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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hey everyone, it's Dra-kun (Metal Dragon) here and I'll be posting for Ra-chan...again....wait...is this the 4th time?? That's it! I'm taking over this site! *evil laughter*...*looks at the layout*....err....maybe not....kinda girly...even though...this was gonna be how my site was gonna look like but since Ra-chan (my nickname for her, anyone call her by that and they'll feel the wrath of a thousand flaming penguins with a thousand flaming sporks) likrd it, I gave it to her...and in case you're wondering why I was gonna make a site like this...well...me and the next flcl were in a competition to see who would make the girliest sie....besides..this site looks really cute and I like Chobits...lol

Hm...lemme see...oh, right. I bet you're all wondering who won her randomness contest and since I'll be posting for her, I'll be the judge.
chaos (head chibii): hey...wait a second...you can't be the judge, it's her contest!
chaos: and you're a contestant! You're gonna cheat!
me: Me? I would never cheat...hehe...*smiles innocently*
chaos:...you do realize that you only smile that way when you're planning something....right?
me:...you're point being?
me: fine fine, I'll get a pannel of judges
~a table appears out of nowhere with 5 chibbi judges~
me: happy?
me: but before we go on, I'd like to give the head jidge this. *gives the head judge a note that says "Announce me the winner or you'll die a most gruesome death" *
chibii judge: *gulps*
me: ok, let the judging begin!
~5 hours later~
chaos: we have the results, as for first place, we will nam-
me:...hey...did you guys take a look at juji's comment?
chaos: uta?
me:...that's my word to signify confusion....
chaos:...who's that?
Me: je ne sais pas.
chaos:...you know I don't know French.
Me:..it means I don't know, but check out his comment.
chaos: *reads it*...I don't get it...
me:..yeah...me neither..
chaos: *shock*
me:...what? I'm easily confused....
chaos: and you have a bad memory.
me: *sees no point in this, snaps fingers and all chibiis disapear but chaos*
chaos:...how's you do that??
me: *shrugs* anyways, I'll give juji first place, i'll take second, and sbsp13668 gets third place.
chaos:...hey,,,but shouldn't she decide?
me: yeah, we talked about it the other day and this was our decision.
chaos:...ok...just what is the prize?
me: a virtual cookie
chaos:...WT-?? You wrote all that for a that?
me:..what? I wasn't even trying.
chaos:...*point to all I wrote*
me: that? I was bored and had nothing better to do, you know how I'll do almost anything when I'm bored.
chaos:..but....all that was out of boredom?
chaos: but...didn't you want that cookie?
me:....trust me...that cookie is nothing compared to what I'll always have. *winks*
~5 minutes later*
chaos: *goes pale and dissapears*
me:....what? I was talking about her heart, what were you thinking about??

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Monday, December 24, 2007

to flcl and everyone else

sry i haven't been on. my bads.

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   I'm not dead!! (again....)

hello all! ^^
who missed me? *silence* .... THANKS!!!
anyway! dont blame me. blame skl, dra-kun for hogging me, family, dra-kun for hogging me, holidays, dra-kun for hogging me, counseling for personal problems, dra-kun for hogging me, more skl, dra-kun for hogging me, and my friends. did i mention dra-kun for hogging me?
yeah yeah yeah. lame joke. ^^
well anyway. here i am. in the text (not flesh. duh.) i'm back and probably gonna disappear eventually... again... but i'll come back. ^^ promises.
anyway, and here we go!
the I'm Not Dead Song!
I am not dead!
I am not dead!
I am not dead!
I am not dead!
So yeah!

like? no? that's ok. u did? ur weird....
well, anyway..... (so basically) wut up? oh yeah. i mind as well make a contest i guess. how about my randomness contest.

ok. if u comment, post the most randomest thing u can think of!! for example, i think L-kun (flcl) (forgot rest of name) just hit random keys. that's acceptable. anything from squirrel to grandma's cookies, internet to in ur pants (plz no...), and cats to bats and all the like.^^ (lame....)
and i'll rate by my own personal sense of humor! but hey. u kno, dont get offended if u thought urs was funnier than sumone else. geez. it's just me. oh and for the funniest person i get (even if there's only one) i'll give u a prize. i'll give u a virtual cookie! or u might get a real prize like a drawing or money. maybe. probably. not really. nope. nvm. ^^' lol. drawing maybe. but only if my scanner works. ^^ ANYWAYS! i'm going now. PM me if u feel it necessary. or comment if u feel pity for the girl who feels lonely..... so lonely.... it's.... cold..... my heart.... i need.... ppl... grandma... is that u? .... the light... must go... to... the light....
er.... sry.... and uh... bye!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

she hasn't updated in around a month...

