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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ok so, the day has gone on further and really nothing much has happened. I still don't know how to put the picture of the girl up on my site, and I still am at a loss for the quiz results... *Ahem* Well among those things, as most of you can see we finally found a cursor. The site for the cursors was provided to us by the user Sleep_Pills. Yup yup she's a good friend of mine, we chat on AIM all the time.. speaking of which you know... you guys can IM us anytime! We're always on! Speak for yourself. Some of us have a life. *Smiles* oh yeah dueling... dueling... more dueling... nice life *smirks* -.-'' Hey I do a lot more then that. And you know it. *Crosses arms* oh YEAH! I can't forget living in the puzzle the rest of the time! -.-'' .... -.-'' ...You're gonna get it for that one! *Runs after him* I do a lot more and you know it! OK OK !! YOU DO MORE!! Now that's better. And besides I would have caught you anyway. *Smirks and still has arms crossed* Oh yeah? Whys that?? I have longer legs. *Smiles* ARE YOU CALLING ME SHORT?! GRRRRR Ok *laughs* Ok that's it for us today I think. If anything else happens we'll update. Good bye from Yami and shortie... I mean Yugi! *waves* GRRRRRRRR I'M NOT SHORT!!!!
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