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Hey my otaku peeps hope ya guys like my site.It is close to summer so ill be on less because of school work but i hope you guys visit often and add me sign mr guestbook and pm and comment if you want

aka Lil Shawty
(im kinda short compared to my friends)

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hey. Sorry i haven't been on in a while i have been so busy and stressed out. I have this stupid project due next week and im like freaking out b/c i just asked out this really cool guy. The problem is that he is a year older than me so he'll be in high school next year and i'll be stuck in Junior high for another stupid year. Well anyway i got to leave this short and sweet, i have to do some research for my project.
Here are some really random questions.

1.Do you like ducks or cows?
2.Do you know what indefatiagble means?
3.Who is your favorite character from Rugrats?

P.S My friend Rachel made up the first two questions. She's crazy like that.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

yola!!! how are you guys doing this fine Sunday or whenever you are reading this post. Well im doing fine. Ok the dance was cool except the DJ keeps on playing Soulja Boy which was stupid cause i hate that song. Yeah it was pretty fun. m=My bff Cat, is mad at my other bff,Sarah cause Sarah was forcing the Cat to dance with her boyfriend. So Sarah pushed Car into her boyfriend which made him touch Cat's butt and made verything feel awkward.

It's almost V-day i am so excited because im a total romantic and it's like my favorite day of the year. I got these pimpin littlest pet shop valentine cards. They are like the cutest things ever. So at school we're having this raffle thing to win this huge teddy bear for valentines day and evrybody at school is like buying a whole bunch of raffles. It's like huge cause like valentines day is huge at my school.
Well i gotta go my friend is on this really cool site and im gonna check it out so here are some questions im randomly gonna ask you.

What is your favorite book?
What do you think about rich kids?
Do you like cheese?


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Monday, February 4, 2008

   I have a DATE!!!!
Yola you know how i said i didn't have a date. Well i have one now. YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
It's one of the popular jocks but, he is a sweetheart. You know like the popular guys with geeky personalities. Im like so happy. Ok this is the stupid thing i did today. Ok i was at school and you know i got send to this sound proof room cause i was crying(i'd love to tell you why i was crying but everytime i tell someone i cry, im at the library don't want to make a fool of myself and im just starting my project ^_^)so the teacher sended in my bff in the whole wide world to talk to me which helped. So we were talking then all of a sudden we looked at each other (we were having one of those bff mind reading moments) then we banged our heads on teh wall thinking it was soft cause it looked cusiony. It turned out to be hard as steel. Then we started laughing. Oh and i have this huge headache and bruise on my head. LOL!!!
Sorry sometimes i want to hear myself laugh. I know im such a dork. Well anyway i gotta go start my project so ill update in a few days hopefully.


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Monday, January 28, 2008

Yawn!!!!!!! (sorry very tired)
Yola!!! Yawn!!!! Im sorry im so tired today and yet so hyper. Lol!! Yeah me and my mom so far gotten along. A few arguements but lasts bout two min. Anyways its almost valentines day yawn and we're having a school dance and i don't have a date!!!!!! lol!! Ok im not really devastated i really son't care im just a drama queen today. Well i have a project due and well i havent started yet. I know shame on me im such a procrastinater(i know i did not spell that right)yawn.yeah nothing much happened today so i have nothing else to say. Oh yeah all my friends got back with there ex's in one weekend literally all of them. It was weird. lol. im the only one with no date. *tears* i know,im such a drama queen. well gotta go i will updated in a few days.


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Friday, January 11, 2008

   Mom fight
Yola,uhhggg me and my mom just had this huge fight....again.My mom acts so helpless. She thinks i have all the time in the world.... for her. I have like dance and i have to go the gym to get fit for the dance, plus homework,plus all these stupid semester tests,plus playing my violin,plus friends,ect. Yeah i know a lot and she is like you have so much time and you don't have to hang out with me or do the dishes and what not. On weekends i cant even hangout with my friends cause im so busy. Like my mom owns this jewlery shop and like she can do whatever she wants there right,and right before she goes to work she has to eat,and well so do I. Today she was eating and so was i and i had to go upstairs and get my socks from my room and my books to study at the library. Then i got out she starts honking the horn like crazy (very impatient woman) and was like Mom,go easy on the horn!! When i got in the car my mom was like what the heck took so long!! I was like mom i had to get my books and my socks and plus i had to go pee. My mom was like you go pee at the library, why make me late. I was like mom youre the one who woke up late and still had to eat your dang oatmeal,i mean you could eat it at your store. And my mom said that she's to busy working to eat at the store. I said mom you consider watching Oprah work? And mom took that as an insult as if I said mom you doon't do nothiing but laay around. Then she just agve me this huge lecture that she works her butt off and i dont do anything and that i dont love her. I was thinkin i do love her its just she is so worried bout herself she just doesnt relize it. I hae to be like her slave for her to know i love her but i cant and dont want to do that just to show her i love her, so i just ignore her. I swear one day ill have this emotional break down and for once she can stop thinkiong about herself and see how im suffering. People are lik shes getting old and she needs time but im like, shes figgin middle age she wont be old for another 10 years!! man life sucks right now.
Here are some questions for today so i can study and try not to pull out my hair.

1) Do you and your parents get along? If do give me some tips so i can stop fighting with my mom.
2)Who do you think has it harder boys or girls.Why? This question is also for this class so go into details for me.
3)Whats your most embarrasing moment ever?

I heart you

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