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Friday, January 13, 2006

Omg omg, these sites are FINALLY WORKING! ;O It really works *sob*
Thank you all the lovely comments <3

and have to say, I'm not worthy to be called Sensei :S I'm just an ordinary
drawer just like averyone else :D

Love and massive hugs to you all! <3

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

   Long time no see, eh? ;}
Hmm, sorry for not posting anything for a... is it two months now? Anyway, inna long time...
Two reasons.. no time and these sites just won't work.. I can't comment or read comments and that suck really bad. I know that's just stupid whining but i really like commenting and receiving comments. It's the essence of this whole thing :}
Sorry for all of you who have signed my gb and i haven't answered... i'm a bad person :(
Thank you for the signing <3

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

  BORED! >_<
No, honestly.. I am...

and what makes it worse.. it still can't read your comments..! _
But it's a bit comforting to see the number of comments even though i can't actually see the contents ^^;
Well maybe soon the problem is fixed and i can enjoy the given comments ^^
I think, being one of the top cynical persons ever, that is pretty optimistic thing to hear from me.. ^^

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Friday, July 15, 2005

   Be a Good Person ^^
Hello, hello.
So... I'm curious to hear your opinion of my characters and
dying to know their popularity.. ^^
yeah, like there would be people who'd even know them... -_-

Anyway, feel free to just answer a very simple question
Here's a [Link]
Thank you~~~ <3

Yup, then to other matters.. I can't thank Kuro-tan-san in DeviantArt enough for
drawing fanart of my character Kouken! [Link] Thank YOU!
So.. *cough* everyone is free to do so.. P_P er...
right... so... I'm off before I say something even more idiotic
that what I've just said.. err.. yeah.. _o/

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Aaa, i can't read your comments ;_;!
oh really.. it just gives an error everytime i try to open the comment block >____< *sniff* dunno if ya have the same problem but i sure do! ;__;
so i haven't been able to read any comments from the last five drawings i've posted ;_____; noooo fair!

oh yaa, check this -> [Link]

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