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Monday, January 26, 2009

Stye in the eye
So lots of stuff happened the past few days!

1. I got my hair cut after-- well first time ever really o-o; aside from getting bangs, and getting a trim, I've never had my hair cut before. It pretty much needed it really. The fuzziness was partly due to the fact that there was a ton of old split ends. (the other being it's incredibly curly and therefore easy to frizz) I has bangs now! but as usual, they don't want to go any which way I want them to zpz' they go everywhere else though. it feels weird though. I've had really long hair all my life, n' now suddenly I has shorter hairs. (it's not SHORT, but it's shorter--took a foot off in the back, and it's still below the shoulders so that can tell ya something! lol) Bangs I've had before, but it's been ages ago, and now I can't stop playing with them xpx lol

2. I has a stye in meh eye. It's a pain in the...well eye. I didn't even notice it 'til mom saw it and mentioned it, so now I have to be the one to put heat on it all the time >_o' oh well. it looks a lot better than it did yesterday, and unlike cloud I'll ACTUALLY put heat on it daily.

been doing lots of sprite stuffs o0o! I'm impressed with myself vov *nod nod* I shall show later.

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