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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Otaku Literary Society
Welcome to the world of writers and readers from every corner of the world gathered right here on the Otaku! What is the Otaku Literary Society you ask? Well, itís simply a club ^-^ but what makes us special is that the OLS is an active club. Most Otakuian clubs are just for show, you get a banner, you post it, your name gets added to a list. But the Otaku Literary Society is MUCH different!
Here we explore the depths of our creative souls and just plain out have fun while learning more about our writing abilities. If you have no interest in writing or reading good writing, then this probably isnít the place for you. But we enjoy gaining new members and new talent.

Some of the things we do here at the OLS include writing exercises, writing contests, and partnership activities. Not only do our members love to write but we love to hang out and get to know each other better! Now I bet youíre asking how you can join! Well thatís tres simple! Simply contact me, JungWoo, or even here on the main page and Iíll set you up. Donít be afraid and donít hesitate to ask any questions! Any of our fantastic club members will be honored to offer a hand!

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