had a Christmas rutine. It was simple. Have Christmas at granny's on Christmas eve, then Christmas at mom's on Christmas day. Well THIS year, granny and my aunt decided they wanted to do it differently, and have Christmas here (granny's essentually) on Christmas day.

When they found out mom didn't want to rush everyone out the door Christmas day after opening up gifts, n' everything (and who'd blame her?) they decided that she was messing up Christmas... even though she was wanting to do it like we always did...And it was THEIR last minute idea that we should all get together on Christmas day, so they decided to talk about her over the phone-- while I was listening >.>.... yeeah. real smart.
Needless to say, I relayed their message to mom, outraged by this, she changed the plans so we'd be over there on Christmas in the afternoon. This isn't unreasonable, as my aunt is often "fashionably late" anyways due to her being so far away, and she'd probably wouldn't be there 'til noon anyway-- which I was right.

Apprently though, granny still kept up with the remarks over mom. Least according to her, I was too busy playing camera jaws to people taking pictures. (no I won't, so don't ask)
All in all though, it was a good day. Cept' granny's starting to hold more grudges over people longer. :/ *shrugs* she does that though.

other blog: Holiday Hijinks

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Friday, December 5, 2008

oh hey it was something else after all!
So it wasn't allergies it was Strep Throat! haha lucky me huh folks?!


anyways gonna go to the doctor about it on Monday, or rather try to.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Drafts n' stuff zpz
so yeah, if you haven't already, go read the other blog

As for me myself? I'm actually not feeling so great right now. Started getting a headache last night, and today my head still kinda hurts, and my throats a little sore. Could be allergies, could be somethin' else.

Here's some Flash games to try >O>!

other points of interests:
Man pays with spider drawing
Browser history estimating gender?
According to this thing, I'm supposed to be male o_O

Oh yeah for Thanksgiving: we ate. a lot. I gained a few pounds, but I can easily take them off again. we had left overs for a few days, and we ate those too. It was the usual, Turkey, stuffing, ham, corn, green beans, mashed' potatos, and cloud made the pumpkin pie. oh and crandberries. those where there too zpz
We also had some BBQ pork ribs xpx which where good.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

To say in the least, it's been interesting around here lately. Lots of stuff has been happening lately, and I'd rather not get into any of it.

In other news though, I've been in such a terrible rut, I dunno what to do. Drawing has been a complete no-go for me, and I feel like I need to work on something (I know, I say that a lot but seriously) Last night me n' Code where talking about the possibility of my starting a comic/manga thingy, and I actually sat down throwing different ideas at him, and yes: one of them WAS to bring back the whole space kangaroos thing. He had an interesting idea of instead of it taking place in space, that it'd be taken place in a steam punk kind of setting.
Interesting take, BUT the problem with the whole thing (space setting or otherwise) is that it takes place around machines, which obviously I suck at xpx lol so I dunno.
I have other ideas not pertaining to the kangaroo thing at all, and there's always room for scrapping one thing for another, or mixing one into another.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

New comic Laugh at my misery and incompetent family.
It's true I found myself staring at an unidentifiable (to me) black beetle. I'm pretty sure it's not harmful, but it still gives me an unsettling feeling to find something like THAT sitting above my head. found him the next morning on the other side of the room, and can't find him now. (it woulda helped had granny not tried pushing him around with a broom instead of getting him to climb ON it)
I guess I should be used to this by now... I used to sleep in a house where I'd wake up to at least 2 wasps a morning during the summer....Wht dunnlike wasps either...

As for the whole costume thing, I don't know what to make of that. I talk to granny about it, and all I get is "well, she said all that.. not me." (talking about cloud) and when I go to cloud to ask about it, I get a "Well that's what granny said, not me!"
Obviously I'm the wrong one of course. I'm also apparently the reason why no one's worked on the costume in three weeks despite the fact that we have EVERYTHING FOR IT. I'm also somehow the one that was supposed to rally together everyone to work on cloud's costume in the first place even though it's...well CLOUD'S COSTUME.
She even told me early on that she wanted to be around to make sure things looked right, and I can't do that if she's not even gonna work on it herself. 'course if you ask her about the whole thing, I'll be wrong so whatever.