How's everybody doing? C'est moi, Dra-kun, and it seems that I'll be posting for her...again. lol ^_^' Well, just wanted to say that she's been doing well in school and in life. That'll be all mes amis, jusqu' ce que nous rencontrons encore! ^_^

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Sunday, October 7, 2007


if once i hear ur voice,
i can live without dismay.
if once i see ur loving eyes,
i may be content throughout the day.
my skies r forever darkened,
an evil glow casts upon the grounds.
forever and a day it seems,
yet only few minutes i was endowed.
u walked right through the dark barrier,
light shone thru my blind sorrow.
and love, in dark onyx eyes,
beneath ur confused brow furrowed.
u may not see it in my eyes
dull and front giving brown eyes,
but love is in my heart,
and a panging pain within to die.
it hurts to be away,
whether i show it or no,
ill always yearn for u,
and miss u so.

i love u dra-kun. with all my heart. and i miss u dearly.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

I am Not Dead

just ignoring u all. i love dra-kun!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! no offense to ya'll but... he IS my boyfriend... and he IS in love with me... and i AM in love with him..... and he IS forever gonna have me and u guys may never see me ever again! jk. i'll be here... maybe.. once... or twice.... every blue moon... wait... there is no blue moon..... then why do they call it that? i mean... the moon is silver... which reminds me... one time.. my friend said i was silver.... she said it was cuz i'm mysterious like the moon cuz i am hard to read.... and she also said i'm weird like silver... and cuz... i ... like.... OH LOOK SHINY!!! *jumps head first for nickel* i'll call u phillip.... he's a girl nickel!! anyhoo!! if u got any beef with me being away... um... *Sees torches and pitchforks coming after me* um... hehe... *hides behind dra-kun* i didn't do it!!! i swear!! the cookie jar was already open!!!! oh... and..... i'm sry to that one guy i nearly hit while driving.. wait... he's... in a coma... NOOOOOO!!! oh well never knew him... just kidding i didn't hit anyone...well... anyone i kno of anyway... lol

yummy yumyy yummy! u kno, i really like this food i've been tasting... oh.. and that chocolate is pretty good... oh... wut am i tasting u say? ....he...he...he.... *evil smile* *shuts door, locks it, and questionable noises and giggles come from the room me and dra-kun r in*

everyone: O_O WE THOUGHT THIS WAS PG-13 SITE!!!!

i kid i kid! u guys kno me more than that! *halo appears over head and breaks* ...... stupid dollar store.. u can't get anything worth a crap there..... *horns appear and a tail come out* ... dude... that's over kill... JIMMY!!! quit with the special effects!!
*little chibii comes from room*

me: jimmy! stop making me look like an evil person!
jimmy: but u always say, don't lie.
me: ............
jimmy: ....oh boy....
me: hey dra-kun!!!!!
dra-kun: yes?
me: he said i was mean!
dra-kun: attack!! *goes after himw ith knives!
me: videotapes it*

