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Hello all, this is Yami speaking. This site was created for a couple of reasons, and pending on that fact the narration will change from time to time. Yup he's right folks anyway, we'll teach you what the colors mean in a post, but anyways, we just first want to thank you for coming into the site in the first place. So... THANK YOU!!!
Well getting back to it... If you couldn't tell this is Yami and Yugi... we'll be doing most of the talking... because my Hikari has a big mouth... HEY!! Anyways.. enjoy the site and feel free to PM, message, IM, e-mail, or whatever. But please please please, Yes we must stress this... SIGN THE GUEST BOOK!!! Thanks all! *Waves*

Friday, August 5, 2005

   Hey all
I know we haven't updated in a while and there's a good reason. Throughout the past few days a lot of things have happened. . . We made some new friends, and lost some old ones. We lost some trusts, but some trusts have proven that they will not break no matter what. Some friendships have broken, but some friendships have gotten stronger. It feels like we've been around the world and back, and of course playing hero the whole way through. We helped some people and showed them the right path, of course some didn't want help and have taken a bad step. Some old friends returned, with some not so friendly characters by their side. Some people have grown up, while some people have grown immature. But most of all Yami and I have grown a new bond of trust, We have grown stronger together, through eachothers strengths, and eachothers weaknesses. But all in all... Yes all in all *smiles* We both think that It was worth it.
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Thursday, July 28, 2005

   This is Lynx

adopt your own virtual pet!

This is Lynx. He reminds me of the cat's from ancient Egypt. They were a crucial part of life, and a savior to most. I hope everyone likes him. *Smiles*
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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


adopt your own virtual pet!

Look what I got!!!
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