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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Otaku Literary Society
Welcome to the world of writers and readers from every corner of the world gathered right here on the Otaku! What is the Otaku Literary Society you ask? Well, itís simply a club ^-^ but what makes us special is that the OLS is an active club. Most Otakuian clubs are just for show, you get a banner, you post it, your name gets added to a list. But the Otaku Literary Society is MUCH different!
Here we explore the depths of our creative souls and just plain out have fun while learning more about our writing abilities. If you have no interest in writing or reading good writing, then this probably isnít the place for you. But we enjoy gaining new members and new talent.

Some of the things we do here at the OLS include writing exercises, writing contests, and partnership activities. Not only do our members love to write but we love to hang out and get to know each other better! Now I bet youíre asking how you can join! Well thatís tres simple! Simply contact me, JungWoo, or even here on the main page and Iíll set you up. Donít be afraid and donít hesitate to ask any questions! Any of our fantastic club members will be honored to offer a hand!

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Otaku Literary Society Newsletter
Edition: 6
By: Jung Woo

New banners!!!! Theyíre still posted over at The-Third-Branch, all new members be sure to snag one of the codes, older members please replace your old banners with one of the new ones, or if youíre picky like Angel Zakuro just take two -_-

Drop us some quotes! Iím trying to gather as many as I can. Thanks for everyone who wrote down their favorites. Remember, they can be a quote from a movie, a song lyric, or your own favorite motto! So let me know ^_^!

Thanks for the submissions as always! Iíve posted just a couple (they take up a bit more space)

By: Krustyknuckles

tako (Japanese for kite)
kitte (Japanese for stamp)

As you can see, there is no study in Keitaro.
Kite & tako - because he flies as high as one when Naru hits him for peeping ^-^
ero - you know ^-^
rake - because of the chores he does all the time
Kitte - for the "licks" he takes all the time
Karate - what he finally learns from Seta near the end of the story, but its actually just martial arts.

By: Wolf speed (Much Kudos to her on this one =D!!!)
Tenebrae Oleander


She usually wears fishnet and bead necklaces. She loves to read and the color red. She ran away from home and met her friends as a teenager in 10th grade. She's very lean. And she has a pair of angel wings branded onto the small of her back.

Last time we explored the connection between names and the people who carry them. This time lets delve a bit deeper into our characters. Now is the time for the novelists in our club to let people know about their own personal works. Personally one of my favorite parts of stories is the characters themselves.

A character is merrily an extension of the person who wrote them, and by writing about their lives you become closer to them. Like two friends. Hereís your chance to let other people now your characters. Iíd advise all members who are A) Writing their own stories now B) Like to RPG and C) Like to talk about their characters to participate in our newest exercise.

Pick ONE of your favorite characters- preferably one you write a lot with and KNOW THE BEST. Write a physical description, a list of their personalities, a brief biography, and anything extra youíd like us to know about him/her.

Last time I semi-introduced you to my favorite character, Nokia. I created Nokia back in the 7th grade (Iím in 11th grade now). Since then Iíve used him in about five stories.

Here is my description of him:

Name: Nokia Jade Versailles
Age: Currently 22 (Iíve written the span of his life from about age 6, he was a cute baby!)

Appearance: He comes in at roughly 6 foot and is about as big around as a dime. He has straight, deep black hair that goes slightly past his shoulder and almond shaped silver eyes.

Attire: ALWAYS wearing black. He dresses much like a woman (and has the body of one) and has a odd habit of wearing short shorts, buckles, bell sleeves, and frills/lace.

Personality: He is extremely elegant and very quiet. Heís cunning and intimidating and gets his point across easily. People donít really get him and so they fear him, heís very wise even for a young age and can be commanding. He is very protective of the people he loves.

Home life: Heís married to Riley Mancuzo Versailles and has three children with her: the oldest daughter Miriallia, and a set of twins, Asriel and Raven. His favorite being Asriel though Miriallia takes most after him. He also carries out a well-known affair with his closest friend Aaron Havoc. Nokia is the leader of an underground organization of assassins called Hara Hara based in Manhattan, New York. The Versailles family is extremely well endowed and rich.

History: Nokia was a twin himself, but his sister, Kagura was murdered when he was a teenager. Nokia has the ability to read minds which when he was younger was a large burden that he had to learn how to master. He also has minor telekinesis but does not use it often. Nokiaís also a hemophiliac. His philosophy is to be strong enough so that people cannot hurt him.

How others see him: He is respected and those who are close to him understand him with ease. He communicated telepathically with family members and those who work for him honor his talents. The Versailles family is renowned nationwide.

I love my Nokia!

Now tell us how much you love YOUR character!

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