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XxDirEnGreyxX666 (05/03/08)

konnichiwa! I really like your site! I hope you don't mind me adding you! ttyl


Sakushi (12/31/07)

Where did u get ur Pic??? ITS FREAKIN FUNNY!!!!!!

Mastahbetahs (08/05/07)

hahahahaahahahaha nice videos.. so funny!

TamakisEmoCornerx (08/05/07)

Awesome site. ^_^

The background is really radical~! So beautiful ^^

Hope to see you around~!

PimpinSk8er (08/05/07)

Hi Hows it going i like your Otaku its really unique
and cool =) check mines out and while your there sign
my Guestbook if you want but u dont have too if you
dont want too =).... Umm ill bet youll like my site i work
on my own html i dont take html from stupid sites =).... and if you comment my post ill comment yours back and also sometimes ill just signes everyones for fun =D And ill add u
see ya later

~ PimpinSk8er ~

Sad Angel (06/12/07)

thankies for the comment! yeah, orochimaru was cuter younger. the only hting is i couldnt get his color right!

sakusasu4ever (06/06/07)

hi yeah it's jennifer(aka) sakusasu4ever hey I hope we can become friends and get 2 know eachother well hope 2 rear from you soon oh yeah I put up 3 more pics hope you like they are all of sora!

9LivesToGo (05/06/07)

I read all 50 ways to piss off Sasuke!!!Did you come up w/ them???Saw ur Gallery, too...

i.luv.kiba (05/02/07)

i wouldn't say your drawings are creepy you just need more practice. but you got promise =]

um heh heh *blush* yaoi is ummm you know when people have Sasuke and Naruto making out or something? that's yaoi. basically the Japanese word for gay i suppose. i'm totally against it though it's DISCUSTING! however that just my being a minister's daughter side coming out. and as i said yuri is the opposite of yaoi which would be something like Sakura and Ino...lesbian. most people draw more yaoi than yuri but in my opinion they're most just as gross. but remember hate the sin not the sinner.

but yea that's what it is heh so you might wanna change your o.c.'s name but you don't have to. since you liked the name yuri because it meant lily you could use Hana which means flower. kind of the same but yea =/

so yea now you know....but on a lighter note pretty kewl site. a little too pink for my taste but hey w/e works for ya =]

~the Akatsuki are Watching~
p.s. yes i know Kiba is sexy but he's MINE! >=3 but you can admire him if you want.......from a distance that is ^-^

Team Plasma N (04/29/07)

*jumps from roof to roof in the mist*
Hey there, thanks for signing my guestbook and all really appreciated that so I came to return the favor to you as well. Yea I was gonna thank you for your nice comment about "Death To Sasuke" This week but I guess you beat me to it!!! But I knew there was going to be flaming but whatever, I got more support then I thought...anyway I have to say your site looks nice keep up the great work. Hopefully I shall see you around so CYA!!! *does ninjitsu and disappears*

~Not Only Will I Protect Naruto, I Shall Protect All Those On The Otaku~

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