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Hey every Body Whats up.Well my other site Sk8erAlchemist Got corrupted soooo i had to make a new one.This really suck.But o well i got my site back in order now.Well i hope you all like my new site.Now i i have to get all of my guest book sighnings back.I had 333.Can u guys help me out.Im srry that my site got corrupted.Ill see yall later.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

{date} 08/11/07
{time} 2:43 PM

HI guys ^^'
yesterday i went to my orentaion and i saw some of my friends =D and im going to to go to another one on sunday so ill acully get to talk to them.lol and i got my boooks, i got my picture taken for my ID i dont think i was smilinng XDDD its going to look funny =P...today i got a game called DiRT and its really fun...
U can play it on Xbox live and in 1 race u can have up to 100 ppl playing at 1 time O_O thats alot and i wonder how they pulled that off lol....well im going to put up a new pic in my portfolio and i made it with just Micrsoft Paint and i think u guy will like it...u better because it took me almost 2 day! lol well see ya guys later ^^


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