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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

   Hello Everyone
Hello everyone this is Yami and shortie. -.-'' . . . *anime sweat drop* Don't make that face Yugi. Oh?? And why not?? It makes me feel bad. Then maybe you should stop calling me short Yami. . . . Fine Yugi. . . Really? Now that wasn't so hard now was it? Sure sure. Well good night everyone. WAIT I fixed the pics at the bottom ^-^ Now good night.
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Monday, July 25, 2005

   Good Evening Everyone
This post is dedicated to the people who lost their lives in the terroist attack in Egypt. Please turn down your speakers and bow your head, and give silent prayer if you have any feelings towards this matter. I thank you to all who can understand how big a deal this is to me. *Kneels on one knee and bows head in respect* Thank you everyone.
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This post goes out to... PrettyKitty1013 Thanks a lot for showing me how to fix my posts. And thanks to everyone who posted about Yami, it means a lot to me. *closed eyes smile, waves* Bye!
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   Hey all
Hello everyone this is Yugi here. Last night a lot of things happened.. and maybe even some misunderstandings, but because of it me and Yami are seperated right now... *sighs* it's not easy to be on your own, but I know I can handle it until he comes to his senses and comes back. And you guys all... want him back right? Let him here it. *smiles* If you care leave a comment for my buddy Yami please. He needs a helping hand right now. *smiles* Maybe a couple. Anyways, I'll talk to you guys later. See ya *waves*
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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ok so, the day has gone on further and really nothing much has happened. I still don't know how to put the picture of the girl up on my site, and I still am at a loss for the quiz results... *Ahem* Well among those things, as most of you can see we finally found a cursor. The site for the cursors was provided to us by the user Sleep_Pills. Yup yup she's a good friend of mine, we chat on AIM all the time.. speaking of which you know... you guys can IM us anytime! We're always on! Speak for yourself. Some of us have a life. *Smiles* oh yeah dueling... dueling... more dueling... nice life *smirks* -.-'' Hey I do a lot more then that. And you know it. *Crosses arms* oh YEAH! I can't forget living in the puzzle the rest of the time! -.-'' .... -.-'' ...You're gonna get it for that one! *Runs after him* I do a lot more and you know it! OK OK !! YOU DO MORE!! Now that's better. And besides I would have caught you anyway. *Smirks and still has arms crossed* Oh yeah? Whys that?? I have longer legs. *Smiles* ARE YOU CALLING ME SHORT?! GRRRRR Ok *laughs* Ok that's it for us today I think. If anything else happens we'll update. Good bye from Yami and shortie... I mean Yugi! *waves* GRRRRRRRR I'M NOT SHORT!!!!
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   I GOT IT!
I got it now didn't I?! *looks at it with an anime sweat drop*
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Look at what I found everyone!! Instead of the girl (who is above if you just look) I'm putting in this cool thingy! ^-^ Yugi what is that? ..... I have no idea!
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   Hey all!
Hey this is Yugi here! Yami is having a mix of emoitions today but is mostly.... HAPPY AS ALL HECK!!! Why? Well that's another story. *smiles* He won't show that he's happy though.. he's just gotta be sooo mysterious.... -.-'' he should at least let some emotions out... RIGHT?! anyways... if anyone has any news on the cursor sites, we could still use the help, and now we wnat to know how to get a quiz result thing on the page but I can't figure it out... GRRR Even though I did most of the site myself *happy\proud face* Yes I know a couple of HTML tricks ^-^ but I can't figure it out. Could someone give Yugi a hand? *laughs* So I guess that's it... um... talk to ya all later! *waves*

Hello all again. It's Yami if you still haven't figured out the colors. *Yawn* I'm still a little tired from last night but yes, as Yugi states I am in a good mood today. *Calm smile* He just likes to get a little ahead of himself sometimes. I show my emotions just fine... don't I? Anyway, I must be going now. Good day to you all, and may Ra protect you all. *Waves*
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Saturday, July 23, 2005

   Avitar FOUND!
I found an avitar!!! Yes you did. See? You can be smart when you want to. Thanks.... HEY!! Goodbye again everyone!
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   First post
Yugi what's with the music? Oh I dunno it's a kewl song! And it makes people smile when they hear it. *Smiles* see? like this! Whatever you say... alright so, we're still searching for some cursor sites, and an avitar. If anyone has any information please tell us. Thanks all. whadya kiddin?? that's it?? listen up everybody its joey wheelah in da house!!! anyways dese guys are sooo borin! Now Joey that's not very nice. Hello everyone this is Bakura here. *Waves* ehhh your all borin!!!!! Um.. I guess I'll close this one up. See you all later. *Everyone waves* BYE EVERYONE!
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