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Sunday, July 24, 2005

   Hey all!
Hey this is Yugi here! Yami is having a mix of emoitions today but is mostly.... HAPPY AS ALL HECK!!! Why? Well that's another story. *smiles* He won't show that he's happy though.. he's just gotta be sooo mysterious.... -.-'' he should at least let some emotions out... RIGHT?! anyways... if anyone has any news on the cursor sites, we could still use the help, and now we wnat to know how to get a quiz result thing on the page but I can't figure it out... GRRR Even though I did most of the site myself *happy\proud face* Yes I know a couple of HTML tricks ^-^ but I can't figure it out. Could someone give Yugi a hand? *laughs* So I guess that's it... um... talk to ya all later! *waves*

Hello all again. It's Yami if you still haven't figured out the colors. *Yawn* I'm still a little tired from last night but yes, as Yugi states I am in a good mood today. *Calm smile* He just likes to get a little ahead of himself sometimes. I show my emotions just fine... don't I? Anyway, I must be going now. Good day to you all, and may Ra protect you all. *Waves*
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