thats all folks. bye bye

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Monday, September 17, 2007


hi ppl! i have returned. i decided to start posting int he mornings before skl so i have more time after. *yawn* so tired. it's now 7 here. woke up at 6. gotta go in maybe 20-25 min. oh well. i hate skl. i forgot my notebook at skl so i couldn't do half my homework but at least i read the part for it. i just have to answer questions. yippee..... anyway, think i have a math quiz today. lovely. i hate math. and dra-kun was laughing when i asked him wut number goes on top in the RISE/RUN thing...... -_-' plz... no comment on that last statement.... plz! anyway, a lot of ppl liked that dialogue the other day. sweet. i shall post another dialogue. ^^
me: hi
dra-kun: hi
me: hi
dra-kun: -_-'
me: hi
dra-kun: *glomps*
me: eep!!
chaos: not again!
panda-chan: *smacks chaos*
chaos: *sniff* first i see my first act of PDA and i get smacked. why do u guys hate me so much?
panda-chan: ..... *smacks and walks away*
chaos: ...... hey blaze.
dra-kun: yeah?
chaos: can u help me get panda-chan?
dra-kun: why?
chaos: ... this would be so much easier to talk to u if u weren't making out with her.
dra-kun: oh.....ok.... hold ... on.... *stops making out* ok... now wut?
me: *sniff*
dra-kun: it'll only be a minute.
me: nyu! *cuddles*
dra-kun: so cute. ^^
chaos: ANYWAY! how do i get panda-chan?!
dra-kun: u be nice. ^^
chaos: but she smacks me!
me: maybe she smacks u cuz she likes u.
chaos: maybe...
~2 hours later at the dormant volcano on the uncharted island off the coast of california
me: hey panda-chan!
panda-chan: yeah wa-chan?
me: ..... did u just say wa-chan?
panda-chan: yeah.. why?
me: don't call me that.
panda-chan: ok. wut is it, blaze's girl?
me: ..... ANYWAY! how do u feel abotu chaos?
panda-chan: i hate him...
chaos: noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
dra-kun: i'll take care of him... hehehehe.... *puts chaos in a box in a box in a box in a bag in a box in a titanium metal sphere in a styrofoam box in a box in a shoe box*
panda-chan: .... cool.... *smacks box and walks away*
me: *shrugs*......
dra-kun: *looks at me and winks*
me: ..... *glomps*

hehe. sry if it's not as funny or as long as before. oh well! tough luck u all! bwahahahahaha!!! and yeah... we'll make out as long as we want on the dialogues! hey. at least it's not visual here. ^^ well sayonara. plz comment!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

   HIYA!!! *crickets*

where'd u all go?!?!?!? i was only gone for... *checks posts* ... a week... kinda.... maybe.... almost? but i'm back!!! i'm not dead!!! and ok... maybe dra-kun posted for me last time.... but i'm alive!! i'm here now!! he finally let me out of his closet!.... that... has no door..... ok.. so he put me in a box..... in another box... thats in another box.... thats in a bag.... thats in another box.... that's in a titanium metal sphere... inside a styrofoam box.... in his secret base in a giant dormant volcano (that somehow still has lava in it) on an uncharted island off the coast of california...... why is it uncharted? can't u see it from the coast? how can it be uncharted? u can see it? ..... oh.... the "magical" chibiis surrounded it with a forcefield... that blows up any object that reaches its borders... so yeah... i missed a lot of skl..... oh and..... my joints hurt... that box in a box in a box in a bag in a box in a titanium sphere in a box in that base in the volcano on an uncharted island of the coast of california really puts a lot of pressure on ur limbs. ANYWAY!!!! (so basically....) ok here's the run down of my life since i last was here.... skl... dra-kun... more skl....... dra-kun...... more skl.... sleep.... dra-kun... homework... dra-kun.... food... dra-kun..... nap time... dra-kun...... shower..... dra-kun...... bad sleep time... dra-kun.... and.. um.... did i forget dra-kun? oh i didn't... oh well.. too lazy to erase. (dra-kun says hi btw) so how r u guys doing? i'm fine.

hola personas! me gusta los colores. amo dra-kun. no me gusta chaos. me gusta panda-chan.

