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Thursday, May 22, 2008

all right
anyone who wishes to speak with me, (and since the stupid PM box suckin like crap) my email is either: pinkeye89@aol.com or tearlessgreyeyes@hotmail.com

use the second one mostly. and if i dont respond after a while send it to my first one. i'm a hotmail user mostly.

anyway, all else fails, (and if i really like ya as a friend) i give u my number. *sigh* i really miss ya'll.

ANYHOO! metal dragon is ok. he's on the other otaku site more nowadays. and i just realized that i dont have much of a southern accent than i thought. i do have one, i just dont have one so strong. altho i realize that i'm the only one (and my mom) who say tchoosday instead of toosday like everyone else. (tuesday btw) it bothers me..... and i realize that when i go thru walmart, i hear worse accents that make me cringe with every crack and word they say.... it is bothersome. but oh well. i have a little of a california filipino accent due to my mom. anyway, this is a little slice of my life at the moment. also, last day is tomorrow. just 2 hours of skl and then it's SUMMER!!!!

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