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Sunday, February 10, 2008

yola!!! how are you guys doing this fine Sunday or whenever you are reading this post. Well im doing fine. Ok the dance was cool except the DJ keeps on playing Soulja Boy which was stupid cause i hate that song. Yeah it was pretty fun. m=My bff Cat, is mad at my other bff,Sarah cause Sarah was forcing the Cat to dance with her boyfriend. So Sarah pushed Car into her boyfriend which made him touch Cat's butt and made verything feel awkward.

It's almost V-day i am so excited because im a total romantic and it's like my favorite day of the year. I got these pimpin littlest pet shop valentine cards. They are like the cutest things ever. So at school we're having this raffle thing to win this huge teddy bear for valentines day and evrybody at school is like buying a whole bunch of raffles. It's like huge cause like valentines day is huge at my school.
Well i gotta go my friend is on this really cool site and im gonna check it out so here are some questions im randomly gonna ask you.

What is your favorite book?
What do you think about rich kids?
Do you like cheese?


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