ok.. thats all the spanish i kno... kinda... sorta..... don't hurt me!!!! *runs away, hits a wall... and sits down crying* Drrraaaaaaaa-kuuuuuuuuuun!!!!!! *dra-kun comes running*
dra-kun: wut happened?
me: i ran into a wall..... *sniff*
dra-kun: again?
me: *whines* uh-huh.....
dra-kun: aww... my cute widdle wa-chan! *cuddles*
me: nyu! *cuddles*
chaos: *looks at panda-chan mischievously*
panda-chan: *smack*
chaos: *sniff*
panda-chan: *sarcastic like* my cute widdle chaos!
chaos: *gets puppy eyes and looks at panda-chan and holds hands out for a hug?
panda-chan: *eye twitch*
chaos: *puppy whine*
panda-chan: *smack and walks away*
chaos: *holds up molotov cocktail and begins to light it*
dra-kun: *smack and takes cocktail and throws it at nearby rival volcano on another uncharted island off the coast of california*
me: dra-kun?
dra-kun: yeah?
me: can i have ice cream?
dra-kun: ok!
me and dra-kun: *go off to go get ice cream*
chaos: *starts going emo and is the singer for dir en chibii and recruits 3 chibiis and toshiya (he doesn't get attention much)*
toshiya: YAY! attention!!!
me: ooh lookie totchi!
toshiya: .... hi!
dra-kun: ra-chan! we have to hurry!
me: why?
dra-kun: come on just follow me!
me: ok!
~2 hours later at the dormant volcano on an uncharted island off the coast of california surrounded by "magical" chibiis
dra-kun: quick some dude is after u. get in this box
me: ok. *gets in box*
dra-kun: *jumps in box and chaos comes by and tapes it closed*
chaos: hehehehe.... *puts it in a box, in a box, in a box, in bag, in a box, in a titanium metal sphere, in a box, in a styrofoam box, in another box in a shoe box*
dra-kun: who cares how many! i got ra-chan all to myself
ra-chan: hello?
dra-kun: wait... where is she?
ra-chan: hello?
dra-kun: wait... i jumped in the wrong box!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
ra-chan: *gets out of box* dra-kun? where r u? and why is this shoe box here? *pauses* ... oh well.. i want ice cream... i guess i'll take this shoe box with me. *opens lid and gets sucked in*
dra-kun: yay! i knew that would come in handy one day!
ra-chan: where am i? and why do i suddenly feel a hand going up my shirt?
dra-kun: hehehe....
me: dra-kun! *gets quiet after a while and goes along with it*
box: *questionable noises coming from box*
chaos: *backs away from shoe box*
panda-chan: wuts going on?
chaos: they're both in there..... doing.... something!!!
panda-chan: *smacks and walks away*

and that's all folks!
see u guys later.
*kisses dra-kun* love u!
bye bye ku! *waves*

and if u guys don't comment i'll get very sad.... *sniff* ... i'll give u guys cookies... *holds out empty plate* .... dra-kun..... *sees dra-kun with crumbs on his face* -_-' never mind. jus tplz comment. it'll make me happy!! lol. i got dra-kun. ^^

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hiya everyone, this is Dra-kun posting again, just wanted to say that TearlessGreyEyes (....why did she pick such a long username...? and it feels so weird not calling her Ra-chan too. ^_^') is ok and at the moment she's doing her homework. Well, seeya later! Oh, and sorry for hogging her all to myself....wait...no I'm not. XD

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Thursday, August 23, 2007


apparently i am sick. T.T at worst it's a cold. or just a thing from going from hot to cold and vice versa over and over at skl. or i caught something from someone. T.T i might take a nap soon. oh well. anyway. here's a few questions i got off of dra-kun's site (metal dragon). have fun.

note to dra-kun: i love u adn i'll see u when u get home. *kiss kiss* love u.

Answer these questions please ^_^
What would you think if:
1.I committed suicide:

2.I said I like you:

3.I kissed you:

4.I liked someone you didnt:

5.I was hospitalized:

6.I ran away from home:

What you think of my:


8.Who are you?

9.Are we friends?

10.When and how did we meet?

11.What do you think of me?

12.How long do you think we will be friends or enemies?

13.Do you love me?

14.Have I ever hurt you?

15.Would you hug me?

16.Would you kiss me?

17.Are we close?

18.Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

19.How long have you known me?

20.Describe me in one word.

21.What was your first impression?

22.Do you still think that way about me now?

23.What do you think my weakness is?

24.Do you think I'll get married (if yes to who)?

25.What reminds you of me?

26.What's something you would change about me?

27.How well do you know me?

28.Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?

29.If so tell me now? (or PM me)

30.Do you think I would kill someone?

31.Are you going to put this on your otaku site and see what I say about you??

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