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Result Posted on 06/27/05:
interesting questions

Naruto Survey

Created by Meesa and taken 447 times on bzoink!

How did you discover Naruto?Honestly i heard so much about it and just checked it ^^;
Do you reccomend Naruto to other people?Yup
Are you happy you discovered Naruto?Yes
Are you obsessed with Naruto?er.. Well not Naruto but sum characterss from Naruto ^^;
Are you insanely obsessed with Naruto?n_-
WHEN did you first discover Naruto?hmm, can't remember
Do you download Naruto manga?umm, err... yea..
Do you download Naruto anime?Yup
Do you think you have the right to do that?Yup
What do you say when people tell you it's wrong to download it?No one here says that.. ^^;
Where did you first download Naruto manga from?Naruto chuushin
Where did you first download Naruto anime from?err.. who told you i dl? n_-
Who is your favorite character?Many but Shikamaru, Kakashi, Iruka, Naruto, Neji, etc
Who is your least favorite character?hmmm, dunno.. sakura? ooh i know! SASUKE!!
Which character do you think is most misunderstood?Gaara?
Which character is most under-rated?probably Ch�ji
Which character has the worst past?Well they all have had they share.. but i'd say Gaara
What do you think of Ino and Sakura's rivalry?Cows...
Does it anger you to see Sakura reject Lee?She should get it while he's offering ^^;
Do you even like Lee?i don't like him nor do i hate him
Do you hate Sasuke?Hate is a strong word.. maybe dislike
Do you hate Yashamaru?Cute but yea
Do you think all Gaara needs is just a hug and a good night's sleep?Yup
Can anyone honestly say they hate Naruto?Maybe
Do you think Shikamaru deserved to become a chuunin?Why not? Heck yea
Do you think anyone else deserved to become a chuunin?Neji
Do you think Shino could've made chuunin if he had the chance to fight?Yea, probably
Does Shino's bugs creep you out?Little
What do you think of Kankurou's outfit?T_T Lame
What do you think of Sasuke's jumpsuit?LAAAMEEEE
Should Naruto ditch the orange jumpsuit?He does, good for him
Should Lee get a different haircut and outfit?Would he be Lee then?
Do you think Gaara is evil?No
Do you think Orochimaru is a closet-pedophile?Yes...
Why do you think Kakashi is late so much?My opinion? He's busy wiff Iruka-cha~~~n but in reality he's respecting that dead Uchiha boy...
Do you think Itachi's nails are pretty?T__T No i don't
Do you think Haku had pretty nails?T______T Like I'd really could care more about their nails... geez
Did you originally think Haku was a girl?Umm, yea
Did you originally think Yashamaru was a girl?For a moment
Which character is the best looking?Eep? Ummm... Neji? Kakashi? Iruka <3 Genma, Shika...almost all the men are bishies
Which character is the worst looking?Hmm, Ino? Sakura? Sasuke?
What was your first impression of Lee?T___T;;;
What was your first impression of Gai?O_o;;;;;;;;!!!
Do you think Sakura is useless?Well, she can heal and has some crazy physical powers
Which female kicks the most ass?Tsunade
Who should become the 6th Hokage?Wouldn't Iruka make a cute Hokage? Nah, i think Naruto would be the one.. of course after about 10-20 years..
What is your favorite pairing?You wanna know? n_- Iruka x Kakashi!
What is your least favorite pairing?Hmmm.. doon't really care about the others..
What pairing makes the least amount of sense?Many
What do you think about Naruto yaoi/yuri?hmmm.. let's see...yaoi.. *ecchi grin*
Do you read/write Naruto fanfiction?I've gotten a bad habit to do so.. T_T
Do you look at/draw Naruto fanart?Yup
What is your favorite fanfiction genre for Naruto?M/M
What do you think of all the 'Naruto gets stuck in sexy no jutsu' fics?T_T sounds boring
what do you think of all the Naruto Mary-Sue fics?Eh?
Does it bother you that Gaara is so Ooc in most romance fics?Haven't read...
Do you think Naruto is secretly depressed and/or suicidal?Wouldn't you be?
Do you think Naruto is secretly a genius and just hides it?Probably not a genius.. but he has his moments
Do you think Sasuke actually has warm fuzzy feelings for anyone?Sure
Do you think the 4th Hokage was Naruto's father?They look pretty similiar, could be, and should be..
Do you think Shikamaru and Chouji are more then just friends?T_T no.. but then again.. *grinnnnn*
Do you WANT them to be more then just friends?... *cough*
Is Neji obsessed with birds or what?No, he just wants to be free like a bird.. duh
Is Kakashi really that obsessed with looking underneath the underneath?If you wanna stay alike you should too
Does Sasuke secretly lust after Naruto?T__T Don't really care...
Is Kakashi secretly lusting after one or more of his students?Hopefully not...
Is Kakashi secretly lusting over Iruka?Hee, see the cute blushing that Kakashi does in that one chapter while talking to Iruka n_-
Do you pair up characters fully aware that these are 12 year old kids?T___T
Or do you make them older just so you won't have that on your conscience?I don't care, they are just character from a manga.
Do you like A/U Naruto fics?One
Do you like OC's in Naruto fics?Nope
Do you read NCS Naruto fics?Dunno
Do you read NCS Naruto fics but adamantly deny it?Eh?
Do you read M-Preg Naruto fics?I did one.. i will never recover -_-;
What type of Naruto fans are the most annoying?fanatics
Do you mix your canon Naruto knowlege with your fanfic Naruto knowledge?No
Do you get mad at people who like a pairing you hate?Why? That would be ridiculous
If so, aren't you ashamed of yourself?T__T;
Misc (this means you're almost done)
What's a good Naruto website?naruto chuushin is ok
And one more?...
What's a good Naruto fanfiction?Let it be me, Birthday present... ahh many many..
And another?Heiwa no jutsu, Trying to get to Heaven.. etc.
What's a good Naruto fanart?T__T;
And another?
What do you think about Asuma?ok
Wasn't he awesome when he saved Shikamaru that time?YUP!
He showed us his mad skillz didn't he?Really?
Sasuke looked really cool when his curse seal first activated, right?yea when pigs fly... T_T
What do you think of Orochimaru's tongue?you don't wanna know...
Does it disturb you?not really
Does it haunt your dreams at night?T_T no
Do you think Orochimaru is a sexy beast?as long as he keep his mouth shut i'm fine
Do you think I'm insane for asking that?Yup ^^ I think you have a problem with Orochimaru
If you could be any Naruto character, who would you be?Me? *girly giggle* Oh god... *blush* you dont wanna know that either ^^
What jutsu would you want?Henge no jutsu would be nice
Do you think if a girl used sexy no jutsu she would turn into a man?where the fun in that.. *thinks* naked Sakura man in puff of clouds.. em, ewww..!
Say something random about Naruto or a random Naruto quote!"How troublesome.."
Did you enjoy this survey?Hmph.. ^^

