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Hey! I'm sad angel! If you visit my site, I promise to visit yours in return I could realy use some help, so please vote and comment on my art. So sign my guest book so that I know you were here, and feel free to message me, caus I luv to talk.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

hiya guys! first of all its bloodrose2's bday, so wish her a happy one! secondly, we had our solo and ansemble comp today, it was fun, but our judje was really tough though. but i really liked him, he actualy hellped me improve alot vocaly. not much else to say right now!
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Monday, February 25, 2008

version vibrant
the new version launches this weekend for those of you who havent heard yet. im sooooooo excited about it! yay! i cant wait to see all of the new features. im allso a little nervous about having to learn about a whole new site though. heh. im not so good at that.

im also extatic to say that the next book in the twilight series, forever dawn, comes out on august second! these books are by stephanie meyer, and for those of you who havent read them, i highly suggest it. theyre a vampire romance, but even people who i know who dont like vampires have enjoyed them. let me know what you think if you check em out!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   i need a hole.
hey guys. im not havin a very good day. one of my friends was mad at me and wouldnt tell me why. she wouldnt even talk to me. (as if that werent enough, my mom just told me that my cousin emailed her and said 'we took reva(my aunt) to the doctor and they said to bring her back in 30 days,' and heres the real kicker.'if shes still alive') so my friend wont even talk to me, and kenichi told me that she was mad at me for a really stupid reason. it doesnt even concern her. i mean, shes entitled to her opion. she can think what she wants. i just dont see why she didnt come out and tell me. i dont even know if well be friends any more after today. it really sucks cause weve been best friends since the fourth grade. i hate this so much. even worse. i cried. i hate letting my gaurd down in front of people like that. ive been hurt alot in my life, and its hard for me to let people see me like that. i just feel so vonerable and week. in front of my coven i might have been ok, but in front of the whole school? i couldnt stand it. i just dont know what to do. sometimes i wish i was a guy. I really suck at the teenage girl thing. im not so good at dealing with all of the drama. it sucks because my instincts told me to stay home today, but i just had to go to school. so all in all, today sucked, and its just getting worse and worse. my pack is falling apart, my aount is dying, and the depression isnt helping with it all. but chi, i just wanna thank you for being there for me today. your an amazing friend. i love you so much. i cant even begin to explane how awful i feel about you being caught in the middle of this all. i really just need a place to curl up, and never come back out. the worst thing is that i feel like i just wanna sit with my pack and cry, but i dont know how to do that. i want comfort from them, but i dont know how to ask for it. i dont know how to go about opening up. if you have any advice for me at this screwed up time in my life, please let me know.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

wat up! im perty good myself. i went to go see cloverfeild and it was awsome! i loved it soooooooo much. i didnt get motion sick at all! i was so happy. so what did you all do this weekend? were doing an all day read-a-thon tomarow and we get to skip all of our classes. it so rules! wooohooo! no class! ooooooooh! and i cut my hair! so i have the strait bangs wich ive had for a while, and then i have sort of an aline, but its long in the back. its really cool. i know alot of you have never even heard of this, but i look alot like raven from vampire kisses. it soooo rocks! ill get a pic up of it as soon as i can. i just cant get on here as much with school and all. speaking of wich, were watching this video in reading on the halocaust, and theyer like telling us that its our fault that it happened! i know that that doesnt make any sence, but, idk. and we just started to kill a moking bird in language. that is sooo one of my favorite books.

1.what is your favorite work of clasic lit?
2.whats your fave time period.
3.what is your style(how do you dress)
4.who is your fave vampire in all time? (not counting edward cullen*drools*)
5.how are you?
6.what does your room look like?
7.what do you wish it lookes like?

my answers.
1.to kill a moking bird, by harper lee.
2.definatly either mideavil times, or ancient egypt and greece.
3.veeeeery goth (nothing creapy like eye percings or anything, i just like purple and black)
4.its a tie between alexander in vimpire kisses, zero in vampire knight, and bela legosi as dracula.
5.im ok. a little down when im with my family, but fine!
6.it looks like the seventies were out partying all night and my room was closer than the bathroom.
7.i wish that it was really gothic victorian, with a big four poster with a black lace canopy, and what not. or just really neat with black purple and red everywere!


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Monday, January 14, 2008

hey guys. im doing ok today. except that my emagination tends to run away with me and i have convinced myself in the last hour that my mother has gotten in a plane crash (her flight home from seeing my aunt was late) and that my sis was kid naped (she didnt stop by the house after school). i swear, i am goining insane! or mabey just sane. lol. but yeah, im tired, and i dont feel good and larimer was giving me a hard time today..... i really miss her. with the way shes been acting, it feels like were just her fail safe. BACK UP FRIENDS! shes only around when she doesnt have any one else to hang out with. she even ditched us to go BIRD WATHCING once. and that would have been understandable, except that we had been planing this thing for like a month, and she just decided to go bird watching the morning of the event. grrrrrr.... shes allways ditching us for the pinkies too.... thanks for leting me vent to you guys. it means alot. shes just tearing me apart. plus, she isnt the most stable person in the world. she hurts herself alot, and is always really depressed. i think the thing that hurts me the most a bout it is watching her try to cover it up. even if she hates the world, she needs to understand that to us, she IS the world.

1.have you ever had to deal with some thing like this?
2.whats your least favorite punctuation mark.
3.if you had to guess just by my posts, what do i look like?
4.if you could look like anything, what would it be
5.what anime chara do you loook most like.

my answers
2.apostrophese. theyre over rated.
3.that is not for me to answer! mha haha!
4.i would be tall, have big boobs. black hair, purple eyes, and have all of the gothic clothes you could posibly imagine.
6.i really look like fuu from samuri champloo, but i have misa(deathnote)/raven's(vampire kisses) style.

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