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Monday, January 28, 2008

Yawn!!!!!!! (sorry very tired)
Yola!!! Yawn!!!! Im sorry im so tired today and yet so hyper. Lol!! Yeah me and my mom so far gotten along. A few arguements but lasts bout two min. Anyways its almost valentines day yawn and we're having a school dance and i don't have a date!!!!!! lol!! Ok im not really devastated i really son't care im just a drama queen today. Well i have a project due and well i havent started yet. I know shame on me im such a procrastinater(i know i did not spell that right)yawn.yeah nothing much happened today so i have nothing else to say. Oh yeah all my friends got back with there ex's in one weekend literally all of them. It was weird. lol. im the only one with no date. *tears* i know,im such a drama queen. well gotta go i will updated in a few days.


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