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Result Posted on 04/13/05:
Yaaay n__n

You got Shikamaru
Shikamaru! Very smart, but doesn't like girls. you
are the lucky one who won his heart. he is your
best date.

which of Naruto guys would be best in a date? (With pics) Updated!
brought to you by Quizilla

Result Posted on 04/06/05:

You scored as Shikamaru. Youíre Shikamaru, the lazy genius. You often wonder how can life be so troublesome Ė you like to take it easy. Youíre one of the laziest people around, and itís really hard to believe youíre a genius with a high IQ and logic that never fails... Thatís one big surprise when you show them what you can do!



















Rock Lee


Which Naruto ninja are you most like?
created with QuizFarm.com

Result Posted on 04/03/05:

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
Who's Your Sohma Guy?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

Result Posted on 04/03/05:

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Ninja Class Are You?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

Result Posted on 04/02/05:
o_O Neji? *dribble* x_x

Your Sex Life With A Naruto Character by theunstoppable
Your Partner:Hyuuga Neji
How Many Times You50
What Happened?:You had 10 children!
Was There Anything Kinky?:Does a flute sound familiar??
How Does It End?:You were proposed to! Lived a happy life!
How Good Was It Overall?:: 27%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Result Posted on 02/26/05:

What Does Your Inner Child Look Like? by Keera
Astorlogical Sign
Hair Color
Eye Color
What you inner child looks like
What she likes to do the mostGet stupid songs stuck in your head
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Result Posted on 02/26/05:
Eep?? o________o


What's your sexual appeal?
brought to you by Quizilla

Result Posted on 02/26/05:
Not much to add to that ^^

You're Element is Night. You're a bit of a loner
loner who is very creative but never show your
work to anyone. You may smile a little but
sadness or loneliness surround you and other
can feel it when they're near you. You have a
dark or unusual beauty that makes you
mysterious and you probably have a lot of
secrets that you've never told anyone. You're
beauty is intriging and unorthidox but the real
thing that makes you special is your eyes.
Something in them makes them like Diamonds in
the Rough. (please forgive me if you cannot see
the pics. If you go to my userpage then you can
see your result picture at the bottom)

What's Your Element(girls)? (PICTURES)
brought to you by Quizilla

Result Posted on 02/22/05:

sweet catgirl
Your a sweet catgirl. Shugary sweet and always trying to do the right
thing, helping out the needy and and smiling
sweety are what you do best. But your never
going to brag, thats why people love you so
much. Except..when your driving us insane with
your over amout of kindness.

What Anime Cat-girl are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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