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by: Dra-kun+Ra-chan

Through tearless eyes I see you fade away
Through tearless eyes I see your love slowly turn to hate
Through tearless eyes I see my past go up in flames
Through tearless eyes I see my future become meaningless
Why through tearless eyes you ask?
As a child I cried so many tears that tears I have no more
With my tears gone I also lost my self
So now all I do is wander aimlessly in this world
Without a sense of direction
Without a reason to live
Without one to love
Without anything left to give.
When did it start to fall apart?
When did I lose it all?
When did I get this pain in my heart?
And why am I not crashing as I fall?
Torture this becomes,
Endless it will all seem.
Hope nowhere found.
Crack go all my dreams.
Alone I feel now,
but alone I am not.
I cannot keep moping,
no matter what.
One day, this will all end.
One day, I'll be alive.
One day, I'll be happy again.
One day, I'll survive.
Through tearless eyes I find someone.
Through tearless eyes, I see happiness.
Through tearless eyes my past does not hurt me.
Through tearless eyes, my future is not as bleak.
Why through tearless eyes you ask?
I see no reason for tears.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

all right

anyone who wishes to speak with me, (and since the stupid PM box suckin like crap) my email is either: pinkeye89@aol.com or tearlessgreyeyes@hotmail.com

use the second one mostly. and if i dont respond after a while send it to my first one. i'm a hotmail user mostly.

anyway, all else fails, (and if i really like ya as a friend) i give u my number. *sigh* i really miss ya'll.

ANYHOO! metal dragon is ok. he's on the other otaku site more nowadays. and i just realized that i dont have much of a southern accent than i thought. i do have one, i just dont have one so strong. altho i realize that i'm the only one (and my mom) who say tchoosday instead of toosday like everyone else. (tuesday btw) it bothers me..... and i realize that when i go thru walmart, i hear worse accents that make me cringe with every crack and word they say.... it is bothersome. but oh well. i have a little of a california filipino accent due to my mom. anyway, this is a little slice of my life at the moment. also, last day is tomorrow. just 2 hours of skl and then it's SUMMER!!!!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008


the new otaku site is getting on my nerves so i came back here. apparently this still works so i shall stay here. i hope all my friends are still here. if not.... i miss u. T.T oh well. PM me if u can.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

hey everyone, its me (Metal Dragon) again

You know, I'm actually thinking that I should take over this site since I keep posting for her. Well, anyways, I'll keep this post short. She's been under a lot of stress recently due to school work and all. To show you how much work she's getting, let's just say this: I'm in college, she's in High School, and I've never had as much work as she has right now. Which would explain why she hasn't come on/posted in quite awhile....ok...maybe I'm the reason she hasn't posted in a while....but...the work is making it worse. ^_^ Well. that'll be all mes amis, a tout a l'heure!! ^_^

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