Edit: oh yeah! I'm at my target weight now! Hazzah! Now to see if I can keep it down

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Friday, October 24, 2008

RPG maker : O (the short version)
In case you don't feel like reading all that text in the world over there The short version is basically, I've been working on game making stuffs, n' haven't had much time to draw. 'course, I've still managed to upload a comic and a drawing the other day, so that's not really saying much.

So how's everyone these days?

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New comic
Age old joke with a few new styles to it. I'm happy how some of the screen toning came out, but not too fond of some of that line art zpz'

Anyways been kinda feeling sick to my tummy lately. Probably nothing, but I've been mostly staying offline and well...even off the computer (GASP O_O) lately. Been reading the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy and it's 4 other books. I have to stop reading them after a few hours 'cause they hurt my brain zpz

Also been watching more TV O_o' I've been watching so much Discovery Channel and Science Channel and all those other educational channels that I can probably name off every known Egyptian king, queen, and probably read hieroglyphics if I watch any more specials on some recently uncovered king's tomb

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So Sage_of_magic reminded me of alittle something about Gaia, and how my dad can be.

My dad is about the most mind-numbingly thick headed person I've ever known. You know those people online that like to challange you, and say whatever they want and not have to worry about it 'cause they're online and not face to face? That's him. Only he'll demand that you are wrong even in a face to face conversation, and WILL say whatever he wants too, just like they do.

He was looking for an online game, after trying various ones. (FlyFF, Puzzle Pirates, that kinda thing) and asked me about this "one game" he found called gaia online.

I immediately told him that it wasn't anything he'd be interested in, and that it wasn't the kind of game he'd injoy. "Well how do YOU know?!" he said, looking at me like I was ignorant "How do YOU know that I won't like it? Maybe I will!"
(I think this stems from the fact that when you tell a child "no you can't do that" they will try and do it just to show that they can only to fail miserably) I said "well because I have an account there, and the site isn't any good." I explained to him how it was cross between a web-based site, but with a few mediocere mini-games, which can only advert your attention from how mind numbingly dull the whole thing is. Most of the flash based stuff is a giant interactive chatroom, and even that it's not all that good at. Chatrooms in 93, less primitive and more interactivity had more appeal than Gaia's run-about areas where the housing was.

"Well how do YOU know?!" he repeats. I just looked at him "Because I've been there!" "yeah well, I wanna see it." As usual, he didn't hear a word I said, so I just threw up my hands and said "fine whatever. Try the guest mode...." "it's not working. Sign into your account instead" Which I denied. In 15 minutes he looks around at what he could, and concluded that it was a web based game, and that was something he didn't want.

It takes me two hours to explain how to play WC3, or Perfect World, and I have to repeat myself 5 minutes later when he dies and then asks why.

And this is the man that supposively went online back in the day before they had internet, connecting to each other's computers, and playing all the games, the texted adventures, and all the interactive D&D-esk chat games of the day. I look back on this, and I think: It's a wonder he was even able to beat Donkey Kong Country.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Productivity: down this week
Here's what happened:
Rar! I'm sick of not drawing anything >O>! *starts drawing stuff and posting them up"
but then something else happened...
"OMG SPOOOOOORE CAME OUT XoX!" *drawing productivity bottomed out.*

On the plus side though, I'm taking control of whole planets by establishing trading to other civilizations to the point of bankruptcy, then buying their whole solar system. muhahahaha

oh and I managed to start three intergalactic wars at once. I'm still not sure how I pulled that one off....

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Curse you allergies!
Yep. Allergies. Both me and Cloud got hit by it hard the past couple of days. I think me more so then her though. I'm starting to get over it though, which is a plus. People ask me what it is exactly that triggers them, and quite frankly-- I have no idea.

It could be the pollen produced from the several pear trees out in the front, or only the billion other plants that produce some kind of pollen outside.
It maybe the dust from the various dirt roads that we have around town, or maybe the dander from the animals, since there's several houses that keep a sheep or goat at this time of the year for the county fair. Take your pick as to what it could be.
All I know is that it'll strike at any time: Doesn't matter on the season, and when it hits, I usually get sick, foggy headed, and don't want to do anything because I can't focus.

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